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Chapter three.

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yay dinner time?

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Back to business...
I hope this is okay, If not please tell me. A little mention of gore n shit. I don't know, not much though.
I hope you enjoy:)
Love you:3


Both Mikey and Gerard ran down the stairs to their mother to see what they had been called down for. As they entered the kitchen they saw a little note in her hand, both curious of its remains.

“Sit down boys” she smiled scanning through the words once again and smiling.

“What's that mother?” Mikey asked leaning over to try a quick glimpse of the other side.

“The whole family has been invited to a dinner” she grins excitingly, “That Frank Iero's father owns the business your dad works at and he wanted all of us to visit them tomorrow. It says here that Pete can attend too.”

Mikey was smiling, he actually liked Frank and wondered what kind of place he'd live in. Probably big, spacious and quite 'posh'. He can imagine Franks room right now, Black, photo's of humans bleeding everywhere, the second biggest room in the house and maybe, just possibly a photo of Gerard somewhere.

Gerard, was not so pleased. He didn't want to have to spend another day with him. He was an asshole. His parents were probably nice, willing to respect Gerard, but Frank was not. Gerard couldn't blame it on his parents; he didn't know them. Gerard knew for sure that his parents hadn't intended him to turn out like this. Gerard was meant to be shy, drama-free and submissive to all Doms – especially those who wanted to mark him- but he wasn't. He was loud, opinionated and independent. He hadn't found a Dom worthy enough to open up to. Having people assume he wanted to be dominated like everyone else would annoy him, he wasn't going to just fall into someones arms and live happily ever after. He'd rather stay alone than have someone think they could own him with the snap of their fingers. Of course, in bed he'd be powerless and he did like that. For some strange reason he wasn't against having someone take control, make him powerless but give him the most pleasurable nights he could think of. He wanted to be able to cuddle up to someone afterwards and have the most relaxing times. Gerard knew he could stand up for himself, he was scared easily yes but he never showed it. He wanted to be able to take someone down for himself other than having to rely on his Dom.

Sighing he walked back upstairs. He was too angry for this, it was just a way for Frank to bother him again and now he was using his fathers business to his advantage.

Frank watched as Gerard stormed up to him, anger radiating from the boy as he stopped a foot in front of him.

“Why?” he spat.

Of course, just asking why could have confused a lot of people but Frank wasn't dim. He knew exactly what Gerard was on about and actually found it funny how the fertile was so angry. It wasn't even his idea.

“Wasn't me this time Gerard. My dad actually wants to get to know his workers better, apparently your father's high up in the business” Frank shrugged acting as if the whole situation was normal.

“Please, you expect me to believe that you had nothing to do with this?”

“Not everything is about you Gerard. You've been here what? Two days now and you already think you're the centre of everything I do.” with that, Frank left to find Ray leaving Gerard shocked. There was no way the Fertile would let Frank get away with that. The Fertile chased the Dom all the way to the bathroom. It wasn't the best place to have an argument with guys who are attracted to you but it was that or nothing. The fertile stood behind Frank, arms crossed and eyes burning with frustration. The Dom turned around and smiled. He had never seen someone be sexy by being so angry but here Gerard was. Pissed off and just looking attractive.

“We wasn't finished talking” the fertile started, gritting his teeth. “I don't take kindly to having assholes be rude to me.”

Frank grinned.

“Is that why Dave tried to beat you? Cause he was rude and you got all pissy?”

“NO.” the fertile shouted.

“Mmmm.. sure. I bet he said something you didn't like and got all stroppy. Lucky I was there, you would have been hurt bad” he whispered as he stepped closer to Gerard causing the fertile to step backwards.

“OR. Maybe you wanted to get hurt, maybe you knew I would be there to protect a pretty little thing such as yourself” now Frank was inches away from Gerard, noses nearly touching.

“I can protect myself” Gerard argued.

“Really?” Frank purred, hand resting on the Fertile's hip.


