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Chapter Four.

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Yay, gifts:3

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I'm an evil cow I know.
So, thanks to my friend who has given me some time to write this. Obviously it's not great but It's a update. If it's that bad I'll edit it once I get a chance. There will be lots of mistakes but I tried my best and I just wanted to update for all my lovely readers who put up with my shit schedules.
I hope you guys like it. Thank you all for being so patient.
Reviews are nice:3
Both Frank and his father were cleaning up to give Amelia a rest when Jonathan decided to make conversation.

“So, Gerard’s nice.”

Frank smiled, he wouldn’t know. He hasn’t exactly had the time to learn about Gerard. What were his favourite movies? Did he have hobbies? What was his music taste like? Who is his idol? Frank realized that he really needed to start learning about the fertile instead of just trying to get into his pants. Sure, to be able to touch Gerard in such ways would be amazing, but right now he needed to start a relationship. Something they would both want.

“Yeah, he is.”

Jonathon smiled. “He’s certainly different though.”

Frank laughed. “Tell me about it. He’s so determined not to let people walk over him but ends up being the target anyway.”

“Are there any other Doms who want him?”

“All of them. I’ve already told them motherfuckers who Gerard belongs with though.”

“Good boy. Hey, I’ll finish this up. Go call him or something.”

Frank grinned. His father was the best. He quickly finished the plate he had scrubbed dried blood off and pasted it to his father then ran up to his bedroom. The first step to impress Gerard was by doing something he’d appreciate. Something that’d catch his attention and satisfy him. What better way to find out all of the fertiles interest than through Mikey? The closest one to him. Frank dialled Mikey’s number, only hoping that he and Pete weren’t up to anything.



“Hey Mikey, I’m not interrupting anything am I?”

“Yes you are. What’s up though?”

Frank didn’t want to know what he was interrupting, he was pretty sure once he heard a soft wimper that sounded very sexual. Trying to be quick he explained what was up.

“Jesus Christ, can’t this wait till tomorrow?”

“No Mikey, I need to impress him as soon as possible.”

Mikey hung up, mumbling words under his breath which could only be taken as insults. Ten minutes later Frank heard his ringtone go off. Immediately Frank answered.

“Right, I’m finished. So you want to know what’ll catch Gerard’s eye?”

“Yes,” Frank sighed “I don’t what he’d like”

“Well how about comics? He loves all kinds of comics I know their expensive but he’d love it if someone brought him one. Music is good. Art supplies-”

“Gerard paints?”

“only in private.”

“Carry on”

“Stop flirting with him. He wants a friend and not somebody who expects him to submit. He’s not like any other fertile, he can control himself.”


“Make him laugh. Offer to do his make-up, he loves having people focus on him. Talk about yourself, he hates talking about himself unless he knows you. You’re good to go.”

“Thank you Mikey” Frank beamed.

“Whatever, Just don’t do that shit in front of me.”

The line went dead.

Frank had an excellent idea. He grabbed his laptop and searched up all the comics he could think of. Spider-man. Batman. Superman. Wonder woman. X-Men. Iron man. Hoping that just one of them would satisfy Gerard enough. The thing is, Comics were expesive. Luxury to anybody who brought them. Frank had no doubt he’d get in deep shit if he brought them all so he decided to settle with the whole collection of Batman and once Gerard finished them Frank would buy him more. Since it was Saturday he decided that he’d buy the comics from the store tonight then deliver them tomorrow. He wanted to hang out with Gerard, have a good time instead of forcing him up against the wall all of the time.

He quickly entered the code into his safe to grab a couple of thousand dollars. Once closing and locking the safe up, he grabbed his coat and made his way to the store. It was a easy to find the store, he had been there many times but only to fill his friends hand. He never had time to read comics, they took up too much time that Frank had to spend working and educating himself on the family business. Frank walked quickly wanting to just find what he needed and leave. He wanted to see Gerard already.

“How may I help you Sir?” the shop owner asked as Frank walked towards the front desk.

“I’m looking for Batman”

“Oh, of course. May I ask you what specifi-”

“All of them.”

Frank almost laughed as the guys mouth opened in shock. It’s what he had expected. The shop owner nodded, asking Frank to hold for a moment while he searched for the whole collection. Frank smiled, maybe this really would work. He’s not expecting Gerard to fall in love with him instantly, but maybe he’ll be less... angry towards Frank.

The guy came back a box of comics books, a sticker reading ‘BATMAN WHOLE COLLECTION’. Score.

“So, that’ll be-”

Frank just handed him a rough amount of money – not all of it of course, but a fair amount to cover the cost. The stood in front of him shocked, amazed that someone had that kind of money to blow. Frank was just spending it though, he was using it to make someone happy. A very special someone.

“Night” Frank yelled as he walked towards the store door smirking when he heard a faint ‘goodbye’ behind him.
This was going to work. It had too.

He walked home only to see his mother, arms crossed against her chest with an eyebrow raised up.

“Where were you?”


Frank.” she said, using the voice that meant serious business was about to happen if Frank didn’t tell her.

Mom.” he replied, mimicking her voice.

