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Save me

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Gerard is a 24 year old 'pedophile' and Frank is an 'innocent' 12 year old.

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Summary: Maybe it made him a pedophile, or maybe he was a fool in love. But whatever it was, Gerard had waited long enough to get what he wanted.

Warnings: BoyxBoy (Small minded people annoy me, so don't be like 'ew gay'), Pretty large age gap, Strong language, explicit detail and sexual references.

Disclaimer: This never, ever, ever, ever, happened. N E V E R.

Maybe it made him a pedophile, or maybe it made him a fool in love, but Gerard Way had waited long enough to get what he wanted. And just maybe, today would be the day that he got it.

It all started 10 years ago, when Gerard was a normal 14 year old boy. Well, normal in a sense; he liked Iron maiden, and hanging around Newark with his little brother, Mikey. In fact, that's how it happened.

Gerard and Mikey were in the local park doing nothing special, but they were only 14 and 12, so nobody questioned it. Gerard's eyes scanned the playground, for lack of a better thing to do, and there he saw probably the most beautiful boy he had ever seen.

The feelings that erupted in Gerard's stomach made him squirm uncomfortably in his seat. Gerard felt disgusted in himself. This child wasn't 14 like Gerard, no, or even 12 like Mikey. He had to be about 2 years old.

No matter how much Gerard tried to look away from the boy, his eyes wouldn't let him. He couldn't move. He was fixated on that one boy, that one being. The way the little boy would smile happily and run around without a care; so innocent and sweet. His big chocolate brown eyes had captivated Gerard in a way nothing else could.

Gerard dragged Mikey back home that day, because he was scared. He shouldn't be thinking like this. There was being homosexual, and then there was pedophilia. But Gerard shook his thoughts away, he wasn't a pedophile, it was just a cute little kid right?

As Gerard got older he kept going back to the same park, and sitting on the bench with his sketch book pretending to draw but really, he kept staring at the little boy who was getting older too.

When Gerard was 18, he tried to get a boyfriend who would maybe distract him from the little boy who clouded his mind every second of the day. Gerard picked the most child-like boy he could find, but shrugged it off telling himself that the boy was just cute. And Gerard was fairly happy for a little while.

That was until they tried to have sex. Gerard just couldn't get an erection; even when his boyfriend tried everything he could. What could he do? It wasn't Gerard's fault, his boyfriend had stopped shaving and had lost all of his innocence; the one thing about him that Gerard was attracted too.

To say that the relationship ended quickly was an understatement, but Gerard didn't care. He knew what he needed. He needed the little boy from the park.

And everyday, for the past 6 years, Gerard spends an hour or two at the park watching the boy bring different friends and family members to the park. Running around with them, smiling and laughing.

The little boy had gotten older too, maybe even cuter - Gerard could tell he would be a beautiful sexual partner. The boy had to be around 12 now and he was already wearing tight pants that made Gerard water at the mouth.

Gerard was waiting for the boy to come alone one day. Then he would make his move, he was done with waiting. Today was the day. The boy was sat on the swing, looking sad and depressed.

Gerard stood from his spot on the bench, and saw that there was nobody else at the park, of course that might be because it was pretty late at night. He walked over to the boy and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey Kid, you okay?" Gerard asked.

"I'm not a kid," The boy spat. Gerard had never seen someone so cute and innocent speak so aggressively.

"Oh, but you are," Gerard replied, he thought he sounded a little creepy.

"Listen asshole, I just got dumped by my first ever boyfriend, and I'm in a shitty mood so why don't you fuck off?" the boy again spat at Gerard.

Gerard thought his heart was going to burst, because of the boy's innocence in relationships. Gerard needed a way to manipulate the boy enough so that he would come with him. He didn't plan to hurt the boy.

"Well, why don't you drink alcohol or something? It'll help get rid of the pain," Gerard spoke the advice from personal experience.

"You'd know wouldn't you?" The boy quipped, and Gerard was getting turned on by the boy's whit contrasting with his angelic face.

"Yes, I would. A-And you should try it," Gerard said, trying to remain calm.

"I'm only 12, I can't buy it," The boy said, seeming more calm.

"I have some at my house," Gerard suggested.

The boy looked up at Gerard, biting his lip. Gerard was about to die from the innocence, while the boy had an internal debate as to whether or not he should trust the stranger.

"Okay," The boy decided weakly, like his words weren't supported by his thoughts.

Gerard nodded and guided the child to his car and they drove for a while until they got to Gerard's house where he lived alone. Gerard was against drugging people, but getting a 12 year old drunk quickly shouldn't be a problem.

They entered the house and the boy looked slightly taken back by what Gerard's house looked like.

"Hey, what do you work as?" The boy asked as Gerard handed him a drink.

"I'm an artist," Gerard replied pretending that he was drinking too, but he had waited 10 years for this, he was going to remember it.

"That's cool," the boy said and Gerard handed him another drink, "I might have to crash here, is that okay?"

Gerard smirked, "Sure."

After 5 drinks the boy began to change and Gerard knew he was drunk. What shocked Gerard the most, was that this innocent boy became a very sex crazed drunk.

The boy had kissed Gerard first, though Gerard wasted no time in kissing back and groping the boy's ass through his tight jeans. The small round cheeks fitting in his hands perfectly. Gerard was going to remember this for the rest of his life.

"I want you to dominate me," The boy whispered into Gerard's ear, then licking the shell of it, his spit being hot and wet. And that was all it took for Gerard to have the boy on his bed, naked and flushed in the face while Gerard pounded into his small body. Every muscle, line and mark being ever sketched into Gerard's mind. Gerard thought that if someone found out, they would think he was disgusting, but seeing the boy so innocent and beneath him, made him feel more turned on than he had ever been.

When Gerard reached his orgasm, it was like the 10 years of waiting had been lifted, and he wanted more. He needed more of the small boy. Gerard saw the beauty in the way his more mature manhood, penetrated the young and youthful skin of the boy. It was art.

Gerard pulled out of the boy and was satisfied; more satisfied than any sex could ever leave anyone. "What's your name, Kid?"

"Frank," The boy replied sleepily, his small body already curled up on top of the covers.

Frank, Gerard thought, I'll be seeing you again soon, Frank.

Gerard's whole body felt like it was completely relaxed for the next week; it was like post-orgasm relaxation for 7 days. Sometimes, he would feel tired and spaced out, kind of like being high and others he would feel happy and relieved. These feelings all came every time Gerard would think about Frank.

Gerard was more than sad when he had to take Frank home, but he wasn't dumb, he warned Frank not to tell anyone what had happened. Not in a demanding way, or in a way that a stereotypical pedophile would, but in a soothing more mysterious way. He didn't want Frank to be scared of him, Gerard wanted more from the small boy. He'd never stop wanting more.

Gerard thought that maybe Frank was like a drug to him. He left Gerard wanting more and more of his skin, his ass and his lips. He wanted everything; to touch every part of Frank's body that hadn't been touched by anyone but Gerard. There was something so pure and innocent about Frank that Gerard couldn't get enough of.

But then, Gerard thought about the way Frank had wanted to have sex with him; the way he wanted to be submissive in such an erotic way.

What was Gerard meant to do now? They had swapped numbers and had occasionally texted each other, but Frank was still a child. A minor. If Gerard was caught he would be sent to prison. Maybe they would have to have a distanced relationship for a while, just communicating through texts and emails.

Hey frank, Gerard typed into his phone, does your mom check your phone? Gerard sent the message and waited for a reply.

No, Frank had text back, then Why?

Oh, no reason, Gerard could feel himself smirking as he typed, I was just thinking about your sexy body. I love how good you looked, naked and flushed under me. I've never known many people who are able to pull that off.

Gerard then really did begin to think about Frank's body. The way his legs were pale and short, the way his skinny body arched into Gerard's. Though Gerard's favorite part of Frank, was his ass. It was small, round and perfectly shaped. It fit well in the palm of Gerard's hand. With these thoughts, Gerard could feel himself growing harder in his pants and so he began to undo his jeans. His phone vibrated.

Me too, I was thinking about you. You're so hot Gee.

Gerard laughed, this was a bold 12 year old. Not as sexy as you baby, Gerard typed, I just want to fuck your pretty little ass all the time.

Gerard then grabbed his swollen cock in a lose fist, moving up and down at a slow pace, teasing himself. He closed his eyes, imagining it was Frank's small hand grabbing him, making him feel nothing but pleasure. Gerard's phone vibrated again and he picked it up with his spare hand.

I really want you to G, Gerard read, still moving his hand, but now at a faster pace, You're so big. Maybe Frank was drunk or something, but Gerard went a long with it anyway.

I'm touching myself Frankie, Gerard wrote with one hand, not caring if he made any spelling mistakes, And I'm thinking about you. Are you touching yourself?

Gerard could feel the warmth pool in the pit of his stomach, the blissful and warm build of his orgasm.

I've never done that before, Gerard read the reply from Frank,I'd rather have you teach me.

And that was it, Gerard came into his fist. It was the innocence of the text; Frank was so innocent he didn't even know how to masturbate. It was insane how much Gerard could be attracted to one person.

I'll teach you tomorrow, Gerard replied, after cleaning his hand a little. But only by wiping it down his T-shirt.

