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Dear Mom, They Don't Notice, They Don't Care

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But, um, Gerard says not to talk about Frank, even though he talks about him all the time...? So anyway, I won't talk about Frank, ask Gerard.

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Ahoy, Ficwadders. I'm in the process of rereading all of my fics, and I managed to finish this letter fairly quickly, but never fear, they will be certainly better after the space fillers. In fact, you can expect Frerard in upcoming chapters if you stay tuned. (heh, stay tuned... I'm not on the radio, sorry...) Anyways, please tell me what you think of this? Thank you, guys. Love you all. - Jem xo

Dear Mom,

Thanks for the new glasses. The lenses are right; I guess you did keep my prescription after all, huh? The frames are a bit too big, but it's okay, I'll grow into them, I'm sure. I will grow some more, won't I? Gerard says I won't grow any taller, but he's probably just saying that because I'm taller than him. He's jealous cos he's a midget. But not as much of a midget as Frank.

But, um, Gerard says not to talk about Frank, even though he talks about him all the time...? So anyway, I won't talk about Frank, even though you'll probably ask about him now... Well, ask Gerard. If you even read this...

Oh, Mom? It's parent's evening soon. Next week in fact. I did give you a letter; Gee gave you one too, but you must not have seen them.. We left them on the counter, so maybe they got put in the paper recycling by accident. So, yeah, I'm leaving this note just to remind you, because we'll be at school by the time you get this. If you get it. Which I hope you do, because you don't seem to be getting many of our letters. Did you get the one Mr. Kilpatrick the janitor sent you? I put it on your bedside table, so I hope you did. He said it was important. Like, really important. And it is.

But back to parents night...

You really don't have to go. They don't notice, and they don't care. I mean, my teachers don't even know I'm in the room. The only way they know I actually exist is because it's illegal not to take the register at the start of class. And my homeroom teacher doesn't even notice me then. He's marked me absent so often. That's where those truancy letters have come from, they're not because of skiving.

Speaking of skiving, Gerard's not doing it. I'll make sure he gets to homeroom - although I can't guaruntee about him being in one piece. I'll be home after school, but Gee won't. He's going to Frank's. You know, Frank Iero from down the road? He'll be there with him. Oh, crap, not supposed to keep talking about Frank...

Anyway, have a nice day, Mom, and I hope you get this letter.

Love you lots. Remember that, please? Gerard loves you too. We wish that you loved us as much...

Love, Mikey x

Not too bad, I hope. Feedback is treasured, and I love all those who give me it. Not to sound dirtyminded or anything. Anywhore, R&R? Thank you guys! And thanks so much for the feedback on 'Headphones'. I didn't expect so many to like it. :)
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