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Boyfriend, Girlfriend

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Mikey's POV

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Here is the church and here is the steeple
We sure are cute for two ugly people
I don't see what anyone can see
In anyone else but you

"Hey..." Frank huffs, as Amber and I follow Gerard out the door, heading towards Gee’s car.

As we get in, Frank smirks, looking between us. If this is about the fucking beanie’s I swear I’m gonna explode. I’m not regretting letting Amber keep my hat yet but this is getting on my fucking nerves. Am I not allowed to like a girl?

As Gerard starts the car Frank bounces up and down in the passenger seat, grinning from ear to ear. He looks like he fucking Joker. Amber seems used to this and just laughs, rolling her eyes.

"I'm so fucking excited!" Frank exclaims, still bouncing around.

Gerard laughs, backing out of the drive way.

"I can tell, dude!" Amber answers with a smile.

Her smile is to die for, I swear. It hangs over her entire face, her eyes come alive. Gah, this girl is the fucking best.

"Me too,” Gee exclaims slamming his hands on the steering wheel causing the horn to honk.

"You should've seen Gerard's face though, Frank," I say, leaning over so I can look at him through the gap between the passenger and driver seat. "He was like beyond excited. Half of his face was pure smile!

Everyone laughs at this, picturing my brother with a creepy smile on his face as we continue zooming towards the downtown theatre. Tonight is gonna be epic.

"Okay, I have to ask...which one's the best?" Frank questions.

"Temple!" both Gerard and I shout out but Amber is shaking her head, hair hitting Frank in the face. The sent wafts towards the front of the car, it smells like raspberries.

“Not at all, you’re all wrong. Obviously it’s the Last Crusade,” Amber explains, jaw set.

"No way," Frank says, turning to look at her. “It’s Temple.”

“No, you, my friend cannot be more wrong and I will tell you why. Temple is not the best because no one…no one can stand the whiny bitch in it,” Amber explains, making a good point.

Frank rolls his eyes, “Temple is still best.”

"It's so underrated, and that's why I love it," Gerard explains, taking Frank’s side.

Yeah, it’s under rated. I like it cause of that but also cause it’s well made. Then again Amber has a good point, the blonde chick it really annoying. But…Short Round is the best so I’ve still got to say Temple is the best Indiana Jones movie.

"No time for love, Doctor Jones," Frank quotes, mimicking Short Round’s accent, very well I might add.

This sends everyone into a fit of laughter, all four of us quoting the movies. In truth I’m surprised that Amber is actually putting up with us. Most girls would have asked to get out of the car by now. Maybe she just wants to spend time with us or maybe she really does like Indiana Jones; she can quote just as well as the next.

When we get to the theatre, I become more excited than I was before. As I look to the line to get in it amazes me just how many people actually dressed up. I swear there is at least fifty people dressed in Indiana Jones costumes...the fedora, whip, khaki clothes; all of it.

It’s amazing seeing so many people come out for an event like this. Really I had no idea there where this many people in Jersey who liked Indian Jones.

“This isn’t too nerdy for you, is it?” I lean over and whisper in Amber’s ear.

“Are you kidding…this is fucking awesome,” she answer with a laugh.

This girl is the best.

Gerard parks the car across the street from the theater and we walk over to the line. I take Amber’s hand in mine, putting it in my hoodie pocket. Her other hand is in Frank’s, the two of them making small talk. Amber’s fingers are purple…no one’s hands should be that color, it isn’t natural. I feel kind of bad actually. It’s pretty chilly tonight and all she has on is a light weight Green Day tank. The girl has got to be cold.

After a minute I feel Amber pull her hand out of mine. She releases Frank’s as well and, reaching into her pocket pulls out a cigarette packet and a lighter. She lights one, offering it to me. I refuse. I might drink but I will not smoke. Those things screw up your lungs and I can’t afford that; I’ve already got asthma. Shrugging she hands her cigarette off to Gerard who takes a drag then he hands it to Frank. I swear that’s how you get mono.

Amber’s free hand finds mine again. I feel special. She reached for my hand instead of Frank’s.

As Frank hands the cigarette back to Amber he stands on his tiptoes looking forward, "We’re moving!”

In his excitement he latches himself onto Gerard who drops the cigarette Amber had just handed him. Gee gives Frank an annoyed look.

"Fuck made me lose the cig...."

Frank looks down, still hugging my brother, "Oh, sorry bro!"