I'll look forward to it, was the reply.

Teaching someone to masturbate isn't something Gerard ever thought he would do. It's not something you teach to others. It's something you find out for yourself when you're 14 and curious. But Gerard supposed that, along with his virginity, he'd have to take that experience away from Frank too.

But how exactly do you teach that to someone? Does he just use himself as an example or just give Frank a hand job and hope he takes notes? Through his conflict Gerard thought the whole situation was quite erotic. It showed that Frank wasn't used goods, that he completely belonged to Gerard, whether he knew it or not.

Frank had been drunk the first time they were together, just over a week ago. But what 12 year old just gives themselves up to a 24 year old stranger like that? Disregarding that, Gerard began to get ready to meet Frank.

It was late at night, around 11, but for Gerard to be sure they wouldn't be caught, this was the only time he would ever meet Frank in public. Gerard roamed the streets when normal people are asleep, and the streets were full of murders and rapists.

Gerard laughed at that thought, he wasn't a murderer or rapist; well he didn't think he was. Gerard simply found pleasure in touching minors, that wasn't so bad was it?

Frank was nervous himself, he'd never been in a relationship like this. Maybe it was a bad idea. He'd only gotten into it, because his first boyfriend had told Frank that he was childish. Josh was 14 and Frank was 12. They met through their parents and after 2 weeks of going out Josh wanted more from Frank. When Frank refused, Josh had shouted at him and called him a stupid, ugly, child who needed a reality check, so Frank stormed to the park alone and met Gerard.

Gerard, at first treated Frank like a child, but then he gave Frank advice on how to deal with his problems and treated him like an equal. When they had sex, Frank felt like he was a mature, needed and respected. He craved that feeling more and more but Frank knew Gerard was too old for him. He didn't know exactly how old, but a relationship like this wasn't normal. No matter how much Frank craved the attention of someone like Gerard.

So when they met at the park, Frank refused to follow Gerard to his house. He had to do this now, he had given Gerard enough of himself.

"Gerard, listen, we need to talk," Frank said, pulling his arm away from Gerard's strong hold, "I don't think we can do this anymore. It's not normal."

Gerard had heard those words before, but they'd never hurt as much as they did now. He felt Frank's angelic voice stabbing his through the heart, and it hurt. He could feel his own face growing in anger; this kid wasn't going to ruin his happiness.

Frank became more nervous, as he watched Gerard's face change from happy to angry and distant. He tried to back away but Gerard's large hand grabbed him around the arm, stopping all movement.

"Gerard you're hurting me!" Frank cried pathetically, trying to pry himself away from the strong hold.

"Shut the fuck up and take it kid," Gerard spat and began to pull Frank towards his house. "You think you can do that to me? No fucking way, you're nothing but a useless kid."

Frank was crying as Gerard got lost in his own thoughts. Frank could tell when the thoughts were angry and violent because the grip on Frank's arm would grow tight and hard, and no matter how much he cried and pleaded with Gerard to just let him go home, the elder wouldn't reply.

Frank didn't expect this to happen. He thought Gerard was a nice man, an artist, who really appreciated Frank. But now, that man didn't exist. He'd turned into an angry monster, and he was hurting Frank. Frank was pushed into Gerard's house when they arrived. The house was dark and gloomy. Frank thought it looked different, compared to the last time he was there.

Maybe that was because his perspective on Gerard had changed now. He didn't think of Gerard as the adorable man who helped him, and was willing to help him any more, he thought that Gerard was a cruel, cold hearted, pedophile and that reflected in his house. The paintings and pictures on the wall, that were at first pretty to Frank, were now dark and taunting.

Gerard told Frank to hand over his phone, so that he couldn't contact anyone. And really, if Frank handed it over, that was it. Gerard lived in a deserted area, nobody saw them coming here, and Frank didn't tell anyone where he was going. He would lose all possible contact with anything outside the now locked door.

The look on Gerard's face made Frank hand over his phone. It was like he was in a dark trance. Like the Gerard he had known was gone and he was now just a shell of himself. His eyes were hollowed out and black in the shadows of the room. It was just like a horror movie.

"We're going to play a game Frank," Gerard spoke after pocketing the phone. "You're going to strip yourself of all your clothes and I'm going to watch."

"W-what? Why? Now?" Frank asked, trying to keep a distance between them.

"Yes, now," Gerard laughed, but it didn't sound like his normal cute high pitched laugh, it sounded dark and murky. "Why? Why? Well that's a pointless question, and the answer is simple. Because you're a dirty little whore."

Frank raised a shaky had to his jacket, not wanting to disobey, there was no telling what Gerard would do to him. Gerard hadn't cared that he'd probably left a bruise on Frank's arm.

Frank removed his jacket and then his T-shirt, and Gerard stared at his bare chest. For someone so young, Frank was pretty defined, and Gerard stared at him like he was a piece of meat. Frank just felt uncomfortable and had tears streaming down his face.

Frank kicked off his shoes and socks, then began to undo his belt. He had no idea if he was doing it right, but this was all he could do because his hands were so shaky.

Gerard smirked as the belt hit the floor, and watched eagerly as Frank pulled down his tight pants. Gerard was enjoying this, having complete control. He wonders why he didn't do this in the first place.

Once Frank had his pants off, he stood there for a minute, in just his boxers, "P-Please, don't make me do this Gerard."

"Do it, you stupid little whore," Gerard spat, crossing his arms over his chest.

Frank nodded shakily, and began to remove his boxers slowly. Gerard felt like Frank was teasing him, removing his boxers so slowly, but in reality Frank was nervous and scared. What would Gerard do once he was naked?

When Frank's boxers were on the floor, along with the rest of his clothes, Gerard admired his pale body. "My Frank, you have a very nice body," Gerard said with a smirk, getting closer to Frank and running a hand down his chest, towards his cock, "I'm glad I chose you."

Gerard walked him to the room that was all too familiar for the youngster, and made him sit on the bed.

"So, Frankie," Gerard smiled, "you don't know how to touch yourself?"

Frank shook his head, afraid to talk.

"Well I'm not going to teach you anymore. I don't see why I should give you the pleasure," Gerard laughed the dark laugh again, "No, we're going to stick to familiar ground."

Gerard removed his own clothes, and tossed them somewhere in the room; not caring where they landed. Right now he was in a trace. A trance where he was just going to pound into the small body in front of him. He needed it more than he had ever needed anything else.

"P-Please. Gerard! Don't do this," Frank yelled as he realized what was going to happen, "P-please, I don't want this!"

Gerard touched his own cock, a little turned on by Frank's tear stained face and pleading eyes. They boy looked even more attractive when he was pleading for his dignity.

"You wanted this before, Frank. So now, you're gonna take it like the little whore you are."

Once Gerard felt like he was hard enough he lined up to Frank's small tight entrance, "Did it hurt last time Frank?"

Frank nodded, nervous and crying. He was laying down on the bed, his back straight and body uncomfortable.

"Well it's going to hurt so much more now," Gerard laughed that dark laugh again, and pushed into Frank's entrance dry and hard.

Frank cried out in pain, "Please stop! It hurts so much, please!"

Gerard ignored him and began to thrust in and out of the small boy, "You're secretly liking this aren't you? You dirty little slut."

Frank shook his head violently, his cheeks hitting the bed with each shake, "N-no! I hate it!"

Gerard frowned angrily and continued to slam into the boy. He could feel a substance on his cock, that felt thick and like liquid. He guessed it was blood. Gerard slapped Frank across the face in his anger.

Frank could feel the skin on his whole pelvis area burning and he felt sick. He didn't want this, he didn't ask for it. He could feel Gerard's hands trying to grab his ass roughly, but they weren't in the right position for that. So Gerard demanded that Frank turn over.

"Oh I like this position Frank," Gerard moaned. The small boy was on his elbows, and his ass was in the air. "I don't have to put up with your stupid fucking face now."

Gerard slapped Frank's ass as his thrusts were erratic and fast, then Gerard grabbed Frank's ass hard as he came inside the boy. His nails leaving crescent moons in the boy's reddening skin. Frank had his eyes tightly closed, ignoring the pain and situation he was in.

"Get yourself cleaned up, and then go to sleep you slut," Gerard said as he stood up and pulled himself from Frank. The boy collapsed onto the bed.

Frank nodded, now sobbing. He couldn't move from the pain in his lower back and entrance, and he couldn't see from the tears clouding his eyes. So he just pulled the covers on the bed over himself and cried.

Frank had only heard horror stories about this happening to people; he didn't think it actually happened. What kind of person does this? Frank feels betrayed and idiotic. Like he completely misjudged Gerard, and maybe he gave off the wrong kind of signals.

He didn't want to be treated like this, he just wanted some attention. He wanted someone to notice him and not treat him like a child anymore. He regretted everything he'd ever done, and wondered if he'd ever get a chance to make them right again.

How long was Gerard going to keep him like this? Frank was only 12, nearly 13. His freedom has been taken away and he was pretty sure Gerard wasn't going to give it back.

Gerard was surprised in himself. When he reflected on what he had done to Frank, he felt good about himself. Like he was in control, and had the power over Frank. He liked it, he craved it. He liked being dominant and calling the shots and knowing that Frank couldn't leave him.

