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Dear FicWad

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Many people know that I fucking hate posting notes, but I have something incredibly serious to say. I would appreciate it if people would read and take note.

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Dear FicWad.
If you are familiar with me or my work, you're probably aware that I FUCKING HATE posting notes, especially in the wake of "troll attacks" or whatever the hell else, as I think notes about trolls encourage them and make the problem worse.

Before you call me a hypocrite or something of that nature... This note is not directed at a troll.
I'm not actually sure of the details of who this is directed to, but as far as I know it's a few members of the general FicWad community.

Apparently, according to the multitude of notes that have popped up in the time since I left for camp this morning and got home this afternoon, someone or multiple someones wrote some pieces of fiction about TiffanyRose that were rather disturbing in content.

Apparently these "works" were about people torturing and gang raping TiffanyRose.


I cannot express how absolutely furious, horrified, disappointed and utterly DISGUSTED I am with whoever wrote those stories. Torture fics are one thing- some people are into them and I don't really mind that, whatever floats your boat; however, it was NOT okay to write them about a specific, real live human being, especially one who is probably a child.

Fucking RAPE FICS.

I'm not sure these stories actually exist(ed?). But. Working on the assumption that they do/did.

Allow me to share some statistics with you.
In the United States of America (population 312 million):
- 1 in 6 women have been sexually assaulted
- 1 in 22 men have been sexually assaulted
- There are approximately 2-3 million serial rapists living in the USA right now. Yeah, you read that right. MILLION.
- It is estimated that 60% of rapes go unreported.
- Only half of all reported rapists are convicted, and only half of those convicted get jail time.

Rape is a horrible, degrading, violent act that should NEVER be inflicted upon ANYONE. EVER. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Rape jokes are not okay or funny. The word "rape" being used casually (e.g. "I totally raped that test." instead of "I did awesome on that test!") is not okay.

Here's the thing. If rape is an ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL 100% NESCESSARY PART OF YOUR STORY LINE AND YOU PROVIDE THE PROPER WARNINGS... Okay. Fine. As long as the rape is not glorified, I can let that slide.

Not this. I can't let this slide.

Someone wrote a fic PURELY ABOUT RAPING AND TORTURING SOMEONE WHO IS PROBABLY A CHILD. They wished it upon her. They described it. They said "This is what you deserve!" and probably at least one person said "Haha, hell fucking yeah, dude! That bitch needs to be taught a lesson!"

You know what TiffanyRose has done? She's posted a few notes, she's rated down a few stories, she's left some nasty reviews, and she's made a list of horrible authors or something along those lines. Essentially? She's hurt some feelings. Yeah, I agree that she's horrible and I fucking hate what she's doing.


To anyone who did that, I think you are disgusting and, not only that, about 10 times more horrible than TiffanyRose herself. I hope you realize what you did was wrong and fucked up.

Y'know, the ironic thing about this is that I've vaguely considered leaving FicWad quite a few times in the last few weeks, because of the drama. I never posted about it because A) people don't/won't actually care and B) It would be pointless and attention seeking. But now I'm actually SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING LEAVING. And it's not because of trolls. It's because of legitimate members of this community where I previously felt safe. I'm so completely disappointed and shocked and horrified and disgusted and all sorts of other things along those lines. I just cannot believe someone from our community would do something so vile.

But whatever, this isn't about me. This about the fact that someone A) trivialized rape like that and B) wrote a fic about raping someone (GANG raping someone!!) whose age we don't even know, who did nothing more than be a bit of an immature bitch.

I'm hoping so fucking much right now that these fics don't/didn't/will never exist. I really am. Even though it would make me look like a complete idiot for posting this, I do not want to believe that a member of the FicWad community would pull shit like this.

And if they don't/didn't exist (or even if they did/do), I hope people will take a lesson from this post.


(AAAAAAND now this post has gotten more rates than anything I've posted in the past, like, two months. And about as many reviews. OKAY. There's another thing, people. Anyone feel like rating and reviewing some ACTUAL STORIES THAT PEOPLE WORK THEIR ASSES OFF TO WRITE? I personally love getting feedback, as it encourages me and/or helps me improve my work. I'm sure many authors on here feel the same way!! NOBODY REVIEWS STORIES ANYMORE! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!)

((P.S. Sorry for how long it's taking to update No Heroes Allowed, I've been going to a day camp and I've barely had time to write. Update soon.))
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