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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 of 'A New Kind Of Titan'

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Slade was facing a window overlooking a pit of lava from his subterranean lair. He heard hesitant footsteps coming from behind him. 
"Slade, I made it. I'm alive." Terra said.
Slade quickly spun around and hit the girl, causing her to fly back and slam into a wall. 
"You fool! Do you have any idea what this means? The Titans now have the upper hand! They'll attempt to find us and destroy us! That's why I commanded you to stay and fight!"
"But I was getting thrashed! I could've died!"
"I wouldn't have cared, young apprentice."
Terra gasped and stood up. 
"I knew I should've never trusted you. You're a monster." 
She flew her arms up as her eyes glowed yellow. She summoned a large rock to attempt to crush Slade, but he somehow had full control over her. He lifted his arms and threw them back down, causing the rock to shatter hard to the ground. 
"How did you...?" Terra began, but was interrupted by Slade.
"Your clothing is more than just a fashion statement, my dear. It is permanently wired into your nervous system underneath your skin cells. I have full control of you." 
She struggled to get it off her skin, but it was no use. He walked over to her and held her chin up. 
"You WILL go back up and fight and destroy the Teen Titans. Even if it costs you your life." 
She spat in his face, and he grabbed her and threw her against a wall. 
"I'll come back in a few minutes after you straighten yourself out, young lady." 
With that, he calmly walked away as Terra glared at him with a regretful eye. 
"There's too many of them!" Starfire yelled at her team. 
"No, we can't give up! We can't let Slade beat us!" Robin yelled back, as he lunged towards a few robots. 
"Dude, she's right. We're gettin' owned!" Beast Boy exclaimed, before transforming into an elephant. 
Starfire picked up Cyborg and flew him through a plethora of robots while sonic blasting them. He landed right next to Robin and the green elephant, who eventually changed back to Beast Boy, and Starfire hovered above. 
"Where the hell is Raven?!" Cyborg screamed, as a robot lunged at him.
Just then, a fist-sized water ball came flying from behind the robot and smashed right into it, causing it to malfunction and explode. All of the robots turned towards the source and charged at the culprit. 
Shielded behind a car, Raven watched as Avanti, one by one, shot water balls from her invisible aura. Standing out in the open, Avanti formed the ball with her hands in front of her chest and shot it out at the robots. 
Raven and the other four Titans took their chance and fought back. Within minutes, all of the offending robots were obliterated, leaving a giant, thick cloud of debris to swarm the street.
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