“So you could stop me If I did this-”

Before Gerard could catch up, he was up against the wall, legs wrapped around Frank who was pinning the boy's arms up above his head so they were just useless As much as he should have, Gerard didn't move. He was too distracted at the feeling of someone being against him. Frank moved his lips to Gerard's neck, while one hand held the fertiles arms together, the opposite started to stroke down the defenceless body. Franks fingers ran down his skirt until he came towards the jeans. Carefully yet roughly Frank Cupped him, feeling the fertile quickly react to such an act. The jeans were getting tighter. Soon after nipping and sucking at the rather feminine jaw he heard Gerard give a breathy sigh. Although Frank wanted to continue rubbing against the fertile, heck he could have stripped them both naked and marked him there but he was going to have fun with this. He was going to make Gerard realise he needed Frank. Wanted him.

“Either you aren't strong enough and need to me protect you or you actually want me to be rough with you. Or both. I don't mind, either way I proved you wrong” he smirked dropping the fertile so the vampire fell onto the floor.

“Goodbye sweetie” he chuckled as he left the fertile alone once again.

Gerard felt used, upset at himself for losing the mini fight between him and the Dom but most of all. Confused. What kind a of vampire would just leave? He had never heard of a Dom walking away from a submitting fertile. Ever. He picked himself from the ground, embarrassed at his reactions and left looking for Mikey.

Gerard found his brother hanging around with Bob and Ray who were smoking next to a tree and Pete who was snuggled up under his arm.

“Sup Gee?” Mikey asked as he saw his brother make his way towards his little group with a glum expression on his face.

“Nothing” Gerard replied barely audible as he sat down. His mind was running over earlier events. The way Frank seemed to change everything in one second, the way he felt perfect against the fertile. It was new; and Gerard liked it. Yet, the bitchiness wouldn't let his submissive side win.

He watched as everyone got along, Bob and Ray speaking to each other while Mikey and Pete were playing tonsil tennis. Of course, Gerard didn't even need to pay attenion to know that Mikey was winning. He could hear it enough. He sighed to himself as he saw Frank walk towards them. One part of was screaming to run up at the dom and kiss him just to have the feeling of the shorter boy against him yet the stronger side was telling him no.That's exactly what he wants you to do he thought to himself. Gerard watched as the dom came into full view, smirk wide and eyes focus on a particular fertile.

“So Mikey..” he started even as his eyes remained on Gerard “Are you and Pete going to make it to dinner tonight? We've got fresh meat”

“Defiantly, we'll be there wont we honey?” he smiled looking at Pete who simply nodded.

“And you Gerard?” Frank asked, smirk even wider as both of their eyes met.

“Whatever” the fertile huffed out.

The Dom sat down next to the boy, not touching each other but close enough to feel the heat being shared between them.


Gerard watched as Frank ignored him for the rest of the day. He didn't know why he needed to be so close all of a sudden. Why he wanted to stop letting Pete and Mikey and the other guys take Franks attention away from him. Frank was meant to talking to him, the fertile. The one he wanted to mark so badly yesterday. Gerard's emotions were everywhere, desperately seeking the Dom but trying to ignore him at the same time. He wasn't use to this. At all.

Frank had enjoyed the day. He knew Gerard was tearing himself apart on the inside over his lust and pride. The Dom looked himself himself over In the mirror. He had done well so far if he said so himself. He had combed his hair to the side, flattened the locks down so they were not as messy as normal. He wore a white shirt with a black waist coat with a blood red tie. He had managed to fit himself in the tightest of his skinny jeans – although they were not considered formal enough for dinners, Frank had pulled the look of, making him look sophisticated and important. He wore business shoes to show that he was very serious about how he looked. He needed to be seen as a fierce man instead of some punk kid with a posh dad. He was determined to take the family business and do his father proud.

He looked at the clock, ten minutes. Perfect. He strode down the stairs to see his father waiting for him.

“Afternoon Father” Frank greeted grinning.

“Frank” Jonathan smiled, “It looks like I'm staring at a mirror” the older Dom laughed as he patted his young boy on the shoulder.

At that moment, Amelia entered the room. Frank's mother was wearing long red dress, just stopping below her knee. Black tights were covering the rest of her legs with shiny black stilettos on her feet. Her blonde hair was straight, side fringe covering half of her forehead. Although she was naturally pale, she had added white foundation with a metallic red lip gloss. Frank could not deny how beautiful his mother looked, she was a true classy woman, much more glamours than most fertiles. Fashion had changed, but not for the best.

