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by AxleaRose

continues from Beautiful with You ^^ enjoy! x

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The red flush darkened as Axl bent forwards and pressed a kiss to his thigh before moving higher, DJ gasped softly and spread his legs allowing the singer to settle between them comfortably. He glanced up and caught DJ’s eye with a smug grin before he placed a kiss on the tip of DJ’s arousal and licked a stripe along the hot shaft, DJ moaned quietly before choking on the noise as Axl slid his mouth over him completely, throat opening and welcoming him in until the singer’s nose rested in the sweat damp curls at the base of his penis. “Fuck… Axl” the words left him in a gasp, this encouraged the singer to continue with his actions, retreating and swirling his tongue around the tip.

Quaking fingers slid into his hair and made a loose home for themselves, a moan bursting forth as a velvet wetness worked his shaft, tongue teasing the tip, a subtle hint of teeth when he’s least expecting it. A hand joins in and fondles his ‘jewels’ another moan, this time a strangled name made it out “A…Ax” the singer leant back, releasing the guitarist and replacing his mouth with a hand as he moved up and kissed him. Hands flew up to the back of his head and held him in place firmly before one detangled itself to slide back into Axl’s jeans; the singer let a gasp break the kiss as calloused fingers grip him again. A groan of frustration left DJ’s mouth as Axl’s jeans got in the way, forcing his hand into a funny angle “Take these off” he demanded breathlessly, leaning away from the singer long enough for him to complete the order.

A grin lit the guitarist face as Axl re-joined him on the bed, moving in sync with him to push their hips together, moans left mouths before they were occupied desperately, hands reaching to hold the both of them and fondle the flesh just on the right side of rough. DJ tore his mouth away and kissed a spot on Axl’s neck, causing the singer to shiver slightly as he began to suck a hickey on the heated flesh. Loud curses mixed in with a yelp left the singer as the two climaxed together and DJ sank his teeth into Axl’s neck, muffling any sounds that tried to escape from his throat.

They remained cuddled close for a while before Axl pulled away, DJ cracked a sleepy eye open and watched quietly as he wandered into the bathroom, there was the sound of running water before he returned and wiped the guitarist clean, DJ giggled sleepily “I could have done that you know” Axl smiled
“I know, but you looked like you were asleep” the smile curving the guitarist lips remained firmly in place as he sat up and pulled his boxers on when Axl chucked them over
“The bed’s wet” he remarked, poking at the patch with a curious expression
“Well I would say pull the quilt cover off but the quilt is gonna be wet underneath it so I’m afraid you’ll just have to not sleep on that bit”
“Then I can cuddle with you on your side” he said grinning and moving closer as Axl slid under the covers next to him
“I was expecting you too” he answered sleepily as the guitarist slid his arms around him happily and kissed the back of his neck
“Love you Axl”
“Love you too DJ”
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