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Chapter 1

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Newly appointed chief of police, Denise Marmalade, had been appointed with a difficult task of capturing Glyde without force. Will she be able to fulfill her task? Or would something else stop her ...

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Good day everyone and welcome to a brand-new Mega Man Legends fan-fic.

I shall write and post more chapters after I complete my other fandom's fan-fics. It shall hopefully be next year ^^

Some notes:

1) This story shall be an Alternate Universe story; and is set after Mega Man Legends 2
2) This story might be a Glyde x Denise story; and is completely different to my previous Glyde x Denise stories. Will they get together in the end, or not? Even I don't really know. ;)

Characters (c) CAPCOM
Story (c) to me, Steffie

Marmalade Roses: Chapter 1

The next day

Denise Marmalade searched through her file as she made sure that she got all the important documents with her. Luckily enough, one of the admin clerks had typed a full annual report for her to take to the mayor.

She walked out of the building and was about to unlock the door of her car when something from the corner of her eye grabbed her attention. She whipped her head around to see what it was. It was a tall blonde-haired man that stood a few metres away from the police station. From where she was standing, she could make out that he was wearing a black polo-neck jersey, black pants, a brown jacket, black gloves and black boots.

For some strange reason, it felt as if she had met him before. She never met a man with his blonde hair slicked back at all, did she? She tried to look at him in the eye to see if she identify him, but she unfortunately couldn't do so as his sunglasses covered his eyes. She couldn't even make out what colour eyes he has.

After what felt like hours, the man turned around to leave. But, not before clutching his lower back in pain as he did so. The blonde cursed under his breath and spat a few angry sentences in a pained whisper. Denise had caught a few words: something about stupid trains, teas, bons and overweight bosses landed on his back when he escaped from someplace or other. The blonde gave Denise a quick glance before he dawdled away in agony.

"That was odd..." the chief of police pondered out loud as she unlocked her car door.

Much later, Mayor's office

"Thank you very much for the annual report, Denise. You did a great job, as always. It must've taken you hours to do this." Mayor Light smiled at Denise as he took a quick glimpse into the file. The portly man sat behind his desk while the chief of police sat in one of the chairs placed in front of the mayor's desk.
"It wasn't a problem at all, Mr. Mayor."

"Nonsense, I appreciate your extra effort. And to think that the Captain had once told me that you did quite poorly in paperwork (and other areas)."
"Don't worry about it, my dear. It's all water under the bridge. Anyways, there's some things that I would like to discuss with you."
"About me having to capture Glyde?"
"Well, there's more to it than that. Come, let's go visit the inmates of the Gold City prison. I think you'll get what I'm talking about when we arrive there."

Later, the Gold City prison

Denise felt goosebumps form all over her body as she walked down one of the corridors of the prison with Mayor Light a couple of feet behind her. It still unnerved her how quiet the prison had became ever since the mayor had used that strange relic to wipe their personality and mind clean. If she had turned around, she would've noticed the smug grin the elderly man had worn on his face the entire time. Little did she know, the mayor even had that strange relic in his pants pocket.

"As you can see, Denise, the prisoners are finally behaving like peaceful human beings. Not one of them acted rowdy, or complained about their rights being abused." Mayor Light stated in happiness as he crossed his arms behind his back.

Denise peered inside a prison cell that was occupied with three inmates. They all wore a blank expression on their face as they stared at a television set. But, there was nothing on the television set at all; only static. The auburn-haired woman recognized one of the men as a small-time pirate that had attacked Rhyship Island a few years ago. It was quite a violent attack, if she had remembered correctly. The second person in the cell was someone that committed petty crimes, like stealing several loaves from a bakery.

But, what really caught her off-guard was the third in-mate.
"Wait, isn't that Roy? Your accountant from your company before you became mayor? Why is he in prison? I thought he was the perfect example of an upright citizen?" Denise stated as she clung onto the prison bars as she stared at Roy with a shocked expression on her face. If she had turned around, she would've noticed that Mayor Light had taken the relic out of his pants pocket and stalked slowly up behind her as he slowly fully charged the device. As he did so, it made a low hum.

As she heard a strange hum from behind her, Denise swiftly turned around to see where that sound came from. She noticed the mayor holding the relic in his hand. The strange red ray-gun-like device looked more sinister than usual, for some strange reason.
"Mayor, why do you have that in your hand?"
"Oh, I just wanted to tell you what I had discovered about this relic the other day."
"Like what?"
"I've noticed that if I fired at anything electronic or mechanical, it seems to have the same affect as these inmates here. I don't understand how that is possible. It's not like we are robots, or anything. I also noticed that it actually emits ultrasonic waves and shockwaves. I wonder if it's somehow related."

"...It doesn't explain why Roy is in prison with the other crooks and pirates." Denise glared at the elderly man.
"I had discovered that he had committed fraud; which almost caused my company to be bankrupt."
"But, to wipe his memory? Was that really necessary?"
"You're sounding just like the Captain before I had sent her to Kattelox Island; and then got rid of the Captain rank as Chief of police is all that we need. Besides, All crimes are equal, my sweetheart."
"Believe me, Denise. It's for the best. Besides, that's why I want all criminals behind bars, no matter how petty the crime."

"...So, you want me to capture Glyde, right? Without force?"
"Yes, yes. I would prefer it if we did as peacefully as possible. No need to scare the citizens, correct?"
"How would I capture Glyde without force, then?"
"He is a young man correct, so I suggest that you should woo him."
"You want me to woo him?"
"I don't see how that's a problem. You're a pretty young woman."
"Well, you see--." Denise whispered in Mayor Light's ear.

Mayor Light let out a loud chuckle after Denise explained the problem.
"I don't see how him being happy has anything to do with you having any problems wooing him. It's better than him being a real grouch."

"But, Mr. Mayor--"
"No buts, you can do it. Oh, and I suggest that you would also arrest that manager of the coffee shop that had opened earlier this year. I have a hunch that he's that Teisel Bonne pirate. I wouldn't be surprised if those waitrons of his are his Servbots."
"Are you talking about 'Ted' of Bonne Bean? I know he can be quite intimidating, but he's really quite a nice guy. As for those waitrons, maybe pirates had stolen a few of them? I remembered a pirate girl that had little mascots that looked just like them."
"You have a valid point there, Denise. But, I would appreciate it if you were to keep an eye on him. I don't want any pirates or criminals in my city."

"Will do, sir." Denise nodded.
"Well, that's settled. You may go and continue with your duties. Please report to me as soon as you spot either Glyde or Teisel." Mayor Light stated as he nudged Denise to give her a hint.

The chief of police walked out of the prison building in a huff. She couldn't understand why the mayor was so moody as rude to her as of late. He was usually so warm and friendly towards her; and she even considered him her grandfather after her biological grandfathers had passed away. Nowadays, he almost acted like a different person.

As she was deep in thought, she didn't even realize that there was a man running at full speed. The man let out a shout of surprise as he collided in someone at full-force. Denise screamed in surprise as she was knocked off her feet. They both fell hard on the ground in a tangled, dazed mess; their eyewear had fallen onto the floor.

After a couple of seconds had passed, the chief of police and the man had gotten back on their feet. As she had picked her glasses up and placed them on the bridge of her nose, she looked back at the man that had crashed into her. It was the man that she had seen before. Thanks to the fall they had, the man's hair was in a mess; and was busy trying to straighten his hair up. As he had done so, a large portion of his hair fell over the left side of his face; which made him look quite familiar to her. Denise gasped in shock when she realized who it was.


To Be Continued...
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