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Do You Really Like Him?

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Liv smiled, and after she had uttered the one 'goodnight' Brendon and Ryan were being pulled apart by two men, both with the same feline eyes as the queen.
"These are my brothers by the way." She giggled, and motioned for her brothers to take Brendon and Ryan to sperate rooms.
"Brendon! Don't tell them anything! If they ask for information don't tell them a thing!" Ryan shouted before he was dragged around the corner, Brendon forced from his sights. Ryan decided that there was no point in struggling, so he walked calmly with the cat-eyed man. Whereas Brendon was scared, he was thrashing violently, begging to be let go, asking where he was and if he was going to get hurt.
"No." The man replied simply, taking his fingers and pressing them to Brendon's neck softly. Brendon instantly calmed down, blinking harshly to get rid of the blurry vision he had just acquired. But it wasn't just the blurry vision, in fact that lead to his limbs going limp, his eyelids feeling heavy and eventually him passing out.
Ryan however, was cooperating, so there was no need for him to be drugged. He was able to be lead into his room without compromise, and then he was drugged.
Brendon opened his eyes first, seeing as he was drugged first. But as his eyelids fluttered open he found himself staring at an unpleasantly familiar face. The face of a boy named Johnny, the face of his high-school tormentor.
"Johnny?" Brendon asked, sitting up from the lying position on his bed. johnny nodded, sitting down next Brendon, an expressionless look on his tanned face.
"Why are you here?" Brendon questioned, backing up so he was leaning against the wall behind his bed. Johnny flashed a quick smile before answering.
"I miss you. I'm real sorry for being such a dick to you, I see now that I didn't even have a reason." He answered, as he stood and began to pace back and forth in the bedroom. Brendon took the silence as time for him to look around the room he was in.
His eyes widened when he saw what room it actually was. The posters, the desk, even the full length mirror in the corner. He was placed in his own room, the room that he had spent hours crying in, because of the boy standing in front of him attempting to apologize. But after gallons of tears shed, can one little sorry really make up for it?
"You know I'm dead right?" He finally asked, and for some reason he felt as if he had asked already. Johnny was so strangely calm for the situation they were in, he was talking to the kid he had picked on, the dead one.
Johnny nodded, bringing another question to attention. "You really miss me?" Brendon asked, eyes wide with hope.
Johnny came and sat close to Brendon, draping his arm over Brendon's thin shoulders. An evil smirk sprouted on Johnny's lips as he shook his head 'no'.
"Are you kidding me? You're more gullible than I remember." Johnny shoved Brendon away, standing and laughing hardily. "Oh come on, not even your parents miss you and you think that I really would. That's really desperate Bren." Johnny was about to walk out the door, but then he turned around, just to tell Brendon one last thing.
"You stick to Ryan like glue, but do you even know him? It's only been a few days, maybe he's hiding something. Maybe he doesn't really like you and you're so desperate to get the love that you didn't have when you were alive that you'll take what you can get." With that Johnny left, but the door didn't open, or close, Johnny just vanished.
Brendon rubbed at his eyes furiously, trying to figure out if he was losing his mind or if his eyes were just deceiving him.
The situation in Ryan's room was similar, except without the tricks. Liv herself was in there, dealing with Ryan's smart mouth and attempting to get answers.
"Ryan." She began, "Why do you fraternize with a walking corpse? I know you've seen the scars." She said, circling Ryan, who was sitting criss-cross in the middle of the concrete floor. He nodded, "I like them." Was Ryan's only reply, and Liv didn't seem to like it.
"You do? I know you do. But you wish you had inflicted them, don't you?" Ryan flinched at the cold words she hissed at him. The memories of his past stinging like someone had poured salt on a fresh wound.
"I'm not like that anymore." Ryan stated simply, trying as hard as he could to avoid eye contact with her. But she gripped his chin firmly and forced him to look her in the eyes.
"You will never change. That was and is you. You're simply a pit, black and cold and soulless. Why didn't you let me make you into a reaper? Bryant could use some help with this town, you were good at it, and you enjoyed it." Liv smirked, releasing his face and pushing him harshly to the floor.
"I didn't enjoy it!" Ryan yelled, tears rimming caramel eyes as he blinked hard to force them back. Liv turned around, her eyes drilling holes through the scarred boy that sat in front of her.
"Are you trying to make up for the love that you didn't get when you were a child? Taking little Brendon's affection and not even reciprocating it." Liv shook her head in disappointment. "Soulless acts like that prove that you are suited to be reaper." She finished, stomping out of the room.
Ryan collapsed on his back, staring up at the pearly white ceiling. It was so bright that it was giving Ryan a headache, and he closed his eyes momentarily. Or what he thought was momentarily, he woke up with a window in his room, and he saw the moon rising. How long had he been in this room? Hopefully only a couple hours, and it wasn't another day. Hopefully Brendon was okay.

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