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Fucking Great.

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“Frank? Mikey?... What did I just say” “Ummm something about teams, project… I don’t know” Mikey says indifferently.

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Its pretty short and my summary sucks but i hope you like it c:

Chapter Two:
Frank’s P.O.V.
I sit in my usual seat all the way in the back, alone, (obviously) watching the leaves move around outside in the empty courtyard. I keep thinking about that guy. But why I don’t even know him.
As I think of things that could be wrong with me for thinking about him my thoughts are interrupted by our history teacher Ms.Adams.
“Silent Class… Today we have two new students joining our class.”
I snap my head to look at the two new students, not surprisingly it’s the guys from before.
“This is Gerard Way” she says grabbing the white haired boy’s shoulder, “and this… this is Mikey Way”
I hear people murmuring things like “emo”, “fags”, and a lot more insulting words that are usually thrown at me.
The boy… Gerard seems to be used to all the hate and just shrugs it off but Mikey looks hurt. Gerard puts his hand on Mikey’s back and smiles sympathetically. After a moment the hate continues when people begin to throw crumpled papers at them. When one of them hits Mikey’s face he looks as if he’s about to cry when Gerard gets mad, he picks it up and throws it back. Ms.Adams just stands there watching all this. She’s not good with students fighting; she just stands by and lets it happen. I hate teachers like that, they think if they just ignore it goes away.
“Why you so protective of him huh fag?” Jack, the biggest bully (jock) of the whole school, yells breaking the silence.
Gerard looks at him as if he’s about to explode with anger.
“Is he your boyfriend?” Mike smirks.
“Shut the fuck up! Can’t you fucking tell he’s my fucking brother? We have the same fucking last name… Fucking Retard.” Gerard screams, and then walks out of the class.
Mikey stands there for a moment awkwardly looking at the floor, then walks out to follow Gerard.
Ms.Adams coughs breaking the awkward silent.
We begin class and about ten minutes later they walk back in.
Jack stares at Gerard evilly as if he was plotting revenge in his head.
“Well Gerard and Mikey welcome back… um… Well Mikey you can sit next to Frank, Frank raise your hand”
I raise my hand but pull it back down immediately due to the bruises that sting, I wince at the pain and Mikey seems to notice.
“Hey um are you okay?” he says.
“Fucking Great” I say sarcastically flashing him a fake smile.
“Oh umm okay” he says going back to his quiet self.
“Gerard you can sit there next to Scarlet”
She smiles and says “Yes” under her breath.
As he walks towards her Jack sticks out his foot. Gerard stops right in front of it and stares at it. After a while he walks over it while looking straight into Jacks evil eyes and heads toward Scarlet who seems to be fixing her appearance.
I try looking away but can’t seem to do it. He looks at me and smiles.
Great Fucking Great all I can think of now is his smile.
“You like my brother?” Mikey asks.
“Umm what?”
“You keep staring at him.”
“Umm… no what? I just… his hair is… white-different.”
“Okay… sure.”
“Yeah. Well anywho I’m Frank.”
“Cool name… I’m Mikey.”
After a while of talking with Mikey Ms.Adams rudely interrupted us.
“Frank? Mikey?... What did I just say”
“Ummm something about teams, project… I don’t know” Mikey says indifferently.
“Pay attention… Well I was saying you’re going to be working on a project, with the person you’re sitting next to.”
“fuck” I whisper.
Mikey looks at me with shock on his face.
“Oh no sorry I didn’t mean it about you… It’s cool were partners but-“
“Gerard’s working with that one girl.” Mikey guesses.
“What! No.”
“Of course…Well do you wana go to my house after school?”
“Sure random stranger I just met about 30 minutes ago.”
We both start laughing and I feel pretty accepted and happy for once until I hear Scarlet laughing.
“Oh Gerard I would love to go to your house afterschool…” She kisses him on the cheek and I just feel jealousy boiling in my blood. Mikey of course notices this.
“Dude. It’s pretty fucking obvious.”
“No. im not… Ugghh shut up!”
He starts laughing and I instantly think this dude is cool.

During lunch Mikey comes with me and we hang out with Bob and Ray. Gerard goes with Scarlet. I tried to ignore it but it was as if she tried to rub it in my face. She kept moving her bright red hair out of her face with one hand and her other on trying to grab Gerard’s hand. Which he kept moving away and whenever it happened I just felt like bursting into laughter.
I know I know that’s pretty rude but…
Scarlet and I have a past.
We WERE best friends.
“Fucking slut” I whisper under my breath but of course the all hearing Mikey, hears me.
“Why do you hate her so much?”
“What makes you think I hate her?” I ask innocently.
Mikey looks at me skeptically and begins a long list. I’ve only known him for about 3 hours but he seems to know me better than anyone. Better than Bob, better than Ray, better than my mom, better than my teachers, and possibly even better than me.
“…and you just called her a “fucking slut”…” Mikey said finishing his list. Bob and Ray look at me in shock.
“Okay… fine I do. But it’s not because of your brother!”
“Then why do you hate her?”
“She was my best friend…”
“Look into the sun.”
“Make it dramatic! Look into the sun while you tell me the story, so it seems more interesting.”
“Fuck your weird. Well, okay fine” I look at the sun which is burning my eyes really badly “She was my best friend… Pause for dramatic effect” I say turning to Mikey who seems to be enjoying my dramatic story “But then it all changed… One day when we were… ahhh fuck the suns burning… fuck that.” I turn to face Mikey and Bob while Ray seems to be too distracted by Ellie (the girls he’s been crushing on forever).
I wouldn’t blame him she’s really pretty. She has short brown curly hair, always a bow on it. Perfectly straight cut fringe (which is pretty burned and dry), wears band t-shirts and short skirts with ripped black tights and converse every day. Everybody around her seems to like her (even Jack). I would be all over her (If I wasn’t gay). But of course now I got my eye on a white haired boy. Yes I finally admitted it.
“Huh? What?”
“The stoooorrrrryyyy..?”
“Oh right. So yeah… one day we were at my house working on the project and she kept staring at me so I asked her why she kept staring at me then… it happened!” I pretty much yell, dramatically.
“What happened?” Ray yelled back.
“Damm Ray… Gossip girl much.” Mikey teased.
“Well anyway shekissedmeandIdidn’tkissback, IconfessedIwasgayandshegotpissed. ToldeveryoneIwasa“fag”andnevertalkedtomeagain. The End” I said as fast as I could to avoid the awkwardness of saying it slow.
Everybody just stared at me once I was done.
Of course Bob and Ray had known I was gay for a while. Mikey well had figured it out with me drooling all over his brother.
“Seems like a reasonable reason to hate her.” Bob says breaking the silence.
“I’m fucking hungry… sorry fuck I just… I didn’t know what else to say. That’s a bitch, she got REJECTED!” Mikey scram.
Gerard and Scarlet turned to face us and she gave Mikey and evil glare while Gerard just smiled and waved.
The bell rang making a mob of students rush towards us pushing us uncontrollably. The only thing that stood out is Scarlet’s red hair and Gerard’s white hair and they were heading towards the back of the buildings.

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