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Give 'Em Hell Kid.

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Just a short story I wrote a few months ago for an English assignment..

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Okay,hi guys.
I wrote this about 5 months ago for an English assignment,and I just thought I'd upload it onto here because I haven't uploaded anything else yet.
I think it's a bit shit,but I got quite a bit of praise for it,and a level 7A..
I was in year 8 at school when I wrote this.
Also,it doesn't really have much to do with My Chemical Romance,so sorry about that, but it does kind of contain Frerard..
Hope you enjoy it,and please rate and review? Your comments would mean a lot.
Anywaaaay,here it is..

I was born in a small scabby flat in the outskirts of London. My mum-who always used to make me call her by her first name September- was a 22 year old hippie who liked partying and getting drunk,and as far as I knew,I didn't have a dad.
I've got a photo album full of photos of her before I was born. She looked so happy and carefree with her blonde dreadlocks and smiley face,arm around a different person in each photograph.

I can't remember my first years of life,but I know they were't easy.
September drank way too much. She didn't have time to take care of me,so she got her older sister to instead.
Her name was Liz,and she was the exact opposite of September.
She was serious,smart and practical,and she looked after me well.

When I was two,September got pregnant again,and Liz made her sober up and get her act together. She struggled,but she managed to pull through.
9 months later,she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy- my little baby brother Gerard.
Things got a lot better after that.
Eventually September and her sister decided that September was capable of looking after us,and that was nice,being with my mum again. I helped her look after Gerard,even though I was only a toddler myself. We had some fun times,us three.

September wasn't like any other mum I knew though. She always had her own way of doing things,but always succeeded.
We were poor,so we couldn't afford much,but she didn't let it bother her.
She had an amazing,beautiful voice,and she always used to go down to the pub on Karaoke night,and sing her heart out.
She dreamt about being on broadway,making it big time..
But sadly that never did happen.
She introduced me to music,the real,raw music full of feelings and emotion.

I hated primary school. I loathed it. It felt like a prison,like I was a prisoner from the moment I stepped in at 9am till the moment I stepped out at 3:15 pm.
All the other kids would pick on me because of my shabby,second hand clothes. I didn't have any friends,so I'd hide in the toilets at breaktimes,humming Nirvana songs and daydreaming.

When Gerard started,it got a bit better. Deep down,I did care that my only friend was my little brother,but I tried not to let it show.
I'd sworn to myself that I'd never let anything happen to him. I'd always fight for him; always protect him from all the evil that the world holds.

When I started secondary school though,I was alone again.
It was so much worse there. All the older kids towered over me like giants,and everyone shoved and pushed each other walking down the corridors.
Lessons sucked,all the teachers were boring as hell.
The only subjects that I enjoyed were English and Music.
I loved the feel of a pen in my hand and a fresh piece of paper in front of ms,where I could scribble down all my thoughts and feelings.
It felt good to be able to write whtever I wanted,to have control over everything that happened in my writing.

I was still alone though.
Nobody wanted to have anything to do with me,and I couldn't be bothered to even try to do anything about it. I wasn't really sure what I wanted.

Gerard started when I was in my third year. I'd had some kind of false hope that maybe he'd fit in,that he'd get lots of friends,a girlfriend,and he's enjoy school...
But that didn't happen.
He was a skinny little pale thing (still is) with shoulder length ebony hair that he always hid behind,and sad,hazel brown eyes. The moment he stepped into that school,the kids in his year decided to make his life hell.

One day just after school had finished,I was waiting for him in the playground. The bell had gone 10 minutes ago,and there was still no sight of him. I was starting to get worried,so I decided to go and look for him.
The corridors were silent.
And then I heard it; quiet sobbing coming from down the hallway,and whispered words of comfort.

I found Gerard sitting with his back against a locker,with his head on his knees. Another not was sitting next to him,an arm snaked around his bony shoulders.
'Gerard!' I cried,rushing over to him,almost tripping over.
The other boy looked up,and I could see that he looked just as frightened and upset as Gerard.
Tears streamed down his tanned cheeks,and blood poured out his lip.
'Who are you?' he asked,a nervous edge to his voice.
'She's my sister,' Gerard answered before I could.
'Oh.' He nodded,and turned his head away.
'What happened Gee?!' I gasped,taking in the sight of blood trickling down from his nose.
He didn't answer,just shrugged and looked away.
'Some jerks just felt the need to hurt other people to make themselves feel more powerful,' The small boy gave a small sad smile,and then extended his left hand. 'I'm Frank by the way.'
I shook it,hesitantly. 'I'm Ocean.'

