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Not Until I Have Some Fun.

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Frerard/Frikey. Gerard realizes who the man in his brother's room was. Rate/Review/Read please c:

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Horror - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2012-07-24 - Updated: 2012-07-24 - 488 words

The short man with black short hair got up. He was grinning, his shirt was bloodstained from Mikey. "Why don't you come here,sexy?" He said,his words slurred. I backed up , stopping at the hallway wall. The man couldn't be over the age of twenty, around my age. He staggered, inching towards me with the knife that was in my brother moments ago. "Please just, go away, take whatever you want but just leave us alone." I stammered nervously as he got closer and closer to me.
"Well you know what I want?" His face was just centimeters away from mine. I was shaking. This is it I thought, This is how i'm gonna die. His eyes locked with mine. The man blew in my face laughing slightly as he did so. "You."
I remember being being dragged into a car with my bleeding, naked brother then getting knocked out cold. I woke up blinked adjusting the dim light, looking around trying to find him. I sighed with some relief, he was right next me but he was tied up and gagged. I struggled realizing Mikey wasn't the only one restrained. I heard insane giggling infront of me but the light didn't reach the figure.
"COME OUT YOU COWARD." I screamed, still trying to slip out of the tight rope that was making my wrists and ankles ache.
"Well don't you talk big for someone who-" His voice was slurred and cracked at certain points.
"I just realized you don't remember who I am do you?" The man said stepping into the light, laughing like the lunatic he probably was. I shook my head, getting nervous as he twirled his knife.
"Frankie, remember? Frank Iero?"
Then it hit me. This was my brothers ex-boyfriend. He used to come over for dinner and sometimes he'd stay the night. He would slip into my room and we would do things behind Mikey's back. I felt so horrible that one day I spilled Frank and I's affair to him. He was mad at me at first then he got over it, dumping Frank and telling me that I was off the hook if I never spoke the short boy again. I hadn't seen him or talked to him till now.
"Oh god, its you." I said in a disgusted tone.
He stumbled over to me and kissed my cheeks repeatedly, I felt so sick.
"Aww c'mon Gerard,babe I know you missed me." He said while climbing onto my lap.
"GET OFF OF ME." I yelled through gritted teeth. "Fine then." He mumbled while giving me a nasty look. "Lets just see how your brother likes me" Frank got off then stumbled to my half conscious brother.
"Hey Mikes." He whispered as he kissed Mikey sloppily. A pang of jealousy hit me.
"Frank you're drunk, get off of him and let us go."
"Not until I have some fun first."
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