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Behind Those Doors

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The arrive at the luuurrrv zone!

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Ghouls POV

We pulled up to the gates of heaven. It must have been about 11pm and it looked like wasteland! The floor was sandy with the odd tuff of dead grass and empty blue plastic cups littered about. The wall was a dirty pale cream and the gate were rusted and lodged shut. This was not my paradise! Where was the legendary lights you could see for miles? what the pulsating music? This is dead, this is dull, this is un-acceptable! Looking about me everyone seemed to be as bewildered as me...

Poison POV
I pulled up the the gates and began to scan the area for the way in. 'Where is it..' I thought to myself before spotting it to the right of the the gate.
"We're here guys" I smirked jumping out the vehicle.
"Were cause I was expecting zone 69 not ghost village" A frustrated Ghoul muttered.
Clearly he hasn't done his research, he must have heard zone wide whore land and the blood rushed to the other brain... Jet turned to him.
"Let me guess you were expecting what you heard of the stories...loud sexy music uh..bright colourful lights to be seen for miles?" Jet chuckle when Ghoul confirmed his thoughts. "If they had bright flashy lights on display and stuff don't you think blind would have shut this place down by now? Cmon that is practically a killjoy breeding field, they're not gonna just throw themselves on display! My guess is they have some form of industrial sound proofing, lighting neutralizers and a cloaking device... which is why it looks like a derelict town."
"So how do we get in?" Kobra questioned.
"This puppy" I answered approaching a medium sized silver box wired into the wall. It had standard number keys, and a call and end call button, a camera to see the user and a smaller hole on the boxes side. I pressed the call button, for a few seconds nothing happened but as I went for a second press a voice caught me off guard.
"STATE YOUR BUSINESS" A life sized hologram of a butch muscular male with a warped gruff voice projected itself out of the the tiny side hole, even though he was a hologram and he couldn't really hurt me, I still being tense with his intimidating presence. "STATE YOUR BUSINESS, WHAT DO YOU WANT."

Ghoul POV
Poison was sweating with sudden fear and only managed to squeeze out
"Uhmm..cough uh we want to go through...please?". So much for fearless leader...
"NO. NO ONE ENTERS THIS LAND, ITS BEEN EMPTY FOR YEARS THERE'S NOTHING OF INTEREST IN THERE FOR YOU LADS. LEAVE THIS PLACE" almost no one was willing to argue with the man, Jet and Kobra were already re-buckling their seat belts and though Poison opened his mouth to argue he lost fight mid breath and turned away in shame. I was not about to give up so easily; I had to get in there.
"Move." I ordered of Poison "let me deal with this.."
"No Ghoul We'll find another way to go.." Poison shrugged.
"NO! I HAVE TO GET IN!...Poison behind...behind these doors.."
"Gates. Not doors, gates.."
"The gates of its not over yet, i'll handle this." Punching the call button gave me De ja vu.
"I'm in the business of killing, honey." There was a silent pause as I stared hard into the camera until the hologram replied.
"...Oh My God That's So Hot..." An awkward silence arose after the realization of what he said which made me smirk. I had an idea.
"Jet, come hack this thing for me, I think somethings altering 'his' voice." I chuckled.
As Jet approached the box it protested.
"STOP. DO NOT TOUCH THE DEVICE AT HAND. LEAVE THIS PLACE IMMEDIAahh.." I flexed my muscles in the camera to hush the voice momentarily while Jet fiddles with the number keys and coding. Poison also either seemed mesmerized by my display or shock that for once I had it under control when he couldn't. Kobra seemed to be more concerned on keeping the area secure from sneaky dracs. Jet gave me an 'all clear' nudge.
"So whats your name beautiful?" I purred.
"That is restricted information...fuck." The holograms gruff overpowering masculine voice was now that of a young woman.
"My my, What happened to your voice man? do you want a throat sweet for that?" I mocked.
"Fuck. You." She spat.
"Maybe if you let us in you can.." I winked at the camera. and I saw Poison roll his eyes. There was a long silence.
"Fine." The voice replied. "But I'll hold you to that..." and with that the rusty iron gates creaked and shook a bit. We all began to slowly advance toward them until blinding light hit us as the gates opened. sudden darkness.
and then they grabbed us.

A/N: Well readers its been almost a year :S I am So sorry i'm bad at this but i now feel like this story is a nice new canvas, i'll be updating more i'll try and do more that one chapter today college it pretty much done, is anyone still reading this? and remember to comment please ^^
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