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How delightful.

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God his laugh is magical. My new favorite sound.

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Chapter 4
Gerard's pov
I was sitting there, staring at Frank's back.
Not his back.
His butt.
I giggled at the thought of me staring at his cute little ass.
Yes . I Gerard Arthur Way, did just fucking giggle.
I've completely gone mad.
Everyone turned to look at me. Including Frank.
Well obviously their gana turn when you sit in the back by yourself laughing like a creep.
I Giggled not laughed.
Oh shut up. They think your crazy now nice going.
Oh go suck a dick.
love to.
"Are you okay?"
"I'm GREEEAAAAATTTT!.. Can I sit here?" I said pointing at the empty seat next to Frank.
"...Alright... But keep it down!"
I got up and sat next to him.
He's staring at me, did he not want me here?
"hi..." I whispered.
His voice; I forgot how beautiful it was.
Oh shut up and stare. No! Don't stare.
You'll look creepy.
Already do.
Oh well might as well stare.
Already am.
Wait I'm staring!
Say something god dammit!
"I'll say something when I feel like it!"
Did I just say that out loud?
He's staring at me!
"fuck I probably creeped him out already!"
"no you didn't."
He's smiling!
Enjoy it while you can!
"yeah, I do that a lot."
"do what a lot?"
"talk slash fight with myself."
"glad to know I'm not the only one."
He laughed.
God his laugh is magical.
My new favorite sound.
"I'm Frank." he smiled and stuck out his hand.
"I'm Gerard." I took his hand and felt tingles all over my arm.
"what kind of music are you into?"
"Green Day, Misfits, Black Flag, Smashing Pumpkins, stuff like that. You?"
"cool, same"
"your fucking perfect!" I yelled.
"thank you..?" he laughed.
Could you get any creepier?!?
"what were you laughing at earlier... When you were sitting behind me..."
"oh...umm... Just..." awesome answer.
"your own thoughts?"
Well I mean yeah I was THINKING about his ass so...
There was a silence.
Not an awkward one but a nice one.
We actually did some work for a bit.
"whats up with you and Scarlet!?!" he suddenly shouted.
Everyone turns to face us.
The teacher gives us evil stares and continued 'teaching'.
"sorry..."he whispers.
"ummm I don't really know whats going on... Nothing? I mean she hits on me and stuff, but, nothing."
His face lights up when he hears nothing, he goes back to doing his work but this time with a huge smile on his face.
After about 2 minutes of sitting there smiling, Frank begins to frantically look for his pencil, elbowing me a few times in the process, dropping all my papers.
"it's okay"
He helps me and our hands brush slightly, we both pull away and return to our work.
I cant help but look at him every now and then.
His eyes are so beautiful.
I love the way his mow hawk fringe hovers over one of them.
His black chipped, bitten nails tap endlessly on the table.
Stop staring you freak!
Oh shut up you know you like it when I stare at him.
I do but..
Haha butt.
Shut up!
He's staring back at you!
Well I should stop staring.
You think?!?
I can't, his eyes are so beautiful!
You realize your both staring into each other's eyes?
God his eyes!
Look away dipshit.
Look away... now!
I break our stare and return to face my work.
He lets out a soft whimper before returning to his work.
He's still kind of staring.
I don't mind.
Who would?
Scarlet would.
What IS going on between you two?
Us two...
We're the same person.
Oh I see what you mean.
Like I told Frank... Nothing.
Then why did you invite her over?
I didn't, you did.
We're the same fucking person.
Fine. I guess i invited her because we're not 'out' yet.
Except to Mikey.
He's my brother and he figured it out before me.
So? Why don't you just 'come out'?
No one'll accept me.
Who gives a fuck?
At least with Scarlet everyone will think I'm straight.
So your admitting to yourself your gay?
Yeah I guess I am.
What's that?
What's what?
Those hand shaped things waving back and forth.
Oh those are just Frank's hands.
Oh okay.