“My my, such a beautiful wife I have” Jonathan purred pulling the woman into his arms, kissing at her neck.

“And such a hansom husband I have” she smiled giggling as her Dom reached her lips.

Frank rolled his eyes as the two kissed away. He loved the idea of relationship like theirs. He coughed to interrupt their little moment causing the two to break away from each other. Amelia immediately blushed and hid under Jonathan's arm.


“Just don't make out at the table, that shit's gross” Frank laughed.

“Watch your language” Amelia scowled, taking a step forward to fix Frank's tie. “You men. You have no idea how to wear ties” she said, shaking her head in disappointment.

Both Doms waved her off with a hand, they had heard this compliant enough times.

The door rang and everyone perked up.

Frank immediately grinned and made his way to the door. Taking a small breath he opened the door to see the sight of a man. He was tall, Dark haired with green eyes. Dressed In a dinner suit. On his arm was a petite woman, golden curly hair with honey brown eyes. She wore a long deep purple dress that just stopped before her ankles. Her shoes were high heels. She was quite a beautiful woman too. Peach lips with a slight tan to her skin. He could definitely tell that Gerard took his fathers looks while Mikey received his mothers.

“Afternoon Mister Iero” the Dom in the doorway smiled.

“Please, Call me Frank. Afternoon Mr.Way” Frank grinned, then turned to the woman. “Afternoon Mrs. Way. Pleasure to meet you both”.

The woman smiled and nodded.

“May we come in Frank?” Mr. Way asked.

Frank nodded, directing them into the living room. He closed the door before taking a quick look at everyone else. Pete was was wearing a black dress, matching Micky’s suit. The Dom hadn't done much. Just a comb through his hair and different shoes and he was good. Gerard however, well. Gerard was Wearing a White shirt underneath a very tight waist coat. He had tight trousers and black converse shoes on. His skin was ghost white, eyelids were bronze while his lips were a dark pink waiting to be attacked.

Frank smirked. The fertile had obviously gone through a lot of effort, whether it be to impress his parents or him. That didn't matter. Either way it worked. Frank knew that he could not compliment on Gerard's good looks. The would let the fertile know he had won. Frank was not one to loose a battle. He turned his attention to Mikey who had been staring at a photo for five mintues.

“This way”

“So lovely to meet you” Mr. Way smiled as shook Amelia's hand. “This is my Wife, Hailey. These are my two sons, Mikey and Gerard” he grins showing the woman his boys. The woman takes their hands and fondly shakes them. Especially Gerard's since she knows that Frank likes him, she's a little surprised to see how eagerly he shakes backs because from what she's heard, he's a bit of an moody boy. She turns to Pete, shakes his hand and leads them to the kitchen.

Once they're all sat at the table. Amelia next her husband at one end of the table opposite the Ways. Pete and Mikey was seated together at the side with Frank and Gerard opposite them. It was clear how much Gerard had moved away from the Dom, especially if you compared them to the other boys. Pete and Mikey were against each other like they had been glued to one another. There couldn't have been any more space between Gerard and Frank if they still wanted to be sat at the table.

Amelia had tried to start a conversation.

“So Gerard, how did you and Frank meet?”

Gerard just shrugs as he sips the blood in his glass.

“Frank saved him” Mikey informed her. “He's lucky Frank was there, humans were crowding all around him. Could have ended ugly”

The sentence had caused Jonathan scoff. “Did Frank do a good job at giving them what they deserved?” he asked, eyeing his son then back to Mikey.

“Hardly even needed to do anything, broke his arm, threw him around a little and the guy shits himself every time he sees Gee in case Frank is near” Mikey laughs. “Job well done I say”.

Frank smirks. He's not one to boast, but when people compliments him he likes it.

“Good. Such fucking dirty scum don't even deserve to see the day light” Jonathan says.

