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Chapter 5

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Newly appointed chief of police, Denise Marmalade, had been appointed with a difficult task of capturing Glyde without force. Will she be able to fulfill her task? Or would something else stop her ...

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Characters (c) to CAPCOM
Story (c) to me, Steffie

Hello everyone, and welcome to a brand-new chapter of Marmalade Roses.

I have a confession to make. This fan-fic won't be a Glyde x Denise fan-fic after all. I had decided that ever since chapter 2. The reason why is simple: this story is basically Denise's story about how she would handle the corrupted mayor that happens to be a family friend. While there were one-sided Glyde x Denise hints, the relationship won't go anywhere. It's too out of place and awkward for me to put in.

Anyways, onto the story

Marmalade Roses: Chapter 5

Later, inside Bonne Bean's store-room

While Ted had helped Glyde and Denise hide, he accidentally let slip to the chief of police that he was Teisel Bonne himself. While Denise was shocked about whom he really was she decided that hiding away from the mayor was top priority.

"Well, how is he?" Denise's hushed whisper sounded quite loud within the storeoom as she watched Teisel lead Glyde to a chair that was placed in the middle of room. The blonde sat on the chair, still with a blank expression on his face. Teisel waved his hand in front of his rival's face to see whether there's a chance that the artifact didn't actually wiped his memory or personality completely. No response. Not even a blink.

"This doesn't look good, Denise. Looks like his memory is indeed wiped clean." Teisel admitted as he faced the chief of police.
"Maybe he would react if you do something that would normally irritate him? Or maybe do anything that would cause a great reaction from him, positive or negative?" the auburn-haired woman suggested.

The grey-haired man sighed in defeat as he stood right in front of the blonde. He kneeled down to his level. Before Denise knew what had happened, Teisel grabbed Glyde in a tight embrace and hugged him. Disgust was evident on the manager's face, yet there was no response from the avian-loving pirate. No blushing. No confusion. Not even a blink.

Silence filled the air as Denise looked away in guilt.
"It's all my fault. I was so furious about him lying about who he was that I had arrested him and had taken him to see Mayor Light. Now, he's going to be like this for the rest of his life. I can never do anything right."
"Now now, Denise. It's not your fault at all. You were just doing your job." Teisel reassured her as he gave her a hug to comfort her.
"Even then, I was too stupid to even realize that Glyde was just using me so that he won't get arrested. I was even stupid enough to have feelings for him, just because he flirted with me and pretended to show interest in me."

"YOU HAD FALLEN IN LOVE WITH THAT CREEP?!" Teisel's loud voice boomed as as he pointed at the pirate in question in disgust.
"Look Denise, he had manipulated you to develop romantic feelings for him. He knows that many find him very attractive and many had also believed that he would be as charming and romantic as his looks. Don't let this get to you. Just get him out of your life and move forward."

"You're right, Teisel. But, I still need to look after Glyde. I mean, he's defenceless now. Mayor Light might find him and do something to him. Maybe while he's with me, I can find a way to jog his memory back?" Denise sighed in defeat.
"But, you must also be careful when you try to jog his memory. You could do more harm than good."
"You're right. But, that would be my top priority, besides finding out what Glyde meant about Mayor Light giving Mr. Loath troubles..."

Teisel cleared his throat when he noticed that the chief of police had spaced out on him.
"I must leave the island within a few days before the mayor figured out who I am and wipe my memory too. I had promised my sister that if there were any problems, I will leave the island as soon as possible."

"I understand. Well, I must go home now and take Glyde with me. I only hope that Mayor Light wasn't trying to find me."
"Are you sure you don't want me to escort you home?"
"I'll be find. Besides, I can use my Judo throw if anyone tries to mess with me. Goodbye, Teisel. I'll see you again tomorrow?"
"Goodbye, Denise. Take care."

As Denise and Glyde left the building of Bonne Bean, one of the bushes nearby shook as someone watched them with a keen eye...

To Be Continued...
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