Frank would learn to love him and they would all be okay. Gerard was just seething with anger still, though. He was angry that Frank had said he hated it when they had sex, and that he had even tried to break up with Gerard. Gerard would never let that go.

Gerard had spent most of the day building something that would let Frank know who was the boss here. It was something that would make him feel like he was dying, but he wouldn't die. It was something purely evil and something Gerard never thought he was capable of.

But when it came to Frank, Gerard would do anything to keep him around. This was just to scare Frank a little, make him beg and plead for forgiveness.

Forgiveness was something Gerard knew little about though. He isolated himself away from almost everyone, giving himself a weak understanding of social manners. Like one time when Mikey had destroyed a copy of Watchmen with coke zero; Gerard still hadn't forgiven him.

Gerard wondered if Mikey would approve of what he was doing. Gerard couldn't see why he wouldn't, he and Frank had been loving towards each other, they were just expressing it differently now.

Gerard decided that now would be a good time to start with the new device, so he went into the room that Frank was staying in.

"Get up, Whore," Gerard seethed, "It's time to play again."

Frank stood up, but was barely able to walk. It hurt to move his lower back and he walked slightly bent forward and too the side. Frank was also still naked. Gerard had thought that clothes were pointless for Frank, Gerard had seen it all before and clothes were a barrier between Gerard and the skin he craved.

Gerard dragged frank to the basement steps and pushed him down them, laughing darkly when he heard Frank crying pain.

Gerard himself walked down the stairs and kicked Frank in the back, "Get up."

Frank stood shakily. He could feel his legs shaking and his whole body going numb. He'd never known anyone be so cruel.

On the floor were two long pieces of metal, opposite each other. To the metal was secured 4 pairs of handcuffs, one of the cuffs of each pair, was attached the metal.

"Lay down between the metal whore," Gerard commanded.

Frank did as he was told, and Gerard started by securing one of his feet to the metal, using the free cuff of one of the pairs.

"P-Please Gerard! Please! What ever you're going to do, j-just please, please, don't do it," Frank cried and pleaded.

Gerard leaned over and cupped Frank's cheek with his hand, "Don't worry baby, I know how much you can take." Gerard then grinned at Frank and continued to secure his other foot.

Frank found no comfort from Gerard's words. How much he could take of what? Frank was pretty sure Gerard had no idea how much he could take.

Gerard then moved up and secured both of Frank's arms the same way as he had for his feet. Frank tried to struggle against the restraints but it just hurt more to do so.

"Now whore," Gerard laughed, "you should just take this. Because if you struggle, you'll break all your pretty little bones."

Frank's eyes widened, "Please! No! I won't tell anyone, but please let me go home, please."

Gerard frowned in anger, "So you still want to get away from me huh? Well that's too bad, you belong to me now."

"B-but you're hurting me!"

"Love hurts bunny, you just got to deal with it," Gerard said and then disappeared up the basement steps.

Frank sighed, as if sure this was all he would have to endure. Maybe he just had to stay down here for a while. Frank thought that Gerard knew how much Frank was scared of spiders and purposefully made the device on the cold basement floor where spiders were always around.

Gerard reappeared, carrying what looked like a large bucket. He then walked over the the top of Frank's body so the bucket was over his head, "Don't worry whore, you'll love this."

And that was all Frank heard before water was dumped on his face. His automatic reaction was to try and cover his face with his hands, but when he pulled, he could hear the sounds of his bones beginning to snap.

He shook his head, and thrashed his body around while trying to breathe, but he kept taking water into his mouth and nose. He tried to shout for Gerard to stop, but the water kept coming down and onto his face.

Frank thought he was going to die. He could feel his lungs filling with water, like was drowning. He was terrified. His whole body was jerking trying to break free but all his could do was keep moving his head left and right to try and avoid the constant spill of water.

Frank's chest was heaving up and down erratically from lack of oxygen. Frank knew he had broken both his wrists, he could feel the bones poking at his skin.

And then the water stopped and Gerard placed the bucket on the floor. Frank was panting and heaving, trying to take in as much oxygen as he could.

Gerard unsecured all the restraints and knew that Frank was too weak to move.

"You look good like this Frankie," Gerard said, and it was only now that Frank noticed that Gerard was naked too, only his cock was hard and swollen, "all weak and broken."

Gerard lifted Frank's legs and bent them, disregarding that Frank actually had bones in them and then pushed them back so Frank's ass was now lifted in the air. Frank did nothing but whimper, he was too weak to protest.

Gerard slammed himself into Frank dry. He wasn't going to waste his condoms and lube and love on someone so undeserving.

"This is my favourite part of you Frank," Gerard said between thrusts, "All you're good for. You're not the cute little boy anymore. You're mine."

Frank could feel his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he struggled to stay conscious. And soon enough, his whole body became numb and he passed out.

Gerard came into the small body in front of him and saw that Frank had passed out. Gerard still checked his pulse just to be sure, though.

"Just like I thought," Gerard laughed, pulling his fingers from Frank's neck, "Stupid whore."

Gerard kicked Frank in the side of his body and decided to leave him there until morning. That is what a whore deserves after all.

Gerard had decided that he liked to torture Frank, or what could be seen as torture anyways. He liked the feeling he got while he was doing it; that feeling low in the pit of his stomach and in the back of his brain, a voice telling him that what he was doing was for Frank's own good.

He liked the feeling of being in control of Frank. That Frank couldn't do anything to hurt Gerard while he was weak. For the first time in 10 years, Gerard had control over his feelings, he didn't need to stalk the park for the little boy who captivated his attention anymore. He didn't need to worry about the social rejection he would face if this ever got out; he had everything he ever wanted. He had the little boy from the park, little innocent Frank.

Frank was only left alone by Gerard when he would sleep, and he wasn't allowed to wear clothes. He had nightmares when he was allowed to sleep, too. These nightmares were always about drowning, Frank supposed he could thank Gerard for those.

So Gerard, being the reasonable man he was, had given Frank 3 days to recover. But that was more than enough to be considered excusable in this situation. How long would Frank have given Gerard to get over being dumped? Gerard guessed not long, so why should he?

Gerard had done his research in those 3 days, finding ways to make Frank feel pain but not enough to kill him. All Gerard had to do was keep him, watered, fed and relatively warm and clean up most of the damage he creates. That wasn't to say he couldn't be mean in the food he fed Frank, or the way he cleaned up the wounds.

Gerard also found out ways in which he could inflict these wounds, like with tazers and all kinds of modern day devices. But Gerard wasn't stupid, he had seen all the detectives searching for the missing boy, so it would look suspicious if he was buying tazers and illegal torture devices. Gerard just had to wait for it to blow over in a few weeks, and everyone would give up, guessing Frank was just dead and in the bottom of a lake in Jersey; like most missing people ended up.

So for a few weeks Gerard would just have to settle for good old fashioned torture methods. He decided to start with some Mental torture.

"Frank!" Gerard shouted down the basement steps where Frank was kept, "You better be awake, whore."

After a few days, Frank had learnt that it was better to not say anything to Gerard at all. Then Gerard wouldn't be as angry, and the punishment might lessen.

Gerard walked down the stairs, to find Frank almost exactly where he left him the day before, after being fed. Frank was sat on the basement floor, looking bored, scared and lonely.

In ways, it hurt Gerard to see Frank like this. Like he had lost all his carefree energy and happiness. But then the reminder that if he let Frank go, he'd never see him again nearly broke Gerard's heart.

"How are you today, Frank?" Gerard asked, sitting cross legged in front of Frank. Gerard was answered with silence.

"Wow. Not very talkative huh?" Gerard asked to the silence, "I guess I'll just have to beat you until you talk."

"Alright!" Frank shouted, voice raspy still from all the water he had consumed into his lungs, "Alright, I'll talk."

"Good," Gerard smiled, "Do you care about your family, Frank?"

Frank looked a little shocked, "Yes, more than anything."

"That's such a shame," Gerard laughed, "because they don't give a shit about you."

"Yes they do!" Frank shouted at Gerard, knowing he would regret it later, "they care about me more than anything! I'm their only child."

"There's where you're wrong Frank, if they care about you why aren't they looking for you?" Gerard asked, with an angry frown, then pushed himself forward to slap Frank across the face, "And don't shout at me, I'm in charge here, whore."

"P-Please, just let me go yeah?" Frank asked, trying his hardest to plead, "I'm so sorry for anything I did to you, just please!"

Frank was crying now, hard sobs escaping his body and Gerard tried to seem like he was contemplating the idea, instead of just saying a simple, "No."

"Frank, there's no way I can do that. You're mine."

"I'm not!" Frank cried out, in his anger and hurt.

"Wow," Gerard muttered, "Look's like someone doesn't know their place here."

Gerard decided that to have sex with Frank would be a reward for the boy, because whores like Frank enjoyed any form of pleasure. But Gerard was going to get off today.

Gerard grabbed Frank's shoulders and used that grip to pull his whole body forward, then placed his head to Gerard's naked crotch. Gerard had decided that wearing clothes was now a waste of time with such a whore living with him.

"Suck it, right the fuck now," Gerard demanded, "Bite and I will kill you."