Finally, Frank had pulled in a human for their tea. The thing was weak, tired and chained up. It was naked and silently sobbing, awaiting its faith. Frank grabbed a kitchen knife, put a jug before it, then sliced the skin. The blood came pouring out, spilling and filling the glass up until the dead body fell completely limp. Quickly he cut off separate sections of skin then tossed the human into a bin.

“Food anyone?”

After spreading out equal amounts of flesh then drenching the skin in blood everybody was eating away.

It wasn't long until Gerard focused on Mikey and Pete. Seeing a human being cut into pieces by Frank had turned him on no end. He was sitting at the table feeling rather uncomfortable. He needed to be touched by the Dom, just to put off some pressure. He knew that if he did it instantly, Frank would know that he had won. Also their parents would raise their eyebrows. Trying to think cleverly, he moved sideways closer to Frank. The Doms smell was getting stronger and stronger, being this turned on was hopeless.

Suddenly Frank looked at him. The Dom could smell the fetiles arousal. Frank smirked, allowing Gerard to carefully move himself even closer. A hand placed itself on the fertiles thigh. Gerard was breathing hard, even though he had no reason to. It just showed what effect Frank had on him. The fertile wanted to moan, to let the Dom jump on him and take him there. To mark him so they could be together and have lots of sex. That however, would have been weird in front of their family.

He had never realised it before but Gerard was in heat. Frank was losing pretty much all of his control. He wanted to kiss Gerard until the sun rose, and then fell back down again. He wanted to run his fingers over the delicate skin so he could memorize every wrinkle, every mole every hair on the fertiles body.

Eventually, everyone had finished their dinner and decided to look at the garden. The Iero's had just re-decorated it and wanted the Way's opinions on it.

Both Mikey and Pete immediately jumped into the pool, hanging onto each other as they fell into the water. Gerard, had been hesitant to even leave his chair. The bulge in his trousers was getting worse and worse. He didn't need to have anybody notice.

“Are you coming Gerard?” Frank asked, standing in the back doorway.

“No” Gerard replied, embarrased.

“Why not?” the Dom pouted.

“I don't want too” Gerard sulked.

“Fine then” the Dom shrugged walking over to the boy and pulling him over his shoulder.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Gerard screamed, utterly humiliated that his boner was prodding Frank in shoulder.

“Having fun” the Dom shrugged.

Finally, they reached the garden pool. The Dom threw the boy into the water, following him with a grin on his face. Gerard swam to the surface, coughing up all the water that had tried to drown his lungs.

“YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE” he shouted as the Dom came up for air.

All eyes turned towards the shouting.


The fertile made his way the the edge, trying to climb out but not succeeding as Frank grabbed his shoulders and yanked him back. Franks chest was against Gerard's back, his breath hitting the boys neck until he placed a soft simple kiss on the vein of the fertiles neck. Gerard groaned. He didn't mean to but oh. He was hard, covered in water and pushed up against Frank. He could smell the want emitting from the Dom and he was doing a pretty shit job at hiding his.

Soon, the fertile climbed out of the strong arms and climbed out. He ran to the back door before realising Frank had gotten there first. How, he had no idea. Soon enough he was being pressed against the glass.

“You're so beautiful” Frank laughed.

“You're an asshole” Gerard mumbled.

“But you like me anyway” Frank smirked, rubbing his hand on the inner thigh of Gerard then placing his lips against the Fertiles. Immediately Gerard squeaked. He had not been expecting that. He didn't want to attracted to Frank, but it was becoming so hard to deny it. They worked together for a while, kissing slowly, building the passion gradually until somebody coughed.

Jonathan was smirking at his son and Gerard, they had been working at it for fifteen minuets but the Ways needed to go home. Gerard blushed but Frank just simply shrugged. He pecked the lips once again ad let the fertile return to his mother. They all said their goodbyes, leaving on a happy note.

“This doesn't mean we're together” Gerard whispered standing in front of Frank.



“Whatever Gerard, You'll give in soon” Frank shrugged. “I've already broken most of your defences, It's only a matter of time before you completely break”

“We'll see about that” Gerard frowned, not liking the idea.

“Yes” Frank smirked. “Yes we will. Goodnight Gerard” A quick peck on the cheek. “Sweet dreams”
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