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Failing You Again

by ValentineRevenge 1 review

How can someone be a failure just by hurting themselves?

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The scent of copper
The stinging pain
The dragging feel in your arm
The snick of metal ripping open skin

The burning that lasts for days
The fear that you'll be caught
The redness
Faint swelling lines

So wrong but so right
Sharp, shiny silver in the night
A single whispered sound
Knowing it won't do any good

A door opens
On the other side of the house
The fear of being caught increases tenfold
You jump
The Blade goes too deep

Run to the bathrooom
Bandages and ointment in hand
Leaving your bloody footprints
On the white tiles

You know that you're going to need stitches for this
Your breath grows short
Your heart is pounding out your chest
You're about to throw up

You sit there trying to fix yourself
The only thing you can do
Is wrap it with gauze and cotton
Covering the exposed white meat
And hope you don't catch an infection

Holding everything in place
With a single elastic wrap
The fear of bleeding to death tonight is so real
You feel ready to pass out
But you know you can't
You're not done yet

Out of the bathroom
Wipe up the blood with rags
Soaked in peroxide
Smell and hear the sizzling blood

Pass out in bed, tired and scared
Cold rags on your arm
Trying to ignore the pain in your leg
Trying to reduce the swelling
Bloody rags hidden in the closet
Bloody napkins flushed down the toilet

You know you're only going to get nightmares
And you've let down the only person you care for
Once again
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