“What did you buy?”


Amelia’s eyebrows raised, Frank didn’t like comics. Never even mentioned them before, why would he be buying them now?

“Who for?”

“Me and Gerard.”

That seemed to have satisfied his mother because she simply smiled giggled and told him to get some sleep. Frank did as he was told, looking forward to tomorrow.

It was ten o’clock when Frank woke up. He had slept quite well after he had tamed the excitement. He wanted to see Gerard’s reaction. Wanted to watched as the boy opened his box to find everything he needed in there. Frank wanted to see how Gerard would thank him – if he did

Frank grabbed his comb, ruffled the hair up a little bit and moved the fringe so it was over his forehead. He quickly picked out a black and white shirt along with blue jeans with holes ripped at the knees. He grabbed his shoes and slipped them on, laces already tied. The box was going to be the only thing that look suspicious. He knew that his father and mother had eyes everywhere and would defiantly get teased for all of this effort. Frank wouldn’t be too bothered because he’s sure Gerard’s worth all of this time, it’s just that other Doms wouldn’t have to go to such effort. He didn’t want to seem like such a ‘pussy’ in front of anyone.

He ran down the stairs with the box in his hand, the weight not bothering him due to the strength he had inherited. He caught sight of his father in the kitchen. Thinking quickly, he tried to quietly shuffle behind the older man hoping not to be heard or questioned.



“What are you doing?”

Frank stuttered for a moment, unsure how to reply. What could he say next? ‘Just going to woo my lover with gifts. Don’t worry’? Nobody, especially a Dom, says that kind of mush.

“Awwww,” Amelia coos, “he’s going to give them to Gerard!”

Jonathan raised an eyebrow. “Is it true Frank?”

Frank gulped, he thought it was better to get it over and done with.

“Yeah kinda.”

Suddenly Frank was hit in the face by some keys.

“Have fun son” Jonathan smirked, along with Amelia.

Frank grinned, his parents are fucking awesome.

Frank knocked on the front door to be welcomed by Hailey who had given him a pleasant smile and welcomed him into the house. She had explained that Mikey was out with Pete therefore it was only Gerard in. Frank thanked her, that was no problem. He asked her politely if he could drop the box somewhere safe for later since it was expensive and important. Of course, Hailey had been more than happy to direct him to the storage room. Frank had thanked her and set off to find Gerard, wondering what he would possibly be doing.

Gently, Frank opened the bedroom door to see Gerard’s bare back. The fertile cursed, grabbed a cloth next to him and cursed even more. It was after a few seconds that the Dom realised that Gerard was applying make-up.

“Need some help?” he smirked as the fertile almost jumped out of his skin.


“Come here.”

Frank walked foward, grabbed a top for Gerard to cover himself. He didn’t want the fertile to feel that he was being ‘checked out’. Gerard immediately pulled the clothing over his head and stared at Frank, unsure of what was about to happen. Frank bent down, grabbing the eyeliner and ordering Gerard to close his eyes. Doing as he was told, the fertile shut them and waited to see what would happen. He felt smooth, delicate strokes of the pencil on his eyelids. Franks fingers then rubbed against the lines. Although he wanted to open his eyes, Gerard kept them shut as he heard Frank look in his make-up bag.

He flinched when he felt the foundation touch his skin, it was like he wanted Frank to do this. Screw that, he did want Frank to put make-up on him. He had no idea what had possessed him to let Frank touch him but it felt good. Right. He could already tell Frank knew what he was doing, he was careful and specific. Skilled.

When Gerard felt Franks hands take hold of his jaw he dropped his mouth, already familiar with the action. The lip gloss brushed his lips slowly.

“Eyes open” Frank ordered.

Gerard did, to see that Frank had the mascara in his hand. Gerard knew the drill, look up. Look down. Repeat. Another three minutes and Frank had finished.

“You can look.”

Gerard gasped. He looked so much prettier in his opinion. Frank had done an amazing job. He looked more feminine like a porcelain doll. His flaws were covered, eyes shining against such pale skin along with lips that were the sinful red shade. He saw Frank smile in the mirror and then ask for his hand, Gerard had given it to him. The Dom led him to his wardrobe. Gerard started to panic, nobody had seen his wardrobe, not even Mikey. Frank looked calm though, pointing for Gerard to stand behind and wait until he picks out a dress

“Fancy or casual?”

“Fancy since um... you’ve done the make-up really nice” the Fertile stuttered his response as Frank continued searching.


Gerard looks at the item Frank has picked out. It’s his favourite short black dress. The top has the right side overlapping the left strap, usually to show off a females cleavage for her Dom. The top section of the dress is covered in skulls, small and big. The skirt is considerably short. It shows of his child bearing hips well enough and gives him such a feminine vibe to him. He watches as Frank places the dress in his hands.

“I’ll go out so you can get changed” Frank offers, smiling kindly. Gerard knows it’s not an act. He can feel how much the Dom doesn’t want him to feel uncomfortable. He’s starting to like Frank a lot more.

“It’s okay” he assures, turning around to tear his top and bottoms off. It’s very rare for either vampires to be shy around each other. Especially if they were/going to be attracted to each other.