He lets go, rocking back and forth on his feet. I can tell that Frank is a little confused by being shot down. He’s used to hanging on Amber…Gerard just isn’t a touchy feely kinda person.

Amber sighs, pulls out another cigarette, lights it and hands it to Gee, “Keep it.”

Gerard smiles, kissing Amber’s cheek, beaming as he takes a drag, letting the smoke come out of his nose.

“You’re welcome Gee,” Amber answers before resting her head on my shoulder her hair tickling my chin.

I dare to run my fingers through the bright red fire that is cascading down my shoulder. Amber doesn’t make a move to stop me. Tonight is going to be amazing.

Finally we are at the front of the line. Gee rids himself of his cigarette as we enter. We stop to get one large popcorn (Amber’s treat) and four Dr. Peppers.

Amber leads us towards the front, picking the seat right in front of the screen. I swear to God this girl just keeps getting more amazing. We are close enough to the screen that I don’t really need my glasses. I debate wither to take them off and finally decide against it.

"Mikes,” Frank says, leaning over Gerard to look at me. “You need glasses for this?"

I shake my head, "No, but I'm wearing them anyways."

As Amber readjusts her head on my shoulder and slides her bracelet down the opening scene for Raiders comes on I freak out on the inside. Tonight is going to be awesome. I’ve got the attention of an amazing girl, popcorn, soda and Indiana Jones. I could not ask for more.

Throughout the movies, we all quote the entire script word for word, probably annoying half the audience with our laughter at parts that aren't really supposed to be funny. Gerard's laugh echoes throughout the whole theater; a creepy, yet humorous, giggle. It sounds like a serial kills laugh.


Just as the credits roll for the Last Crusade, Amber leans over the seat, looking at me. Her left hand is still held in Franks but her left comes up to brush a few hairs away from my face. Amber smiles at me then does the most unexpected thing ever…she presses her soft red lips to my. It only last as second but it’s the best second of my life.

“Thanks for inviting me, Mikey,” she whispers, still smiling.

In my moment of courage I press my lips back to hers, my left hand on her cheek. Amber doesn’t pull away which is a good sign. God this is amazing. I’ve never kissed a girl before, well besides my mom but that doesn’t count.

“You can keep my beanie,” I whisper after breaking away.

Amber giggles, “Good, cause I wasn’t planning on giving it back.”

This causes us both to laugh, listening to Frank and Gerard’s ‘last clap battle.’ Just as Frank ends it both Amber and I clap, giggling.

Frank scowls, “Fuck you guys.”

All Gerard does is beam at me. He saw. Shit, I’m gonna have a long night. I wonder…naw, I don’t wanna push it.

Amber and I follow slowly behind Gee and Frank. I’m really not in the mood to be confronted by Gerard at this current time; not in front of Amber at least. I know how my brother can be. He doesn’t mean to be offensive but most of the time he is. I won’t subject Amber to that, not now. I mean I know she hangs out with him but still….

"Holy shit that was awesome!" Frank says grinning as Gee starts the car, glancing at Amber in his rear view mirror.

"Do you want me to drop you off at your house, or...?" Gerard questions Frank as we grow closer to our house.

"Uh, yeah, drop me off like a block away. I'm not supposed to be out right now...."

"Frank,” Amber giggles putting her hand on his shoulder. “You rebel you."

Frank smiles sheepishly as I laugh knowing that she’s probably not supposed to be out either.

“Suddenly Gerard just stops, both Frank and him get out of the car leaving Ashley and me alone in the car.

“Hey, Mikey…um –” she searches for her words – “Could I, um, stay over tonight. There’s no way I’d be able to get back into my house at this time. I mean if it’s not okay I can stay with Frank but because he’s not supposed to be out either…I mean there’s always Ray….”

“Sure, I can sleep down in Gee’s room I’ll let you take my room or the couch in the living room if you want…whatever,” I manage having a feeling none of us would sleep tonight anyway.

“Thanks Mikey, you’re the best,” she smiles, kissing the corner of my mouth.

“You can stop here,” Frank announces before turning around, leaning over and kissing Amber’s cheek. “Goodbye boo.”

“Good night Frank, I’ll call you later on maybe.”

Frank nods before getting out of the car followed by Gerard.

I blush a little as I whisper in her ear, “So, am I allowed to…to call you my girlfriend?”

“As long as I can call you my boyfriend,” Amber replies as Gee gets back into the car looking a little bit bothered.

We ride home in silence.

Author's Note: Is anyone reading this? I'm just wondering.
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