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Chapter 9

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"You're mission is to infiltrate Earth and learn of their defenses and those so-called 'heroes' they have running around. You have to blend in...become like one of them for a short time." Hro said to Shayera as he was debriefing her of her mission. "Can you do this?"

"Of course," She replied smugly. "I'm a master in espionage after all. Besides from what I've seen these humans look pathetic, I don't know why the Gordanians would want Earth. Sure they might have a few valuable resources but the people are not worth enslaving."

He smirked, "I never expect anything less from you. On a serious note, for the next two weeks you will be reviewing common Earth protocol. You will also be taught their language."

"How did you get knowledge of that Hro?" She asked curiously. "Earth is eons away."

Hro chuckled, "A rather naïve Green Lantern was spotted traveling past Aloria. A human by the name of Hal Jordan. Once he was connected to the Absorbacron, we extracted as much information out of him as possible."

"Hro," She started. "Don't tell me you-"

"Sacrifices are necessary darling. He was the perfect specimen."

"But you killed a Green Lantern!"

"No I didn't kill him. We placed him in a Gordanian battle cruiser full of dead Gordanians. It's headed far from Thanagar; actually it's headed towards the Vega star system, the Gordanian's home turf. Besides he won't remember a thing that happened to him in the past week anyway. We drugged him when he was captured and before we put him in the ship. When he does wake, he'll be surrounded by a mob of Gordanians on Karna. They'll kill him for us."

Shayera sighed in relief. "As long as he was still alive when leaving here. We don't need any pesky Green Lanterns or those stupid Guardians of Oa in our way."

"Very true," Hro commented. "Look at the Lantern they stationed on our planet, useless. He won't even work with us to defeat the Gordanians."

"If I could, I would kill him for you." She whispered in his ear.

He wrapped his arm around her waist. "If only it could be that simple Shayera."
"So the Thanagarians abducted a Green Lantern?" Bruce asked.

"Yes," She gave a slight nod. "I don't know what happened to him after that. I never heard about him again."

"And that's all you knew about the mission, you were surveying the Earth to see if it could defend against the Gordanians?"

"That's exactly what I told you guys before. I never knew about the Hyperspace Bypass Generator until the Thanagarian Empire came to Earth. That's where everything went wrong. If I knew about their initial plans, I would have eventually told the League."

"Because you became attached to Earth."

"And her people." She stated. "I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if the Earth had been destroyed because of me. Being on Earth made me see that Thanagar was wrong in its approach to pretty much everything. The way they trained us, taught us to hate, making us think mass murder was acceptable, not to feel guilt or emotional pain; Thanagarians are a flawed species. Years of anger and bitterness are going to do us in eventually. At least I won't be there to see it." She said with a sigh. "I'm actually glad for once that I'm exiled from Thanagar. The Gordanians can have it."

"Are you going to tell John about Hal Jordan and did you hold such a great disdain towards Green Lanterns?"

"I might as well tell him." She answered. "They were never well received on Thanagar. I believe it was over the Guardians refusing to make any Thanagarian a Green Lantern after a catastrophic rebellion by the only Thanagarian Green Lantern in history. According to legend, he apparently almost killed the Guardians by using Nth metal and the power ring."

"A deadly combination," Bruce said rather impressed. "Two of the universe's most power weapons combined. It's no mystery why you and John do wonders when fighting together."

She shrugged and smiled modestly, "It's not the weapon that makes the fighter. You should know that Bruce."

He smirked, "I do. I also believe that you just saved yourself a bit. In my eyes, you're not fully responsible for the Thanagarian Invasion. If you tell that story during the hearings, I think they'll believe you too."

"If it can help, fine, I'll tell it. I just have to tell John but I don't know where to start. Which do I tell him first, my past life on Thanagar or that I'm pregnant?"

"Bruce!" The two turned to see an irate Rachel standing in the doorway. "You didn't tell me that little detail!"

"I'm sorry Master Bruce but Miss Dawes barged in." Alfred apologized as he stood behind her. "I tried to stop her sir."

"It's ok Alfred." The old-aged butler nodded slightly and left. "If you remember correctly I said I couldn't tell you." Bruce dryly said to Rachel.

"Bruce does she know about you know...tall, dark, and brooding?" Shayera asked.

"Yes she does." He replied.

"Look I'm not a fan of you ," Rachel narrowed her eyes at Shayera. "Or the Justice League. I could do without both. Club full of geeks and freaks in my perspective."

"You mean the club of geeks and freaks that save the world and universe every other day?" Shayera asked with a raised eyebrow and unamused look.

Rachel ignored her. "I'm only doing this as a favor to Batman, not to Bruce Wayne and especially not to Hawkgirl."

"Don't call me that." Shayera said warningly.



"Look," Rachel started. "I can call you a lot worse and trust me, I thought of a few things in the past thirty seconds, but I'm not going to go there. That's way beneath me. Instead I'm going to call you Hawkgirl but that's who you pretended to be while on Earth."

Shayera looked over to Bruce, "I really don't like her."

"Deal with it because she's helping. Now what do you want Rachel?"

"Oh I thought you might like to know that the first hearing is going to be in two days. Being BFFs with some of the judges in Gotham's Supreme Court helped. They agreed to settle it in a total of three weeks or less if possible."

"This is a good thing right?" Shayera asked with hope evident in her eyes.

"Considering your circumstances, this is great." Rachel stated. "Believe me hawky, I might not like you that much but I wouldn't lead you astray. The only problem is that you can't show up in a courtroom with a tracksuit on. Sorry but it's not professional Earth attire. You need to dazzle them and make yourself seem more human to them."

Bruce stood up. "Then we're going out clothes shopping." Shayera groaned in response.

A/N: In the comics, Absorbacrons were primarily used as an educational tool, mainly as a weapon or a tool of espionage. The Hawkman and Hawkwoman of the comics used the Absorbacron to learn about Earth's cultures and languages. How else would the Thanagarians be able to know how to speak the language before coming to invade Earth?

Also why I included Hal Jordan. When he appeared in The Once and Future Thing Part 2, I wondered why doesn't he appear at all in the rest of the DCAU. My conclusion, he must be dead. And how could it not be more fitting for the Thanagarians to play a role in his demise.
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