Frank had never done this before, he didn't know what he was doing,"I-I, I don't know how."

Gerard smirked, "Well, this I can teach you."

Gerard then opened Frank's mouth wide with his fingers then retracted them. He grabbed the back of Frank's head and used one hand to hold his cock. He pushed Frank down onto his penis and immediately began to jerk his hips up and down into the small, wet, hot mouth.

Frank began to gag when Gerard pushed himself deeper into his mouth, but there was little he could do but try and calm down. He had never had anything this far down his throat and it was scary.

"You have such a pretty fucking mouth Frank," Gerard moaned.

The thrusts of Gerard's hips became erratic and at an odd pace, and then he came with his cock right down Frank's throat, making the small boy cough and gag.

"You better take it all you whore," Gerard moaned but had the same angry tone.

Frank did as was told and pulled himself back up to sitting position.

"That was me fucking your mouth," Gerard said as he stood, ready to lock Frank in the basement again, "Learn to suck, you piece of shit."

Against what Gerard originally thought, the search for Frank had intensified. Despite Gerard taking extra precautions, like taping Frank's mouth so nobody who happened to be passing heard him crying, he was still worried. He couldn't exactly draw a lot of attention to himself, so he just bought more food than he usually would at the store and he now rarely left the house.

Gerard was angry; really angry. Usually this anger would be taken out on his art, but Gerard couldn't do that now, or he really didn't feel like drawing when the little boy from the park was now here. So, when laying in bed one night, listening to the muffled sound of sobs escaping the basement, Gerard decided to make some human art. It would be a way to rid his anger, still keep control over Frank, and be an all around stress relieving project for Gerard.

"Wake up, whore," Gerard said, kicking Frank in the side a little. Frank looked different to when they first met now. He was laying naked, looking bruised and battered. It was oddly fascinating to Gerard to see the olive skin that once was Frank's, now become a paler white. And then the pale white skin contracted with deep purple bruises on Frank's sides.

Frank groaned, showing he was awake. If he was honest, then he didn't sleep at all. He was scared Gerard would do something to him if he found Frank asleep. Though, when Frank thought about it, maybe that would be better than being awake for it. He couldn't decide which idea he preferred.

"How would you feel about helping me with some art, Frankie?" Gerard asked.

Frank nodded, relieved this wasn't a punishment, or so he thought. He had saw the art work that Gerard had had around the house and it didn't seem like anything that would strain Frank too much to help with.

"Great," Gerard muttered, "Now you just lay there, and I'll put my art on you."

Gerard pulled a razor from behind his back and slowly made his way over to Frank. Gerard was scary like this, Frank thought. Walking closer to him in the dark of the basement, eyes dark and hungry for Frank's pain.

When Gerard was closer to Frank he knelt down beside him and peeled off the tape from Frank's mouth, "I wanna hear you scream."

Gerard was about to place the razor to Frank's skin but was interrupted by a banging on the house door.

"Fuck," He spat angrily dropping the razor, "Shit. Okay, okay. Be fucking quiet okay?"

Gerard tried to re-apply the tape to Frank's mouth and then ran upstairs and pulled on some boxers from his bedroom. Surely whoever was at the door could deal with seeing him in his boxers.

The banging continued, and Gerard really didn't know who it could be. The last he heard about the Frank search was that the police had no lead.

Gerard opened the door and gaped, "Jesus Mikey, what the fuck?"

"Hey. G-spot. You busy?" Mikey asked in his usual happy tone. It was early in the morning so how he had this much energy was crazy to Gerard.

Gerard smiled a little, "Never too busy for my baby bro."

They sat in the living room, and began talking about old times. Then they started talking about Gerard being alone, "You need someone Gee. I'm married!"

Gerard rubbed his temples, "I don't need anyone Mikes, I like being by myself." Gerard hated lying but it was better than, "I like to sleep with kids."

"Fine, fine. Oh, did you hear about that missing boy?" Mikey asked.

Gerard paled a little, "O-oh, um. Uh, yeah?"

"Frank, I think his name was; it's all over town. I just know they're gonna find him in some lake somewhere," Mikey sighed, "It's just really sick you know? Like me and 'licia want a baby, but no way could we feel safe raising a kid in Jersey."

Gerard now felt a little sick with himself, his own brother thought of him as sick and twisted. Though, if Gerard thought about it, he hadn't actually killed Frank. Gerard flushed with anger, this was all Frank's fault.

"I-I, um, forgot, but I have some work to do, so," Gerard said awkwardly, standing up rubbing the back of his neck.

"Oh yeah," Mikey smiled, standing too, "I'm really proud of you Gerard. I love you."

"I love you too, Mikes."

Gerard led Mikey to the door and the closed and locked it. He stood by the door waiting for the sound of Mikey's car driving away to be heard and the stormed down to the basement.

"Fuck you, whore!" Gerard screamed at Frank, "You've made my brother hate me, you stupid fuck!"

Gerard picked up the razor again, "I'll teach you not to mess with me."

Gerard took of the tape from Frank's mouth again, but instantly regretted it.

"P-please, please, please. Gerard, please. Please, don't do this," Frank cried.

"I'm going to do it," Gerard just continued oblivious to the pleading, "and you'll like it."

Gerard pressed the razor to the left side of Frank's chest and pressed down. Frank felt the familiar burn and sting of pain travel through him. Gerard moved the razor to form a 'W'. Frank whimpered, although he already knew what was going to happen. Next Gerard carved the letter 'H'.

Blood was oozing out of Frank at a pace in which he didn't think was possible. He was already feeling a little light headed. Gerard formed the 'O' right in the middle of Frank's chest and then the 'R' on the right side.

"Just to make sure you know what you are," Gerard laughed, "you can do the E."

Gerard untied one of Frank's arms and handed him the razor, "Do anything stupid and I'll kill you."

Frank nodded shakily, tears running down his face. He placed the razor on the right side of his chest and tried to form an 'E' but it was more curved like a 'C'.

"So not only are you a whore," Gerard laughed leaving the basement to the let the scars heal, "but you're also a retard. We'll do that one later."

Gerard left the basement, and Frank sobbed.

To say that Gerard felt a little out of his depth was an understatement. In all the times he had thought about being with Frank he never thought he would have to show Frank how much control he had in such a physical way. He thought they could be happy and be together properly. Like normal couples.

But no, Frank had to go and try and break Gerard's heart. It was like every time Gerard would remember that day, the pain of those words stabbing him in the heart really made him feel sick. He couldn't handle Frank's actions and so to Gerard, it seemed reasonable punishment that he completely give himself up to Gerard. Gerard was confused, hurt and stressed, but he knew there was one person he could call; one person he could always rely on.

"Hey Mikey," Gerard said into his phone, it had been a week since they had saw each other, "Can we talk?"

"Always Gee," Mikey said, "On the phone or in person?"

"Phone I think. It's really pathetic and I don't think I could talk about it to your face," Gerard sighed.

"Cool, hit me."

Gerard cringed at those words, "I'm different, Mikes. I'm so different from everyone else and I hate it so much. I just want to be normal, like you."

"Oh Gee, you can't be normal," Mikey laughed, "You're my weird older brother who will always be unique in his own special way. You know I wish I was more like you? You're everything I want to be. You just need someone to feel less lonely with."

"No, no, you don't understand I'm-- I mean I can't," Gerard replied, "The person I want doesn't want me."

"Then they're an idiot, Gee. You're a perfect catch," Mikey said.

Gerard then said his goodbyes to Mikey telling him that he had made him feel better and that he was a lot happier now. And in a sense he was; Mikey had told him that Frank was the one who was wrong. He couldn't see the good in Gerard, he couldn't see how much Gerard only did the things he did out of love.

Gerard walked down into the basement where Frank had been for around 3 weeks now, and it was fair to say that the cops had given up the search for the boy. They had checked houses, parks, lakes, rivers, airports and hotels finding nothing to help them locate the small child. Frank's parents were devastated and the people of New Jersey got all the more scared of going out in the dark.

"Hey Frank," Gerard said and Frank's eyes widened because it was the first time in almost 3 weeks that Gerard had called him anything other than 'Whore'.

"Hello," Frank said in a weak voice, his screaming and begging for help or forgiveness had let to his voice being scratchy and deep.

"Don't think I'm going to start being nice to you whore," Gerard frowned as Frank relaxed, "you tried to break my heart, and that is unforgivable."

"Gerard, please! I didn't mean to, just let me go home!" Frank tried to plead one more time, he always asked for the same thing but it just seemed to make Gerard more angry.

"No, Frank!" Gerard shouted and slapped the small boy on the face, "You can't leave me again!"

"But I don't belong here!" Frank retaliated, not as loud as Gerard, but almost, "I don't want to be here, and I don't want you! I'm 12 and you raped me!"

Frank's own eyes widened at what he had said, not meaning to say most of it, but he couldn't help it. He was so frustrated with being stuck here and having no freedom and being raped by this man who claims to love him. Gerard just stood there looking angry, so against his better judgement, Frank continued, "A-And how can you love me?! You only knew me for a week!"

