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Frerard/Frikey. Gerard starts to hear weird noises coming from his brothers room, he goes to check it out and its one of the worst choices of his life. Rate,Review, Should I continue?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Horror - Characters: Gerard Way,Frank Iero,Mikey Way - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2012-07-24 - Updated: 2012-07-24 - 228 words

I was reading my comic book when I heard Mikey whimper and cry in the next room. I sighed and continued reading the book. He was probably having a nightmare. After all we just got home from seeing The Nightmare on Elm Street 2. Oh god I love horror movies I thought to myself. Mikey kept sobbing in the next room. I banged on the wall "Mikey keep it down please, I'm trying to read Hell Boy!" The sobbing stopped for about an hour until I heard him crying again. It was muffled but I could make out his words.
"Please, please stop." He said between sobs
I started to get worried,Mikey doesn't talk in his sleep. Then I heard snickering, it wasn't Mikey's. I grabbed the baseball bat that was under my bed and slowly walked out of my bedroom. I put my ear up to Mikey's door.
"Don't worry my precious angel, I'll get you out of this hell."
"Please stop, please."
I started shaking. There was defiantly someone hurting Mikey. I raised my bat and threw open the door. The sight was horrifying. Mikey was standing there in blood stained carpet,look up at me, a smile carved in his face. He was crying silently. Hovering over his body was a short man, carving designs into Mikey's chest. He only looked up when I screamed.
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