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Best Idea Ever

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My story for WickedDiamond :D

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Dear Diary,
This is the best honeymoon I could ever ask for! Yesterday Mikey and I went to get matching tattoos, mine is and ‘M’ behind my left ear and his is an ‘H’ at the top of his left arm, “by his heart” :’)
He’s told me that he’s planned something for tonight… Sometimes I really worry what goes on in his head ;D
Oh, I’ve got to go; I’ll let you know how it went when I get back later…

“You almost ready H?”

Mikey shouted from the main room in our suite.


As I closed my diary Mikey walked into the bedroom and my eyes lit up, I will never get bored of being married to the most amazing human being in creation. He walked over to me and kissed me on the tattoo I had on my right wrist. It read 'What doesn't kill you..'

“Come on! Time to go.”

If he smiled anymore, his face would split in two.

“Hmm… What do you have planned Mr Way?”

“Nothing you won’t love Mrs Way.”

Will I ever not get butterflies from him calling me that?

Time Lapse

“Is there a reason why you blindfolded me?”

“Yes, I don’t want to ruin the surprise.”

“Miiiikkkkkeeeyyyy, you know that I hate surprises!”

“Yep! That’s what makes this all the more fun!”

I could hear him grinning at me.

“For you maybe.”

“Shh you! We’re here now anyway.”

And with that, he pulled the blindfold away; I wasn’t blinded with light due to the fact that the sun was setting. We were in a huge field with a stream at the bottom. There was a picnic blanket and candles.

“Okay, I like this surprise.”

I turned around and swiftly kissed him on the lips before grabbing his hand and dragging him to the blanket.

“I was thinking we could watch the sunset. Look, I even brought popcorn!”
“And this is why I love you.”

We lay back and watched as the oranges and pinks met in the sky danced together, caressed each other. Mikey had his arm wrapped around me, his hand drawing circles over the stars I have on my hip.
As the late night dance dimmed and the sky turned amber, we sat up. Before I knew what was happening, three pieces of popcorn were bouncing off my nose.


I grabbed a hand full of popcorn and threw it at him, he dodged my attack. As he stood up to get away I ran over to the stream and cupped up some water in my hands.

Once I was done chasing him around the field I managed to pin him down, which is when I wiped my cold hands down his chest.

“That’s cold!”

“Don’t be a wimp.”

I winked at him and kissed his forehead lightly.

“Come on, let’s go paddling.”

“Are you crazy?”

“That’s a matter of opinion!”

We ran down to the stream and pulled our sock and shoes off. I was first to step in. The freezing water numbed my feet and soaked the bottoms of my red skinny jeans.

“Come in, the water’s lovely!”

Mikey ran in, splashing me as he kept lifting his feet up.

“Hahah, you’re getting water everywhere.”

“What, like this?”

He flicked his hand full of water at me.

“Oh no you didn’t. It’s on lanky.”

I splashed him up the left side of his body.

“You did not just call me lanky!”

“It looks like I did, what you gonna do about it?”

We were both smirking at each other, I had a challenging look in my eyes and he had an amused one.


He ran over to me and picked me up bridal style. Ignoring my squeals, he put me fully into the freezing water but before he stood up I pulled him down with me.

“This was the best idea ever. Thank you very much Mr Way.”

“It was all my pleasure, Mrs Way.”

We kissed as the sky turned from amber to dark purple.
I think I could get used to this ‘Together forever’ thing.

A/N: Sorry it's short honey, and it's kinda crap too :L I know your's is going to be ten times better :DxoxoxoA
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