"I've known you for a long time Frank," Gerard spoke quietly, and almost dangerously angry, "I saw you in the park when you were about 2 and I knew I loved you." Gerard's voice was getting louder and louder as he continued. "So don't fucking talk to me about what you think you know okay?" Gerard screamed, "You don't know shit!"

"You sick fuck," Frank spat, "you planned this!"

Gerard laughed then, because really, he just had to, "Yes I planned it Frank, I see something I want and I get it, any way I can."

Frank then whimpered and quietly protested as Gerard began to strip himself of his clothes and walked towards Frank.

"I mean it Frank," Gerard whispered, "Any way I can."

It wasn't long before Gerard had lifted and bent Frank's legs up to his shoulders and slammed himself into Frank's entrance. Gerard found it weird that seeing Frank so broken, and angry at him turned him on so much. He began to thrust his hips in and out at a pace that would surely make Frank bleed.

"How do you stay so tight?" Gerard moaned, and Frank just cried in response.

Gerard kept slamming into Frank's raised ass and soon came with a grunt. Frank didn't know whether to be relieved or disgusted.

"Why do you do this to me?" Frank cried.

"Because I can," Gerard laughed, "And because I love you."

Being addicted to something isn't pleasant for anyone, in fact Gerard knew that himself more than anyone. He started drinking when he was 15 because he couldn't cope with what he was, and how he felt about a child. His own alcohol abuse carried on until he was 22 and Mikey had had enough of watching his brother destroy himself, and though Mikey never found out why Gerard was drinking, he guessed depression, he helped Gerard to get clean.

Having all that happen to him, Gerard thought it was seriously evil of him to make Frank go through it too, but in theory, it was all Frank's fault that Gerard had to endure it. So why shouldn't he experience the same thing Gerard had too? Having his body try to overpower his mind and give into the addiction. It was the worst kind of psychological torture.

Gerard himself had taken drugs before, so he knew where to get the cocaine he needed for his plan. He had bought a lot of it, so much so that the drug dealer looked at him like he was fucking crazy. But what could Gerard say; 'It's not for me! It's for the 12 year old boy in my basement'? Gerard just paid and left.

He kind of hated leaving Frank in the house by himself, but it had to be done. Although the search had died down, Gerard was sure people would still be looking. And losing Frank now would be something Gerard couldn't cope with.

The plan seemed even more impossible, the more Gerard thought about it. What are the guarantees that Frank will actually become addicted? What if Gerard killed him with an overdose? It all seemed so insane, but if it worked Gerard would feel so much better in himself, knowing Frank was actually paying for ruining his life.

So Gerard walked down to his basement at around 7 am the next day, and found Frank already awake and rocking a little. Gerard had to laugh, because it was so horror movie cliche that the victim, if Frank can be called that, goes a little insane.

"You okay there Frankie?" Gerard smirked.

Frank's whole body jumped because he was distracted by his thoughts that he didn't even hear Gerard coming down the noisy basement steps. Frank was scared, he missed the comfort of warm food, a warm bed and the love of his parents. He only wanted a little attention and now he was receiving way more attention than was normal or that he ever wanted.

"This will make you less jumpy," Gerard smiled and pulled a small bag from his jean pocket, and placed a line of the powder on the floor, "snort it all."


"Did I fucking stutter?" Gerard frowned, "snort. it. all."

Frank nodded submissively and bowed forward while leaning on his knees. He took a deep breath and then snorted the substance off of the cold dirty basement floor. It was like his whole nose burned when he was done and he could feel a whole tingling sensation travelling through his veins. It gave a sense of relief to Frank and make him feel care free. Like he wasn't trapped away by some psycho rapist anymore. This made Frank wonder why Gerard had given it to him, surely he would have known how good the feeling was?

"Good?" Gerard asked, noticing Frank had a hazed smile on his face, and then Frank nodded lazily.

Gerard stripped himself of his jeans and began to move him own hand up and down on his cock until it was erect, because Frank looked happy for the first time in 3 weeks and Gerard was going to have sex with him while he wasn't greeted with pleads and cries.

Once Gerard was erect he moved over to Frank and pushed his erect penis inside of him, surprised when Frank didn't even whimper. If Frank was honest with himself, even if he wasn't full of cocaine and God knows what else, he would have done the same because he learnt that pleading with Gerard only made the whole situation worse.

Gerard didn't slam into the boy with the same force he usually did, showing no disregard for Frank's health, but instead thrust in and out at a more caring pace. They were both surprised when Frank let out a moan. Gerard smirked while Frank looked physically horrified in himself. He was being raped and he liked it?

"I knew you enjoyed this," Gerard smirked and continued what he was doing, and loving how horrified and disgusted Frank was with himself. Gerard decided he was going to give Frank that pleasure that would make him moan the loudest he ever had in his life.

Gerard changed his angling with every thrust until he found the spot he was looking for knowing when he found it when Frank bucked his hips up and moaned a deep moan, which was way too deep to belong to a 12 year old boy.

Frank's moans was a sound that Gerard learned to love, which was odd seeing as he loved Frank's innocence, but maybe it was the fact that it showed Frank was only just going through puberty.

Gerard came with a grunt and then pulled out of Frank, seeing Frank himself was semi-hard, and laughing when he remembered Frank had no idea how to sort it out. Gerard just got up and left the basement.

For the rest of the week Gerard continued to give Frank the same treatment, sometimes giving him more drugs, sometimes less and then smacking the boy when he asked for more. The plan was working.

Frank felt like shit after a week of drug abuse, but he was sat in the basement waiting for more, waiting for Gerard to give him what he needed to get away from the harsh reality. He could feel his skin crawling and itching for another line or anything to give that same feeling he felt the first time he took the drug.

Sure, Frank found all the other times he took the drug great, but nothing compared to that first time. He wanted it to always feel that care free and relaxed, but it never did. So he continued to try and find it. Snorting up anything Gerard placed in front of him.

The sound of the basement steps made Frank's heart race with excitement for what he knew and thought was now routine, but looked distraught when Gerard came down the steps naked and empty handed obviously having no drugs with him.

"W-where's the drugs?" Frank asked, sweating and needing it more than ever.

"Well, well. Don't we have a little addict in the house," Gerard laughed, "I don't have any more."

"W-what! What the fuck? I need it Gerard," Frank spat, then began to plead, "I need it, please, please give it to me."

Gerard just turned and walked up the stairs feeling like he had won while Frank sat on the basement floor, forgetting about everything except the need and want in his body, begging for another line of cocaine. Then sobbing when he realized there was no way Gerard would give in to Frank's new found addiction.

Frank really felt like he was going to be stuck in Gerard's basement forever and that scared him more than ever. Nothing he tried worked or made the punishments easier, and now just getting through a day was a huge task.

Because Frank now craved drugs, he had a serious case of insomnia. That's not saying it was easy to sleep before, anyone who lived with a person who showed no regard for their emotions or health would have a hard time sleeping, but now it was harder. Frank would try and sleep but the drugs must have messed with his mind.

When he would try and relax, wanting and needing something to cheer him up, something would always give him a panic attack. Usually his mind, replaying situations he had been in so far because of Gerard.

Most times it would be Frank's mind telling him that Gerard was coming down to rape him if he fell asleep or if he did fall asleep Gerard would tie him up and try and drown him again. It was like every sound that came from the basement meant that Gerard was coming for Frank.

Though, when Frank thought about it, he really had nobody to blame but himself. He was naive and put his trust into a man he met at the park late at night. If Frank's life was a movie at that point he would have been screaming at the TV, saying how obvious it was that this was going to happen, and how stupid he was for continuing the relationship, even if it was just a week.

But no matter how much Gerard would have been hurt by what Frank did, surely that hurt couldn't amount to what pain Frank was going through. Gerard's pain was emotional, it couldn't hurt nearly as much as Frank's physical scars. He had 'WHORE' carved on his chest and broken wrists.

None of that mattered, because Frank couldn't save himself. He had heard voices from upstairs, indicating there was someone else in the house but what if they were just like Gerard? What if they were a drug dealer, or maybe Gerard had a wife? Frank had no idea, but he knew if he even attempted to try to get help Gerard would kill him.

Sleep deprivation for Frank was hard, he would stay awake all night in the cold basement and then feel exhausted all day. His blinks would get longer and he would feel himself going out of consciousness and then he would hear a noise and feel like Gerard was coming for him and he would jolt awake again.

As for Gerard, when he would come down to visit Frank he would laugh at the shaken look on Frank's face and the bags under his eyes. One of the few physical pieces of evidence of Frank's sleep, or lack thereof.

Like now, Gerard was stood in front of Frank laughing as Frank struggled to keep his eyes open but fought against sleeping because this wasn't his mind anymore, and there was no telling what Gerard could do to him.

"You going to fall asleep Frankie?" Gerard mocked, in a baby voice, like he was trying to get Frank to sleep.

"What are you going to do to me?" Frank asked, sleepily, blinking longer and longer.

"Nothing at all," Gerard replied, trying his hardest to act serious and it worked as Frank began to fall asleep against the basement wall. Gerard waited until he was almost asleep and walked closer.

Gerard raised his hand and slapped Frank across the face so hard that he himself felt the sting of heat and pain, "Don't fall asleep when I'm talking to you whore!"

It was obvious by acting this way Gerard was making the whole situation worse, but he didn't really care.