Shit! I forgot about Frank.
"huh? What?"
"you went all spacey... What happened to you?"
"sorry I space out a lot."
"I see, so both Way brothers are dramatic?"
"Mikey and looking at the sun while telling a story?"
"yeah, he's creepy like that." I let out a loud sigh.
"Mr.Way! Mr.Iero! Care to join us!"
"first day and already getting in trouble?! Nice!" some jock yelled from behind.
The bell finally rang and Frank got up.
I was completely lost and he noticed.
"it's time to go home, or in this case... Your house."
"oh Mikey didn't tell you? We're partners so he invited me to work on the project at your house."
Fucking Mikey!
"okay... Cool."
"I just need to go get some stuff from my locker, come with me?"
We walked towards his locker which happened to be the top one and considering how short he is he had a very hard time reaching.
Frank kept wincing when ever he raised his arms, I noticed him do that in the morning too.
"you okay?"
"I'm tucking fine!"
"geez, no need for attitude I was just asking."
"sorry. I just don't like sympathy from others."
"I understand."
"yeah, why do you think i left my old school."
Just then jocks passed by and pushed him up into the locker then walked off laughing and yelling "short little fag!"
Frank got up and began to dust himself off, " I fucking hate them!"
"why do they pick on you?... Your perfect..."
I whispered the last part and ducked my head.
"because I'm short and gay..." he pouted, he looked so adorable.
"hey, beautiful things come in small packages, and about being gay... What's wrong with that?"
Did I really just say that?
What the fuck am I doing?
He blushed and closed his locker.
He began to walk and I stood there watching his little ass sway from side to side.
He stopped and noticed I wasn't walking, he motioned for me to walk with him so I did.
"Frank!" a voice from behind us said.
"what do you want Bobbert?"
"Where the fuck are you going?"
"to pick up Mikey stupid."
Well they obviously got along.
"who's this?" a different vice said, somehow a bit familiar.
"hello there Ray Toro! Otherwise known as Princess Fro Fro." Frank yelled cheerfully.
Ray must be the other guy with the Fro that I saw today with Mikey. And Bobbert? Bob? Must be the other other guy.
"Frank! Wait the fuck up for us!"
"are you gana follow us Bob?"
"who is US?"
"this is Gerard. Mikey's brother, Scarlets possible boyfriend."
He sounded sad saying that last part.
Ray and Bob began to laugh uncontrollably.
"what the fuck are you laughing at?" Frank yelled finally turning to face his friends.
I stopped walking and turned with him.
"THIS is Gerard?"
"yeah..." I answered suspiciously.
"you already have a reputation." Bob said.
"h-hey Ellie!" Ray yelled cheerfully.
I turned around to see a really pretty girl with tons of friends.
She ignored him for a little but then turned around and hugged him as hard as she could. "Hey Ray! Sorry about ignoring you, you know my friends don't really like you guys... Bob! You smell like tobacco,
Frankiekins... Got yourself a new boyfriend there? Hi I'm Ellie!"
"Gerard." i simply stated.
"wow you and Frankie make a fucking cute couple!"
I peeked a look at Frank, he was blushing so was I.
"were not-"
"they're not together."
A familiar girl's voice said.
"Oh hey Scarlet. Shave your mustache off yet?"
"I see you haven't dear Ellie."
"stupid self centered bitch."
"fucking queen of sluts!"
"Okay! Enough of this chick fight... Ray... Ellie... Walk away with me?" Bob said interrupting.
"where to?" Ray said cheerfully.
God that guy sounds so cheerful.
"anywhere but here..."
And with that they walked away leaving me Frank and Scarlet alone.
How delightful.

Yes I know I took so long, sorry I had written this chapter already but decided to change it.
I know some of the grammar is wrong this iPod changes it and I'm sometimes too lazy to change it. cx
This chapter was meant to be longer but I was taking too long so I divided it into two.
So see now the next chapter is almost done.
Advantage! :D
Well hope you enjoyed it.
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