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Chapter 6

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Newly appointed chief of police, Denise Marmalade, had been appointed with a difficult task of capturing Glyde without force. Will she be able to fulfill her task? Or would something else stop her ...

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Characters (c) to CAPCOM
Story (c) to me, Steffie


Marmalade Roses: Chapter 6

The next morning, Denise's home

Silence poisoned the air as Denise stirred her morning coffee as she watched the man that sat across the kitchen table from her. It was so...bizarre to see Glyde sit as still as statue and with a blank expression on his face; especially since he ate the cereal and drank his coffee without one word of complaint.

The chief of police frowned when her pager made a beep noise. She took a quick glance at the screen. It was Mayor Light. Again. Why had he kept trying to get hold of her? Was it because of last night? She felt her palms became quite sweaty as her heart raced. What she did was inexcusable. He will fire her the moment he spotted her.

The auburn-haired woman nearly leaped out of her skin when a knock on the door interrupted her train of thought. Glyde just stared at the air that was in front of him.
"Who is it?" Denise asked before she could stop herself.
"Chief, it is Officer Bobby. We have an emergency situation!"
"What type of emergency?" Denise asked as she opened the door for the cop to enter her home.
"Thank you, Chief. For some reason or other, reaverbots had left the ruins and decided that they should live among us."
"That's not all. It's happening all over Planet Terra as we speak."

"What? But, why didn't you try and contact me sooner?" Denise demanded as she checked her pager.
"The mayor said that he would contact you for us. That is quite generous of him, considering what had happened to him the previous night."
"Oh?" Denise decided to play dumb.
"While he was waiting for Ted of Bonne Bean to arrive and explain how it was possible for the one who made the restaurant's logo to mistake the spelling of the sweet Bon for the pirates Bonne, someone had attacked him and his guards and knocked them out cold. Mr. Mayor can't remember anything that had happened, but it must have been because of the concussion."

Denise breathed a soft sigh of relief. Now she can meet Mayor Light without the fear of being fired.
"Huh?" Bobby blinked in surprise at the chief's reaction.
"...I'm just happy that nothing serious had happened to the poor Mayor. Bobby, can you please watch over Gly-Glenn for me while I go to the office?" Denise asked as she sprinted out of her house and towards her car as swiftly as she could.
"But Chief, I can't! The mayor said I shouldn't--" the cop tried to explain but it was too late. The chief of police had long left.

Later, police HQ

Denise sprinted as quickly as she could towards her office when the stocky built of Mayor Light block the path.
"Morning, Denise. I am glad that you finally decided to show up." the elderly man smiled. Denise noted that even though he was being sarcastic, she couldn't help notice that there a hint of bitterness in his tone. No, it can't be that. She was just being paranoid, right?

"I am so sorry, Mayor." Denise apologized.
"Just make sure that it won't happen again, Denise." Mayor Light wagged his forefinger. But, it wasn't like how a father scolded a naughty child.
"It won't. I promise."
"I am afraid that you have to stay here at the police station while the cops have to deal with the crisis."
"... ... ...What?"
"No, I am not punishing you. No, not at all. I just believe that it's best for you to stay here and protect this building and the neighbouring ones from any reaverbot attacks as the others are having their hands full at the moment."
"... ... ...I understand..."
"Good. Well, I am going back to my office as it's much safer there than here. Good luck." The elderly man smirked at the chief before he waltzed out of the police building.

Much later, Denise's office

"Oh, I see. You'll be arriving the next day instead of much later. No, I didn't tell Mayor Light at all. I'm looking forward to your visit, Captain. See you tomorrow. Goodbye." Denise placed the phone's receiver back as she had finished her conversation. A few hours had passed, yet nothing had happened except for a few phone calls that she had to answer.

As it was so quiet, she couldn't help wonder the entire deal about Mayor Light, Mr. Loath and Glyde. Maybe Mr. Loath had twisted the story and it's Mayor Light that had been having problems with the Loath family when he tried to claim the Sart Farm? Well, there was only one way to find out!

Later, the storage room

Denise searched high and low for the top secret file that had every single record of the Loath's illegal activities. She couldn't find it anywhere. As she noticed that there are some files that were much thicker than others, she decided to find the thickest file of them all. It had taken her about an hour, but she had found the thickest file of them all.

As she opened the file and paged through the documents, she couldn't help and notice all the bribery, corruption, theft, traffic fines and a couple of heinous illegal activities in-between. She shook her head in disgust. Why would Glyde work for someone that was so...crooked?

After she paged through the various newspaper articles that were also in the file, she finally found what she had searched for. It was about a rivalry between Lex Loath and Tom Light and how they decided in the end that their second-in-command and assistant were to have a mech race to see who would be worthy enough of Sart Farm. Lex Loath's second-in-command had won with flying colours; which Mr. Light couldn't believe. He had actually tried to attack the second-in-command, but was stopped by his assistant. As he and his assistant left to tend their wounds, Mr. Light swore than he would one day have his revenge on Mr. Loath by making sure his second-in-command would never be able to assist him ever again.

Disgusted that the article had put the mayor in such a bad light, Denise closed the file and was about to put it back where she had found it when she noticed the name on its side: Illegal Activities and Scandals of Tom Light.
"... ... ... It can't be right..." the chief of police shook her head in denial. As much as she refused to accept it, she had to face the fact that Mayor Light was every bit as crooked as Mr. Loath. He was actually more crooked as he hid it behind a facade of an upright citizen.

"Wait, does that mean Glyde is in trouble? I must go and check up on him!"

She didn't care if she would be getting in trouble for abandoning her duty; she had to make sure that the vulnerable pirate was safe and sound.

Much later

As Denise had raced through the city towards her home, she had noticed a familiar cop that was busy chatting to another cop. Curious, she stopped her car in the middle of the street to confront him.
"Bobby, why aren't you watching over Gly--Glenn?" the auburn-haired woman demanded as she stared at him right where his eyes was supposed to be.
"Chief?! Well,"
"My apologies, Chief, but I had tried to tell you that Mayor Light had requested that every single cop were to assist with the reaverbot crisis and stop every single one of them reavers."
"But Glenn was under witness protection. Okay, I can't actually remember if it was I that requested the cops to take turns to watch over him while I was working, but still--"

Arthur, the cop that Bobby had spoken to earlier, had rudely interrupted his superior.
"Yes Ma'am, you were the one that had requested us to watch over your friend Glenn--"
"Oh yes, now I remember---"
"--And Mayor Light was the one that requested that if we were to ever notice that Glenn acted too much like Glyde, we were to report to him. He also said something about us not allowed to be watching over him after the Mayor used that relic to make him helpless so that he can find him alone and kill him!"

Denise felt all the blood in her body rush to her feet. She jumped into her car and raced back home. She leaped out of the car and took giant steps as she ran towards her front door. Her heart sank to her feet when the door was left wide open.

"Oh no..." Denise whispered as she ran inside her house. She searched everywhere for a sign of the blonde man, yet she found nothing. That could only mean one thing!

"Oh no, Glyde's in trouble!"

To Be Continued...
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