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Confusion and Let Down

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Frank's POV (Never before seen chapter)

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Ray Toro - Published: 2012-05-29 - Updated: 2012-05-29 - 543 words

Let down and hanging around
Crushed like a bug in the ground
Let down and hanging around

My entire body feels like it’s electrically charged. Cold fingers continually find the warm spot on my cheek where Amber’s lips where just a few minutes ago. Next to me Ray tries to ignore everything. Obviously my actions are getting on his nerves.

“Dude cut it out,” Ray grumbles.

“I can’t help it Ray, I like her,” I answer, my finger tips finding their way to my cheek yet again.

Ray, angered by my actions, slaps my hand away, “Look man, Amber isn’t for you. She’s messed up. Amber will only bring you down. Forget about her and move on, it’s better for all of us.”

As confused as I am I can’t ask any questions…I’ve lost my ability to talk. By the time I regain my sense Ray has disappeared into his house. What the hell does any of that mean? Why, all of a sudden, is Ray angry about me liking Amber?

Slamming the door I trudge upstairs and flop down on my unmade bed. A Black Flag poster stares down at me as I pull my clothes off. The best thing right now is to clear my head. I need to forget what Ray said.

As the water heats up the bathroom I picture Amber, her red hair partially in her face that goofy half smile I’ve come to love. The girl is pretty much perfect. Ray’s words just don’t make sense.

Twenty minutes later I’m clean and my mind is finally clear. Pansy, my guitar, sits neglected in the corner. For the last few months I’ve kind of ignored her. After putting some pants on, I grab my guitar and begin to strum. For a long while I just play, remembering all the songs Amber and I used to listen to.

Not even a full song in my phone buzzes. Picking it up I see a message from Amber. It’s simple but cute…like her.

Hey Frankie :)


Guess what?


I love you…

Her ridiculous text makes me laugh. This of course causes my dad to stop and open my door.

“What’s funny Frank?” he asks in a gruff voice. It looks like he just got off work.

“Nothing really dad, just a text I got,” I answer, hoping he won’t pry anymore. Talking to my dad is low on my to do list.

“Right…anyway, I’m going to bed. Don’t sneak out,” dad says before shutting the door.

I love you too, silly

:) Guess what else

What else?

I like Mikey.

My heart sinks. Obviously something was going on between Amber and Mikey. You’d have to be blind not to see it. I just never thought it turn into like that. Now what?

Good for you…I hope everything works out.


Lying hurts. I guess now I’ll just have to take up the friend roll and be there for her. Maybe…just maybe, I’ll be able to steal her heart.

Author's Note: I decided to give you a little look inside of Frank's head. I hope you enjoy. :)
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