"You said you wouldn't do anything!" Frank asked, lazily cupping his red cheek.

"I guess I lied," Gerard smirked, "Why don't you fucking sleep at night like a normal person? Idiot."

Frank just shook his head, dismissing the subject because 'I'm scared you might rape me' wasn't a suitable answer in the situation.

"Well," Gerard paused then continued, "Since you're awake, I might test your sucking skills. I hope you took notes last time."

Frank's eyes widened as Gerard began to strip himself of his clothes, he absolutely hated the whole experience of Gerard fucking his mouth. It made him feel even more worthless.

When Gerard was naked he looked at Frank with a warning glace that screamed that he demanded obedience. Frank shuffled over using his knees unable to stand unless given assistance, which was never.

Frank put his hand around Gerard's cock, which was much too big for Frank's mouth. It just made the whole thing worse, but he still placed his mouth around the tip. Frank's wrists being broken didn't help in any way, he couldn't hold the erection with a firm grip.

Now Frank was confused, what does he do? Move his hand and his mouth or just his hand and suck on the tip? It was all so confusing, but Gerard made a sound of impatience and fisted Frank's hair and that make Frank start to do anything.

Frank thought that maybe under other circumstances, when he wasn't being forced, he might be okay at this, but right now he had no idea. He was moving his hand up and down and sucking the best he could and that was all he could do. The feeling of Gerard against his throat was something he never wanted to feel again.

"If you're going to do it that way, move your fucking tongue," Gerard spat.

Frank tongue had just been motionless for a while, so he tried to move it but he could feel tears running down his face as he thought about how wrong it was for this to be happening to him. He was shocked he even had tears left to cry.

After a while Gerard came into Frank's mouth and Frank knew better than to try and spit it out. He swallowed and pulled a face, making sure that Gerard didn't see it. God knows what he would do if he did.

It was like Gerard couldn't handle anything but being in control. Like he had some kind of issue with authority.

Gerard stood and walked away from Frank, feeling a lot better about his art being rejected from an English gallery now.

Frank felt like a used toy, and really that's all he was to Gerard.

Gerard had started giving Frank cocaine once every 4 days for the past month. It was the torture that Gerard loved the most and got the most satisfaction from. He loved hearing Frank beg and plead for a line or even just a small amount every night when he would be kept awake by his fears and addiction.

Gerard decided he liked this idea of playing on Frank's fears, it gave him a sense of power and control that he didn't feel when he was raping Frank or forcing him to do something he didn't want to do. It made him feel like he had made Frank completely weak and empty.

Frank himself wasn't feeling too good; he had been living on scrap food and water and he was becoming way more skinny than he should have been. Frank wasn't sure what the date was, but he knew he had been here for at least 3 months. Frank's ribs were beginning to make an appearance on Frank's skin and his arms were weak and broken still from not being fixed or set properly when he had broke them.

The more time Frank spent in the basement, eyes sleepy and dark, the more he missed everything he had taken for granted. He would give anything to be able to tell his mom he loved her one more time; to apologize to his dad for disappointing him with his attitude; to tell his best friend Ray that he really had awesome hair and Frank was only joking when he said it was awful. Plus those big things, like telling his parents that Frank secretly wanted a younger sibling despite how much he'd told his mom he would hate her if she had another child.

But small things were also a factor, liking hugging and kissing his mom more, or telling his dad that his band sounded really good or taking up his dad's offer to jam more. Frank missed everything he had. After reflecting on it for a long time, he felt pitiful on himself that he had such a great life, a loving family, and amazing friends and he treated them all like shit for so long.

Gerard stomped down the basement stairs, intent on finding out the information he had craved to know. He had thought of every possible fear that Frank could have so now he just needed to verify what he had guessed already. Gerard hoped it wasn't needles, he himself having a huge fear of them.

"Hey, whore. How are you feeling?" Gerard asked, and Frank looked up at his face and saw everything that Gerard was etched onto his face. His nose was cute and pointed, he had perfect eyebrows and cheek bones any girl would die for, but then he had these dark, black evil eyes that made Frank lose his breath and intimidated him more than anything he had ever known. It explained Gerard perfectly.

"I-I'm okay," Frank's voice now was only a whisper, he was sure he lost it while shouting and pleading constantly for freedom or a way out of the loneliness. Frank just had such little energy left, and he couldn't even talk anymore. He thought that if Gerard tried anything with him, he seriously would have no energy to even plead if he wanted too. He was exhausted.

"Aw just okay?" Gerard cooed, "I thought my basement would be a lovely home."

Gerard then placed himself on the floor opposite Frank, crossing his legs that were covered by jeans that had paint splatters all over it. Frank was confused, Gerard hadn't been this nice, in a sense, for a while. In fact, Gerard had been anything but. He had been unusually not hostile towards Frank.

"O-Oh, um, it is," Frank nodded, not wanting to anger Gerard, "it just gets, uh, lonely I guess."

"Aw!" Gerard squealed, "Well, I'm always here."

Frank knew that was a lie, but he wouldn't point that out. He also knew that Gerard had a hidden purpose to this conversation, and had learnt to never trust Gerard's promises anymore. If it was anyone else Frank would of flat out asked what they wanted, but with Gerard he felt that he was always on edge when they talked, like he would say the wrong thing at any time and annoy Gerard and the punishments were always worse than imaginable.

"So," Gerard dragged, "What are you afraid of?"

Bingo, there is was. That is what Gerard really wanted to know; he didn't care how Frank was feeling or if he liked the basement or not, he cared about finding another way to torture Frank. Frank shook his head in response to the question.

"Oh you won't tell me?" Gerard's face contorted in anger, "Guess I'll have to beat it out of you."

Frank whimpered as Gerard stood up and lifted him by his shoulders. Frank didn't know if that was a compliment of Gerard's strength or how much weight Frank had lost.

He didn't have time to decide before a fist connected with his eye. Frank wasn't expecting it so he groaned out in pain and felt a burning pain on the area. Frank was then pounded with punches all over his face and stomach, each time letting out a groan or breath. Finally the punches stopped and Gerard had a clear smirk on his face, but Frank couldn't really see anymore. He had a swollen eye and a distinct pain in his stomach.

"Ready to tell me?" Gerard asked, almost with a smug satisfaction with the new wounds he had inflicted.

Frank shook his head, there was no way he was going to let Gerard know something like that. He couldn't handle actually being around his fear, though he was sure he had already, he just didn't want to know for sure that they were actually around him.

"Oh really?" Gerard spat, and punched Frank again, this time making blood begin to pour from his nose. Then pushed Frank onto the floor.

"Now, I'll ask again," Gerard said, taking a calming breath, "What are you scared of? And don't lie to me."

"Spiders," Frank whispered, barely even loud enough to be heard, but Gerard heard and he laughed.

"See you later Frankie," Gerard laughed and walked up the stairs.

Frank sat in the cold dark basement, as he heard Gerard leave the house, with blood running down his naked body. He knew what was going to happen, he could tell. And he had to breathe deeply to stop himself from having a panic attack. Though it did take all his composure or lack thereof, to do so.

What had he done wrong? Why did he deserve this? There was nothing normal about this situation. No sane person locked up people they supposedly loved. Frank cuddled his legs and sighed into the room, the only time for a while he was sure he could call the basement a somewhat safe environment.

Frank was sad when he was woken up by someone walking down the stairs, well Gerard walking down the stairs. It was the first time he had slept in a while and he had dreamed of being free and with his family. It was like his dreams were taunting him, making him believe he was going to wake up in the warmth of his bed but in reality he woke up in his own private prison.

"I have a gift for you, whore," Gerard called while walking and as soon as he came into view there was a box in his hands. Frank shuddered and gulped already knowing what it was.

Frank's breath became short as he heard the box open and Frank clenched his eyes closed hoping that if he couldn't see them he would be okay. Of course he was wrong.

He felt Gerard walk closer and screamed when the content of the box was dropped on him. Frank held his eyes closed and breathed heavily, unable to compose himself this time.

Frank could feel them on his skin, walking across him and he kept screaming and screaming. He could hear the noise they were making, across his skin, it would be quiet to anyone else, but to Frank it was beating like a drum in his ears.

"Gerard! P-Please please please, get them off! Please," Frank begged, and there was no reply. Not even a laugh or a sharp reply of no.

So Frank regretfully opened his eyes to see he was alone. Gerard had left him locked down here, with these things that were not going to go away. Frank jumped off and brushed his hands all over himself and covering every part of skin he could find until he was happy they were all gone. He didn't even have the comfort of clothes to protect him from his greatest fear. It was no use, his screams would be ignored and his tears were futile, they did nothing to help him. He really just wanted to die.

Frank was feeling particularly depressed today. Not that he didn't think about taking his own life on a daily basis now anyways, it was just today that he felt a lot worse. In fact, most of what Frank thought about were ways to kill himself. There was nothing much in the basement other than a few boxes so Frank thought that maybe he could just stop eating the food Gerard gave him or stop drinking the water and all his pain would end. And really, that's what Frank's life was now, his goal in life was to find a way out of it. His goal in life was to die.

