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Chapter 7

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Newly appointed chief of police, Denise Marmalade, had been appointed with a difficult task of capturing Glyde without force. Will she be able to fulfill her task? Or would something else stop her ...

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Characters (c) CAPCOM
Story (c) to me, Steffie

Marmalade Roses: Chapter 7

As soon as Denise Marmalade stopped her car in front of the prison she leapt out of it and ran inside the building as swiftly as she could. Mayor Light had arrested Glyde and decided to keep him here, right? Surely he wouldn't...? As the auburn-haired woman was worried about what the elderly man had done, she didn't notice the police airships that had approached Gold City.

The chief of police ran towards the prison cells and stopped the moment she noticed familiar blonde hair. She felt her heart sank down to her ankles when she realized that it wasn't Glyde but Roy. She was about to check the other prison cells when a voice called out from behind her.
"Miss Marmalade?"
"Roy? Wait, I thought that your memory and personality had been wiped clean by that device that Mayor Light had used."
"It was wiped clean until twenty minutes ago."
"But how? I thought it was permanent!"
"Mayor Light had bragged about how close he was to get his revenge on Glyde and you. As he bragged about what he had done, he also bragged that since he wiped my memory and personality clean he could get away with fraud without anyone being the wiser. As he bragged about that, he had shown me a copy of a page that showed our annual figures. As soon as he had done so, my personality and memories came back."

"That's great! That means that there's a way to reverse the device after all. If only I could find Glyde and get him to remember..."
"Well, he is definitely not here. Mayor Light mentioned to me that he was going to steal your old mecha from the police force and use it to...get rid of him as soon as he finds him."
"Oh no! I got to hurry! Thanks Roy. I'll clear your name and get you out of prison as soon as I'm done with Mayor Light! I promise." Denise stated as she held her hand close to her heart.

"Thanks, Miss. Oh, and before I forget!"
"A little birdie with a screw on his head had wandered here the previous day. I think he was looking for that boyfriend of yours. After he noticed that he wasn't here, he mentioned going back to the casino. Maybe that birdie found their boss and lead him there?"
"Could be. Thanks Roy, I owe you. See you." Denise smiled. As fast as she could, she ran back towards her car and sped towards her destination.


The chief of police felt a chill crept up her spine as she stood in front of the casino building. The entire place was abandoned ever since Lex Loath and Glyde was arrested, and it definitely showed. No maintenance was ever done to the building, even when it was vandalized. But, that wasn't it. She had the strangest feeling that something was watching her from somewhere, yet she had seen nothing when she glanced around and checked her surroundings. If she had studied the building from the left, she would have noticed that something big was hiding behind it and made certain that it wouldn't make a sound at all.

As she took a deep breath to calm her nerves, Denise barged into the casino building. As soon as she arrived in the main area, she searched and called for the blonde.
"Glyde, are you here? Answer me...please?" the auburn-haired shouted as she looked around. All she could see was broken slot machines, the craps table being overturned and cards and chips that were scattered all over the floor. The place was so quiet...


The chief of police nearly jumped out of her skin. She whipped her head to where the noise came from. She blinked owlishly when she noticed a birdbot with a red bowtie that stood behind her.
"Ho Ho Ho Ho. You should've seen your face, Denise-dear." an arrogant voice piped up as a tall figure emerged from the shadows. Denise smiled from ear to ear when she recognized who it was.

"Glyde, you're back to normal!" the auburn-haired woman squealed in joy as she ran towards the blonde man and wrapped her arms around his waist. Needless to say, the man was stunned speechless at the chief of police's behaviour. When she realized what she had done, Denise quickly removed her arms and stood a few feet away from Glyde. Her face turned beet-red.

"My memory and personality returned after these birdbots had taken me back to this casino. This happens to be the place where I last met Mr. Loath before he--"
"Maybe it's best if I were to turn myself in, Denise. You may lead the way and I shall follow you. My life as pirate and henchman are forever over."
"I swear on my Mother's grave. She would be appalled if she were to find out what her son had done ever since he was a teenager. So, I would like to make amends. Besides, you were so sweet and kind towards me, despite what I had done."
"So, you are returning the favour?"
"Yes, yes. I am. Ladies first, Denise-darling." Glyde smiled with a smile that was sickenly-sweet as he basically pushed Denise so that she would lead the way.

Denise felt her cheeks burn as she felt Glyde hold her hand for a moment as she lead him to the front entrance. Who would have thought that Glyde would change? As soon as the chief of police got outside, she realized that something wasn't quite right. She turned around and realized that neither Glyde nor the birdbots were behind her. She was suddenly knocked off of her feet when a Glyde Drache suddenly burst out of the roof of the casino. The auburn-haired woman's jaw dropped to the floor when the pilot opened the hatch to blow a kiss at her.
"Bye, Denise-sweetie. Thank you for being such a sucker!" Glyde shouted loud enough for her to hear as the birdbots made a racket as they were cackling on top of their lungs.

Denise felt her face turn beet-red from anger and embarrassment. How could she be so stupid? Before she could chase after them, she was knocked off her feet again as a familiar mecha landed right in front of her. The same mecha she had once used to stop that young female pirate. The chief of police felt her stomach tighten when she noticed the evil grin that the mayor had worn.

"Going somewhere, Denise?"

To Be Continued...
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