After that I got them both cleaned up and we walked Frank back to his flat. It turned out he was in some of Gerard's classes,and they'd become friends.
To be honest,I was kind of jealous.

Pretty quickly they became inseperable,and even I became good friends with Frank.
Things got better at home aswell. September got a new job as a waitress in a posh restaurent in town. It was much better paid than her previous job,so she was able to strt spending more.

I got new clothes,and that was when I dyed my hair. The first time I dyed it,I decided on bright red. It was a big difference,but I preffered it. It made me look tougher,like I could take on the world.

One night when I was 15 and Gerard was 13,all three of us were sat on beanbags infront of the TV watching The IT Crowd.
September announced that she had a new boyfriend,and they'd been seeing each other for a couple of weeks.
'His name is Joseph,'she told us with a proud smile,'He has a son in your year Gerard,but I've never met him. They're both coming over tomorrow afternoon for that okay with you two?'

It wasn't exactly bad news when I heard it,but it wasn't really good news either. I'd never had a father figure in my life,and September hadn't had a boyfriend since Gerard's dad,who I'd never met.
She was happy though,and that was the Main thing.

We tidied up the flat and I helped September prepare a Sunday roast. I was feeling nervous,but kind of excited at the same time.
Gerard looked terrified. We'd been talking about it,and he was scared that the son September mentioned would be one of the jerks who picked on him.

But it wasn't. Oh no,it really really wasn't.

It was Frank.
September was dating Frank's dad.

I expect Gerard to be thrilled- I mean,I was- but he just looked miserable. Frank looked disheartened too,but I guessed they'd just fallen out over something stupid. I couldn't imagine what though.. they were so alike it was almost scary,and so close they were like twins.

I got on quite well with Joseph,he was cool,and he shared the same passion for music as I did. He was a year older than September,which made him 39,and he was goodlooking in a weird sort of old man way.

'Gerard? What's up? You look so miserable..' I settled down next to him on the floor where he was sitting.
September was out with Joseph,for what seemed like the millionth time in a fortnight.
The TV was on,but I could tell he wasn't paying any attention to it.
'I'm fine,' he grunted,and tried to shuffle away.
'You're not Gee. C'mon,just tell me what's wrong,please?'

He looked at me then,his eyes full of fear. Tears started to roll down his cheeks.
'I can't tell you Ocean,you'll hate me.'
'Why would I hate you?! What the hell have you done?!'
He closed his eyes,and took a deep breath.
'I love Frank.'
I just looked at him,not quite getting it. I was confused. 'And why would I hate you for that?!'
'I like guys. Go on,freak out,punch me,tell me I'm a freak,I don't care!'
I stared at him,realisation filling me. 'Oh Gerard for gods sake,you idiot! You're my little bro,I love you so much,no matter what!' I hugged him tight. 'I am always by your side,always fighting for you. Wait,can I ask you something? Does Frank know him?'
'He feels the same way,Ocean.'

A year later,September and Joseph got married.
It was a small wedding,as September didn't have many relatives that she kept in touch with,but it was beautiful.
I was the Bridesmaid,and I wore a short black dress with blue netting around the hem,to match my new bright blue hair.
There was lots of food and dancing,and I just felt so good. I finally had a (sort of) family.

Gerard and Frank were happy too,and they still are. It's tough for them,but they love each other,and that's all that matters

We moved out of our flat and into an average sized 4 bedroom house.
We moved schools too. I'm not popular there either,but I have a few friends,and a boyfriend. His name is Kier,and he's a drummer in a band.
My band. I'm the bassist. Gerard and Frank are both on guitar.

Sometimes I look back at the tough times,and I think to myself,I am so glad that I didn't just give up,because things got so much better.

We only have this one life. Forget what people say,embrace who you are and love who you are. Never stop dreaming,and when it rains,ALWAYS look for the rainbow..

Weelll,that was it! c:
If anyone actually read it,then thankyou so much,you're fab,please rate and review?
-Eleah xo
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