Gerard had been leaving the house more and more lately and that made the house seem even more dark and lonely. He couldn't hear the sounds of Gerard singing or working; all he could hear was the sound of spider's legs travelling across the cold floor. It was a sound that drove him crazy and sent shivers up and down his spine. A sound that kept him awake all night and craving even more the drugs that would put an end to everything he was feeling and make him feel a sense of happiness; a feeling Frank hadn't felt for a long time.

Depression was today caused by just this, being exhausted, cold, tired, weak, bruised, battered, hungry, thirsty and lonely. What kind of life was this for a 12 year old? Frank himself hoped that he never left this house though, because he knew what would happen if he was saved. Gerard would go to prison and forget about Frank easily. Frank would always have this past 4 or 5 months taunting him for the rest of his life. He wasn't quite sure how long he had been here, but it would always be burning in the back of his head, tormenting him.

Frank thought that to Gerard he was just a quick fuck, and someone he could manipulate easily. But to Frank, Gerard was more than that. To Frank, Gerard was a life wrecker.

Someone will ask Frank what his childhood was like, how he handled being a teenager, how amazing it was when he lost his virginity and what could he reply? That he lost his virginity to a pedophile who locked him in the basement and tortured him?

In himself, Frank felt beyond any kind of help, and knew that life outside Gerard's basement would never be like it was before. He could never have his life back, it would always belong to someone else.

Frank heard the house door close from above his head and sighed in relief. He wasn't sure why Gerard being home brought him some kind of comfort, it wasn't like Gerard was particularly friendly to Frank. Gerard was hostile, cruel and unaffectionate. But today, Gerard was also not alone. Maybe he was with a client? Whoever it was Frank couldn't tell who it was because their voices were quiet.

After a while the door closed again and Frank felt his stomach drop as he thought he was alone, it was only when he heard the basement door open when he realized that he wasn't.

The noise of Gerard coming down the basement steps wasn't something Frank could decide was good or bad. Sometimes he could have drugs and that would make Frank have some artificial happiness for a little while, but sometimes he would be angry and rape Frank or beat him up, that would make Frank even weaker. Today though, Gerard had nothing in his hands and his face didn't look angry. This situation was scarier than any of the others because he couldn't tell what was going to happen and what kind of mood Gerard was in.

Gerard walked over to Frank and bent down a little and Frank flinched out habit, making Gerard laugh.

"Jesus kid," Gerard huffed out, "I'm only sitting down."

"O-oh," Frank squeaked.

"Now," Gerard said once he was sat beside Frank back resting against the basement wall, "How are you today? Did you like the spiders?"

Now Frank was really stuck, how did he reply to that? If he said he didn't like it, Gerard would probably hit him and if he said he liked it then he would probably bring in more of Frank's fears. Frank decided to keep his response simple.


"No?" Gerard asked, tone saddened, "Why not? I think spiders are cute."

"O-oh, um, uh, I.. It get's lonely and quiet in here, and I can hear them walking and it's so scary," Frank said half way through his reply letting a few emotions creep out of him in the form of tears.

"Aw Frank, I had no idea," Gerard said, a look of guilt on his face, "I didn't think it would be so bad, seriously. I would never want you to get hurt. I'm so sorry."

Frank smiled, foolishly. He knew Gerard was probably messing with his head but Gerard had never apologized before.

"Really?" Frank asked, beaming the best he could without hurting the bruises on his face.

"Of course," Gerard nodded, "Now give me a hug."

Frank leaned forward a little, making sure Gerard wouldn't pull something from behind his back and stab Frank with it or something, and wrapped his arms around Gerard thankful for the caring hug even if it was from someone so cruel and heartless.

"Are my parents looking for me?" Frank asked, feeling a lot more comfortable than he would like to admit.

"Honestly? No. They gave up after 3 months," Gerard answered.

"What?" Frank shouted, retreating from the hug, "That's bullshit!"

Gerard's face turned into a look of anger, "You're calling me a liar? You don't know shit, whore. I tried to at least give you some fake sympathy but you don't even deserve that you piece of shit."

Frank hugged his knees when Gerard stood up and removed his pants, knowing exactly what was coming next. Frank was crying full force now, knowing he was going to be raped any second and for the loss of his life and loss of hope that his parents were looking for him.

Gerard pulled Frank onto his back by pulling his legs out of his hands and across the floor. Frank squirmed because of the spiders and made a chocked noise when Gerard's cock entered him.

Frank didn't even feel most of the pain anymore, he'd been raped that many times. Frank was thankful that Gerard obviously found something in his now sickly structure and looks to reach his orgasms quickly. This time was no different, with Gerard slamming into Frank's small body until he released inside of Frank. It was almost like Gerard was using Frank instead of his own hand and Frank was suffering because of it.

Gerard pulled out of Frank and put his pants back on, while Frank got back into the same position as before and went into his own world where he wasn't here, he hadn't just been raped and his family loved him.

"Are you listening whore?" Gerard snapped and Frank shook his head.

"I said, complain ever again and I swear to God both of your parents will be in this room with you hanging by their necks. Got it?" Gerard seethed, maliciously.

Frank just nodded accepting that that would probably be fate anyways. He just couldn't take much more of this.

Frank was weak, thin and he felt like he was dying. There was really no hope any more, and any hope that was there had all turned to despair. He wished someone could save him, feed him, clothe him, love him and show him any kind of attention and care. That was all the small boy had ever wanted and that wish had gotten into to a whole mess that in turn, had ruined his whole life. There was nothing he could do any more, it was out of his hands and into the hands of God for whatever so called fate that was going to be Frank's future. Maybe he would escape, maybe he would die in here, or maybe he would be Gerard's sexual release for the rest of his life; Frank really didn't care any more.

"Hey Frankie-boy," Gerard called down the stairs, not even bothering to look at Frank any more, "I'm going out, but I know you get lonely, so enjoy this."

As soon as Gerard had stopped speaking and Frank didn't even have time to be confused there was a loud, rough piercing sharp high sound sent around the house. Frank felt it hit his ear drums and made him cover his ears with his palms.

The sounds continued to blare and blare and Frank thought that maybe he would be deaf soon. That would probably be just his luck, being deaf and defenseless. The sound was excruciating and made Frank feel so light headed and angry, that he couldn't do anything about it.

The sound made Frank's ears feel like they were being pierced with needles and it hurt so much. Gerard was really clever in his ways in which he tortured Frank, like he knew everything that Frank would hate and what would push him closer and closer to the death he kept wishing and wishing for.

Frank had no idea how long the sound was playing making him feel like he was crazy and had no chance of ever leaving the basement before the sound was shut off. Frank didn't question it, thinking it was probably just Gerard coming home.

"Gerard?" A voice shouted and it was loud enough to be heard all around the house. Maybe Gerard wasn't expecting anyone and they had come alone. Then Frank could have his chance to be saved, or maybe this person could be like Gerard and take Frank and do the same cruel acts to Frank. Frank was sure he wasn't going to risk it.

"Gerard, where are you? I need that piece done before the funeral," The voice was louder, like they were getting closer to the stairs to the basement. Frank thought the voice had a familiar sound to it, maybe they had been at the house before? Frank couldn't explain why he recognised the voice.

"Are you down here?" The voice asked, louder like they were standing at the top of the stairs, Frank let out a squeak of surprise and cursed softly to himself, Gerard was going to kill him.

The sound of someone coming down the stairs was nothing new to Frank, but not knowing who was going to appear was what scared him the most. The sound stopped and Frank looked up and into the eyes of the body that the voice belonged to. Frank was pretty sure every hair on his body was stood on end at the shocking sight before him.

"Oh my god!" They screamed, in horror. Seeing Frank naked, bruised, weak and scared.

"Mom?" Frank asked shocked and unsure of himself. Maybe this was some kind of sick joke his imagination made or a side effect of the drug? There was no way his mom was in Gerard's house. It's just impossible.

"Oh my God!" The woman screamed again, maybe in horror, maybe in relief; it wasn't obvious.

Frank's mom, Linda, was in shock. She had came to Gerard's house for designs for Frank's casket. Obviously, there would be no body, but her psychiatrist said if she at least had a fake funeral, then maybe she would feel some closure. Of course, Gerard had been jumping at the chance, she realised now that that would be the perfect scenario for him; everyone would think that Frank was dead and Gerard could keep him. Linda began to sob as she realised just how much she had been deceived, and also she cried of happiness because she had her child back. Less healthy than any mother could ever wish upon their child, but still it was Frank none the less. Though she kept her distance, she didn't want to hurt Frank more than he already was.

"That sick bastard," She seethed, "He wanted me to think you were dead! I'm going to kill him."

Frank had never seen this side to his mother before, and really it scared him. He'd saw Gerard angry, of course, but never his mom. His mom was kind, calm and loving. Not like Gerard. Frank also noticed she had frown lines all around her face, and her eyes were puffy and red, tears still escaping them; he'd never seen his mom look that bad either, but he guessed he looked worse.

"I don't want you to save me," Frank whispered into the darkness, turning away from his mother's stare, "I'm broken. You can't even touch me, hug me. I'm dirty, I've been raped, beaten, starved. What kind of a life can I have after that?"

"Baby," She sobbed, "You can't let him do this to you any more. Frank you're coming home or so help me God, I will ring the police now and they can take you."

