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It Was Just Too Much For Me

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2012-06-09 - Updated: 2012-06-10 - 1310 words

The sound of the car traveling down the road seemed to have gotten louder, it boomed in my ears and was very distracting. I was trying to focus, trying to figure out some way to apologize, but the road was too fucking loud!
Finally I heard Frank mumble something, that's when I decided to check.
"You know the baby could be yours, right?" I asked, lifting my head from Gerard's chest to look at Frank's reaction. I knew he would answer, I only expected a nod. Which is exactly what he did.
"Doesn't he have black hair?" Frank asked, reminding me that Niall did have some Frank traits. It made me regret being so stupid, I still can't believe I did it.
I nodded in response, burying my face back into Gerard's warm chest. He placed a soft hand on my back, it made me feel safe, like I finally had a brother.
"We're here." Ray stated, turning the engine off and looking back at me. Geard pulled me away from him, looking inquisitively into my puffy eyes. I nodded, hoping that he understood what I was saying. He nodded back and opened the door to get out, holding his hand out for me to take. I did, needing something to help me stand correctly. With all the thoughts rushing through my head there was no way in hell I could stand for more than 5 seconds on my own.
He was pulling me by the hand to my front door, my feet dragging and making the entire thing harder. Finally he turned and looked at me, his brows knitted together in frustration.
"Stop being so difficult, it's like I'm taking a child to the fucking dentist. He loves you, don't be scared, and he isn't going to lay a hand on you with me here." He said harshly, squeezing my hand tight in his own, so tight that it almost hurt. I nodded, pulling my heels out so they weren't dragging, but he continued to lead the way. Opening the door and pulling me inside followed by Ray and Frank.
Instantly we started looking for them, checking every room, but not yelling because if Niall was sleeping I wouldn't want him to wake up.
"Are they even here?" Ray asked, and then I remembered that we didn't check every room.
"I think I know where they are." I stated, walking into the very back of the house and opening an unmarked door. Behind it was a construction zone. The walls were there, but not painted, and there wasn't a shred of furniture in it. It was going to be Niall's nursery, and that's where he and Mikey were.
I walked in to see Mikey cradling Niall in his favourite green blanket,whispering to him like one would to a pet. He confided in the little boy, even though Niall couldn't give him advice Mikey still liked talking to him.
I sighed, happy with the sight in front of me, I could see the love shining in his eyes as he watched his son. I giggled and that was enough for him to tear his eyes away from Niall to look at me. His eyes got wide, I couldn't tell if it was shock, fear, or happiness, and I wasn't sure which one I wanted it to be.
Mikey stood, still lightly rocking Niall back and forth in his arms, the rest of them hadn't walked in yet, I didn't want anything bad to happen while Niall was still there.
Mikey and I stood there for a while, just staring at each other, maybe waiting for the other person to make a move first. So I said something, as I motioned for Gerard to enter.
"Give Niall to your brother for a bit please." Mikey obliged handy little Niall over to Gerard, and with that he left and took Ray with him, probably out to the living room. Then, without warning Frank walked in, and Mikey's eyes got wide again, but this time obviously in fear.
"Why are you here?" He asked, his voice quiet as he looked from Frank to me and back to Frank again. Frank smiled, and then it faded as he stepped forward to be in front of Mikey.
"Niall might be mine, I have the right to be here." Frank stated plainly, crossing his arms firmly over his chest as he cocked an eyebrow at Mikey.
"We need to talk." Mikey said, slowly shuffling back towards the wall. The air became thick, it was suddenly hard to swallow. I could feel the tension closing around the three of us like an airless bubble, and I was suffocating.
"Damn straight we do!" Frank exclaimed, pointing at Mikey accusingly. Mikey put his hands up in defense, which made sense because it was obvious that Frank was getting angrier than needed.
"Frank please, I just want to talk." Mikey pressed, his voice still soft and shy, it made me scared for him.
"Talk! You could have just talked, but you had to lash out and be violent! Why shouldn't I be?" Frank yelled, waving his hands around for emphasis.
The louder the volume got the harder it was to breathe. I could hear the blood pulsing through my veins, every thump of my heart made my head boom like a drum, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't a good thing.
The yelling continued, and Mikey continued to try to talk Frank out of his rage. I could see that he was getting irrational as he lifted his hand up as if he was going to hit Mikey. Suddenly all the feelings hit me at once. All the asphyxiation, all the booms, and all the heat started to rush to my head. All the thoughts that were once there faded into black as my eyes got wide. I started wobbling, becoming very unsteady on my own feet, but the men continued to yell. It was only when I fell to the ground that the yelling ceased, and that both men turned to face me. Frank was bright red, probably from all the energy that he was exerting, and Mikey no longer looked calm and controlled.
Frank stayed standing, his eyes staring into mine, maybe trying to see what was wrong. He tilted his head back and forth, thinking something that he never said and probably never will.
Mikey kneeled next to me, his hand clasping mine and slowly entangling our fingers together. His hazels drilled holes right through me, and for some reason I felt very guilty, like I had caused all of this, like it was all my fault.
"Are you alright?" He asked, his free hand coming up to run across my cheek. I started coughing, maybe even chocking, my hand gripping at my chest in an attempt to get the air that I wasn't currently getting.
"She can't breathe." He whispered, looking up to Frank and hoping he didn't have to repeat it. Frank repeated it, but loud enough for Gerard and Ray to hear.
I heard Niall start crying, Gerard hushing him softly and hoping that it didn't bother anybody else.
Help, I thought to myself, except it wasn't to myself. Apparently I had choked it out, with whatever air was left in my lungs. Mikey squeezed my hand tighter, putting his forehead to mine gently.
"I will, I promise." He whispered to me, and that was the last thing I heard before everything went black. It wasn't like falling asleep, no, it was much more agonizing. I didn't dream either, it was just... black... nothing. An unsettling nothing, and I hope I never to feel it again.

Thanks for waiting so long for an update, I had things to do, healing and what not. I just hope you stuck around to see this intense chapter.
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