Frank couldn’t deny how beautiful the Fertile was. He looked so smooth, touchable. The Dom knew Gerard was on heat but it was just as embarrassing for them as it was for humans. No Fertile wants other Doms to know they’re desperate for sex, especially if they’re not marked. Gerard obviously wanted to touch Frank, to feel how muscled the Dom was over his fragile body.

“Can you zip me up?”

Frank came out of his day dream to see Gerard standing in front of him, Zipper down and waiting for help.



Once Frank was finished he turned the Fertile around. oh. The dress was perfect. Amazing. Designed for Gerard. The straps showed off a little bit of Gerard’s hairless chest, skirt forming a perfect hour glass figure. He was stunning. Frank stared at him. The Fertile was hanging his head low, almost ashamed of his looks.

Frank decided to take this further. He searched through the pile of clothes to find some stockings. He shoved them in Gerard’s grip before looking for the high heels he assumed were Gerard’s. He grabbed then and ordered the Fertile to sit. He did. Frank carefully slid the stockings up against Gerard’s newly shaven legs. Fuck. He pushed the dainty feet into the black shiny shoes and stood up. Gerard was still looking down, scared to meet eye contact.

“You’re beautiful”

“No I’m not.”

What?. Of course you are. You’re the most stunning thing I’ve seen in my life.”

“Really?” Gerard asked, eyes hopefull.


“Nobody else thinks that.”

“Gerard,” Frank starts, lifting the Fertiles head to lock eyes. “I’ve had to fight off at least thirty different Doms because of your beauty.”

“Well it doesn’t matter” the boy sighed.


“Because that’s all the Doms want. A pretty thing to fuck. Not somebody to have a relationship with. Not somebody who they’ll go out of their way to get. I want somebody who isn’t afraid to say “so what, my baby doesn’t do as I say because he’s not my slave”. I want somebody to know everything about me, my flaws and perfections and not only because I’m their shiny trophy.” The boy cried, tears leaking and smudging his makeup.

Frank sighed. He’s such an ass.

“I’m sorry”

“For what?”

“For being an ass. It’s just, I wanted you so much I never really thought that you’d be different. I’m so glad you are though, You’ll give me a challange” Frank smiled, hoping he didn’t come off as rude.

Gerard laughed. “Thanks”

“How about I get that massive DVD rack over there, you get changed, and we’ll watch some movies.”


“I want to spend time with you” Frank answered back.


It was odd for Gerard to feel like this, like he had a friend. Frank had picked out a whole bunch of movies, some horror so Gerard could scream and curl up to him. Some romance so Gerard could squeal and still curl up to him – only not in fright. They had many conversation topics. Why Gerard was so different. He hated the idea of being some submissive bitch, which is why he had shouted at him on the first day in the cafeteria. He hated assholes like that. There was something about how Frank had seemed, Gerard could sense that Frank was acting differently. Wanting to have fun without pissing Gerard off. Gerard had decided to give him a chance.

Frank had been glad of that. Glad that Gerard could sense this was something serious. Something he wanted.

Gerard liked all kinds of music. Mostly Iron maiden, smashing pumpkins and bands like that but there were a few adele songs he could relate too.

Gerard Loved Comic books. Score. He adored them. Wanted to have a library of every comic known to man. They were his life.

Gerard has the cutest laugh you could ever imagine. It was getting late when Frank had decided to tickle him randomly causing Gerard to squirm and scream and pant at the same time.





Of course, Frank did let him free eventually. Not in the best state, but it could have been worse. Frank realised Gerard really did have some strength on his. It wasn’t usual for a Fertile to be as strong as he was.

They were sprawled across the living room floor when Frank spoke.

“Hey Gee.”


“Guess what.”


“I got you a gift.”

The Dom led the Fertile to the storage room, eager to show off the gift.

“Open it.

And Gerard did, shocked and surprised and over happy to see he had the entire collection of the Batman series. Gerard had no doubt it would have cost a fortune.

“No way.” Gerard screamed at the top of his lungs.

The Fertile ran up to the Dom, grabbing his head and smashing their lips together. They both responded quickly, passionately until Mikey was interrupting them.

“Guys ew. Come on man, It’s late.”

Gerard blushed, Frank however grinned that victorious grin.

“Sorry dude” I’ll see you tomorrow the yeah Gee?”


It was on his way out of the house when he saw Mr. Way.

“How come you’re leaving son?”

“Getting late” Frank shrugged. Mr. Way was such a laid back man until meetings with his boss and co-workers.

“Hey, Dad?”

“Yes Gerard?” Mr. Way asked once noticing his son had walked and stopped behind Frank, nervous looking.

“Can Frank stay over tonight? If he wants too”

“As long as his parents are okay with that I have no reason to object.”

“Great” Gerard smiled. Once his father was out of their ear range and eye sight, he leaned closer to Frank, voice dripped with seductive tones.

“You can share my bed tonight”

And with that he walked off swinging his hips only to attract Franks attention.

He could smell the sexual want from the Fertile.

“Fine by me” Frank smirked.
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