"But you don't understand!" Frank shouted, tears of his own escaping his eyes, "You don't know what he did to me! You have no fucking idea of the pain I've been through!"

"I know that Frank, but do you know how much me and your father looked for you? We never stopped. You're our baby, and without you in the world I felt so lost," Frank's mom told him, "Please just come home and I promise nobody will ever hurt you again."

Frank stood up and his mom took off her coat and wrapped it around him, holding back sobs as she caught sight of her son's ribs being visible. Linda then realised that Gerard was probably on his way home and so they had to hurry.

"We have to hurry baby," Linda said, panicking because this man had raped a 12 year old, there was no way he wouldn't hurt her too, "I'll carry you."

And so, Frank's mom picked him up and carried him on her side, much like you would a toddler and again was saddened by the fact that Frank weighed probably less than a toddler. She climbed the stairs and exited the house, wanting to never see it again in her life. Frank, was saying goodbye to his prison, the place he lost him virginity and the place he never thought he would leave.

When she got to her car, she placed Frank in the passenger seat and got into the driver's side, and locked the doors, just in case Gerard returned while she was on the phone to the police. She pulled out her phone and dialled the number of the detective working on Frank's case.

"Detective?" She asked, her voice laced with pain, sadness and relief.

"Mrs Iero, how can I help you?" The voice came from the phone.

"I've found my son," Linda cried with happiness, never thinking she would ever say those words. "He was being held with Gerard Way. He's been raped, beaten and starved," She couldn't help but sob as she listed what had happened to her child. There was a long silence.

"Is Frank with you now?" The voice asked again.

"Yes, We're outside the house. Gerard maybe on his way though," Linda replied, letting her worry known to the detective.

"We're on our way now, everything is going to be okay, Frank isn't going to be hurt any more," The voice told her, sternly but sounding almost saddened. Maybe he knew the Way family? Linda couldn't be sure.

Linda put the phone down and watched Frank from beside her, he looked distant and away from the world. It was almost like he was dead, like he had given up on everything.


Frank didn't know why he was here. Why he was in the place that held the person that had caused him so much pain. As surprising as it was Frank had made it to 15 years old, an achievement in itself. To most normal teenagers living until you're 15 is normal and expected, but Frank wasn't normal anymore. He was depressed and suicidal. He knew that there was only one way he could possibly learn to live with himself and not feel sick when he looked at his body; he had to visit Gerard.

Gerard was arrested when he returned to his house and Frank felt no kind of weight lifted from him. When people are raped, usually they feel some kind of freedom when the person who raped them is locked away, and not able to hurt them anymore. Frank felt nothing because the marks Gerard left on him were not only physical - a constant reminder of the time - but emotional.

Whenever Frank would see a couple of any kind, homosexual or heterosexual he would have to repress the desire to curl into a ball and cry. He remembered how kind and caring Gerard had been and how quickly he turned into the monster that lived in Frank's nightmares.

So Frank had traveled from New York to New Jersey prison trying to final put an end to his torment. Frank moved to New York shortly after the ordeal for 2 reasons; To receive a better therapy scheme - Frank was severely in need to help and to get away from the media.

Frank's story was publicized heavily and so everywhere he went there would always be someone who would recognize him and give him sympathy. He hated sympathy, he didn't want it. Over the years Frank found himself feeling guilty more than anything. Obviously there was the typical question of 'Why me?' but more he thought about his actions and how responsible he was.

Gerard's family were devastated and could never fathom why he would do such a thing. But, despite that, Gerard had granted Frank permission to visit him in New Jersey state prison. The prison was dirty, rusty and dark. Frank thought it reminded him a lot of how he lived for all that time. This time Frank was free and Gerard was locked up, living his life the way Frank thought he would have to.

"I'm here to see, um," Frank started to say into the prison entrance but flushed when he couldn't even say Gerard's name without wanting to cry, "Uh, Gerard Way."

"You're Frank Iero?" The machine asked back and Frank thought the situation was a little awkward so he played with his fingers in his jean pockets.

"Yeah," Frank replied.

"Okay, have your I.D ready to show and you're free to enter," The machine said and then there was a loud beep and the metal door in front of Frank opened.

Frank's breath hitched, this was how all his nightmares started. Maybe they can't be called nightmares when they feel so real? Night terrors seemed to fit more. Frank's terrors always started with the doors opening and finding Gerard there with water in his hands and Frank being held to the ground. That had really scarred Frank the most. He couldn't shower unless the power of the water was insanely low, and he couldn't even think about bathing. They all reminded him of drowning.

Pulling his I.D from his pocket, Frank showed it to the guards who looked it him like they recognized him. This made Frank stare at the ground; he knew this man was judging him. Frank had already thought about it, why would someone come and visit their rapist and abuser? Nobody could understand but Frank. He thought that maybe if he saw Gerard weak and vulnerable then he could move on and close up the past, but Frank wasn't going to explain that to some guard when he could barely tell his therapist.

The door was opened and Frank was lead down another corridor and another door was opened. The guard took him to the most high-tech part of the prison. It was the body search area. Frank hated being touched, being hugged, being bumped in to; anything.

He couldn't deal with any form of physical contact. So when the guard came closer and asked Frank to stand in a star fish position Frank had to repress a scream as the man roamed him hands all over his body. Frank hadn't been touched like this from anyone but Gerard. He dealt with it, because there was something he desperately needed to say to Gerard.

"You're free to go through. Way is waiting for you in the visiting area. Don't worry, you're behind an unbreakable glass," The guard said once he was done and Frank let out the breath he was holding. Frank was thankful that even the guards here hated Gerard, well Frank guessed so by the way they spat Gerard's name venomously.

Frank walked forward and followed the signs that lead him to the visiting area. It looked just like it would in a film, with telephones on either side of the glass and seats lined up and down. Frank glanced at the other prisoners taking in their features. They all looked like they could kill him with just one finger. It was something that admittedly wouldn't be that hard to do, Frank was still incredibly skinny. Frank's eyes drifted along the rows until they were met with the eyes of what Frank could only describe as those of the most evil human in history.

The walk towards the seat opposite Gerard was a shaky one and Frank wished he had someone here to tell him he would be okay, that Gerard couldn't hurt him anymore. But all he had was himself and the desire he had to know that he had won in some respects. Frank sat in the metal chair and Gerard's eyes were on him instantly.

Frank could feel the hatred, the empathy and the regret all in Gerard's stare. His eyes were running over Frank's body seeing the damage and really Gerard felt terrible. There was no excuse for what he did and now that he had experienced only half of what Frank had gone through he felt nothing. His family despised him and everyone hear knew he was some kind of child rapist; he just wanted to die.

They both picked up the black telephones that were attached to the wall with a metal cord. Neither felt the need to speak though, they were staring. Taking in the views that for the last 3 years had only existed in their heads. Gerard dreamed of the moment ending happily and Frank could maybe forgive him and Frank dreamed of the moment ending horribly and that Gerard would be the reason he ended his life.

"Hey Frank," Gerard said into the speaker and Frank thought that maybe he was going to pass out. Gerard's voice was raspy, much like after you scream for a long time. It was like Frank couldn't breathe because he was finally in the same room with the man that had caused him so much pain.

"H-Hello," Frank said back shakily.

"You haven't changed, Frankie," Gerard sighed.

Something about that sentence, made Frank snap. He couldn't take it that Gerard would say something so sexual at a time like this. Well at least Frank took it sexually.

"Don't you dare," Frank seethed, no idea where the confidence came from, "Don't you dare say that to me. I've changed so much. Maybe not for the best, but it's all your fucking fault. I'll never forgive you."

Gerard saw the honesty in Frank's words and saw no reason to protest. How could he? He deserved this.

"Is that why you came here? To get back at me?" Gerard asked.

Frank nodded, "You have no idea how much shit you've made for my life. I can't shower properly, I can't bathe. I can't hug, kiss, have sex. I can't show people my body. I have scars and I have terrible insomnia because I can always hear you coming down the stairs and raping me."

Frank was crying and Gerard was in shock. He never thought about the impact of him actions on anyone but himself. HE felt disgusted.

"I hate you. I would kill you if I could," Frank continued, "I hate ever single part of your body. I hate how you have my virginity; that precious piece of me I could have given to anyone. And I hate how much I can't get you out of my head."

Gerard held the speaker away from his face while he dipped his head in shame, then pulled the speaker towards him.

"I-I, I know you don't want to hear it," Gerard said, "but I'm so sorry. If I could take it back, I would."

"But you can't," Frank sighed, "And that's what kills me."

They sat in silence for a while, just taking in the weird situation here. It was like Frank was facing his fears and he felt a little stronger for it. So he continued.

"You know what I hate most of all?" Frank asked into the speaker, "I hate most of all, that after all this, that I love you. I know right? How can I love you? You beat me, you raped me and you abused me in so many ways. But I love you, and it makes me sick. I love you, but I hate you too. I hope you rot in here."

As Frank finished what he had to say he put the telephone down and stood up, leaving a wide-eyed Gerard sat at his booth. Frank left the prison feeling refreshed and glad he had told Gerard what he had to, but he was in no way back to normal.
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