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I Deserved It, Or I Thought I Did

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Steady, continuous beeps, ringing through my head like a little metal pinball. I could feel a pressure in my arm, I blindly pressed a weak finger into pressure and was greeted with… well, pain is a bit of an understatement. I looked down at the pain, examining the little tube that had been shoved into my elbow crease. I had fallen really bad, but it was worse than I had expected.
Seeing as there was nothing else wrong but the passing out I decided to try and walk, try and over come what had happened. I slid out of bed, put weight on my feet and fell on my face, earning a bloody and possibly broken nose.
“Shit.” I muttered loudly, sitting up and looking at a cast that let my toes breath and went up to my mid thigh. I saw my jeans cut up the back and didn’t think anything of it, but later I would be a bit upset.
I heard slow footsteps, then I saw the familiar boots, and the jeans torn slightly at the knees. As the man bent over to help me up I was staring into my husband’s reasurring hazel eyes as he mumbled you’re okay. I hoped that was true, but my ankle burned, felt like it was engulfed in flames, or what I imagined that would feel like.
“What happened? I thought I just passed out?” I questioned as he helped me back into my bed, settling me in and pulling the warm hospital blanket over my shivering body. He looked confused, and silently pointed to my ankle, as if that explained everything.
“Well what exactly happened to my ankle, Mikey?” I asked, and then realized that my tone was a bit harsh. He looked up from my ankle to my eyes, and looked back down at the painfully white cast, squinting because it was necessary.
“When you passed out you broke your ankle.” He stated simply, shrugging as he sat in the chair across from the bed. He crossed his long legs, gripping his shin with his long fingers. We sat for a while, just watching each other breathe, listening to the reassurance of each others life. Finally Mikey decided to speak, though it was hesitant and slow.
“You didn’t just pass out, you know that right?” Mikey asked, coming closer and placing a hand gently on my casted knee. I looked up at him, and saw that it wasn’t just me who was nervous. I didn’t understand, and asking seemed to be treacherous, but my words spilled from lips with no grace whatsoever.
“What else happened?? I asked and I hoped he wasn’t just going to say that I broke my ankle, because that was painfully obvious. He looked about the room cautiously, traveling slowly to the door and shutting it behind him. He sat on the egde of my bed, eyes shining with subtle fear, and I just wanted to apologize for all of this, it’s all my fault.
“You had a heart attack.” He stated, the expression on his face staying the same all the while. Whether I was glad or angry about that was still debatable, but my mind had decided that that was irrelevant at the moment.
Mikey reached his hand toward my face, wiped the pad of his forefinger under my nose, swiping up the blood that I had forgotten was even there. I don't know how he forgot, he was looking straight at me.
I blushed, feeling embarrassed that I had forgotten that my own body was bleeding. He smiled, shaking his head back and forth, telling me that it was fine. And then the words which he had spoken only seconds earlier hit me like a car, and I wasn't sure if I would recover.
A heart attack... I guess the Bayer commercials were right in saying that anyone could have one. I was somewhat fit, I didn't eat too bad, and honestly, I wasn't old. My breath was caught in my throat again, and I couldn't comprehend me having a heart attack, the fact that I was so close to death that I could feel his shiver inducing breaths on my cheek. I will never forget.
"Where's Niall?" I asked calming, attempting to get my mind to stray as far away from my heart attack as possible, but Mikey wouldn't have it.
"You're not even remotely curious or freaked that you had a heart attack?" He exclaimed, looking around to make sure he wasn't being too loud. I chuckled, shooting him an unamused grin.
"Are you kidding me? Of course I'm freaked! I just don't want to think about it, considering it could always happen again if I get too worked up." I countered, sighing deeply before repeating my previous question. He pointed to the door, saying his brother's name as he rose from my bed and once again sat in the chair next to it.
"What happened with you and Frank? I dared, and I knew it was sensitive subject by the way his eyebrows furrowed after I finished speaking. He pinched his temples, letting a long sigh leave his pursed lips, then he decided to answer me.
"I don't know, I'm not sure if I even care. After I called an ambulance he left, just walked out." He muttered, picking at his already short nails. I rolled my eyes, I know I shouldn't have, and Mikey knew I shouldn't have either.
"Why did you do that?" he asked quietly, standing once again to look down at me. Though it didn't make me feel that small. He crossed his arms firmly over his chest, making me want to be in them even more.
"It's just... you had more of a reason to be mad than Frank did." I replied, shrugging lightly and looking away from his harsh eyes. He sighed, sitting down again, he must be a bit antsy.
"He had enough of a reason, if not more, to be angry with me." He said, placing his large hand over my mine, covering it almost completely. I pulled away, and I could tell it caught him off guard. I looked into his eyes and sense a feeling of brokenness, I wanted to pull him into my arms and let him rest his head on my shoulder, but I knew better.
"Tell me how that's true? He had sex with your girlfriend, and her child is possibly his-" I saw that my words stung Mikey, his eyes closed in ager, or sadness, but I didn't stop.
"All you did was hit someone who deserved it, and you're getting in more trouble than a whore and her toy." I almost yelled. I had no idea what I was saying! Telling him that I deserved to be hit, saying that Frank and I deserved more punishment he did. I was the one with a red face and a bruise, I'm pretty sure that I didn't want that, or at least I didn't think I did. But apparently I was having second thoughts, and not ones that went in the pleasant direction.
He was cringing as my words dug into his pale flesh, burrowing into his brain, branding themselves in his memory. I'm sure he didn't want to hear his wife bad-mouthing herself, but I couldn't help it. I can't help if someone deserves punishment. And if you deserve it, then you should get it.
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