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Frerard\Frikey. Rate,read and review please! Frank slips something to Gerard and lets him on a little secret.

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AUTHORS NOTE: Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I had no internet for a month and school started, I just got really stressed,I know its short but here is chapter three, thank you!

I remember Frank stumbling off of poor Mikey,then grabbing a fistful of my black hair and pulling my head back. I looked up at him, his crazed,blood shot eyes were glaring down at me. He then pulled out a small vial of a clear,thick liquid. I looked at him then vial, I had no idea what it was. Frank tried to pour it in my mouth but I had refused to open it. He frowned and pulled my hair back further, and I groaned from the pain. As my mouth was open he managed to get some of the liquid in my squealing mouth. It was some kind of medication and it tasted horrible, my face scrunched up and I glared at Frank. I tried to spit it out but he hand his hand gripping my mouth, I mumbled in the chair,trying to say "Stop.". "Swallow." He growled as his nails were digging into the sides of my cheeks. I shook my head quickly and tried to squirm out of the restraints. "SWALLOW!" Frank yelled as one of his hands gripped my neck. It echoed through the dark lot, "swallow, swallow swallow", it was taunting me.Before I knew what was going on, Frank started choking me. I coughed and spit as the medcine ran down my throat and tears started flowing down my cheeks. He let go and kissed my forehead gently. "There's my good boy." It was more of a hated hiss than a sweet whisper.
He walked away from ,what seemed, the only range of light. I groaned as I tilted my head and looked at Mikey, his shirt was clotted with blood, I couldn't tell if it was fresh or not. He looked so hopeless in the chair, he was passed out and blood was dripping down his chin. At first I didn't know why,then I looked up at his forehead; a little bloody heart was carved on the side of his left temple. I gasped, Frank must of did it while I looked away and studied the lot we were in. There were two dim lights above Mikey and I. The floor was concrete and there was dried blood stains. I wondered if we were the only one's that were ever here. "MIKEY WILL DIE IF YOU DON'T GET ANY HELP, PLEASE." I begged, sobbing slightly. There was a dark laughter and my head started spinning. "He won't die, I make sure my little, sweet angel is always happy." The voice replied softly. I knew it was Frank, but I couldn't see him. My vision was blurred and everything was spinning. The voice was distorted and low, unlike Franks. Suddenly I felt numb and tired. I murmured and weakly tilted my head. "Please...Frank." I muttered. Or thats what I planned to say, it was all slurred when I spoke. I saw him emerge from the darkness, I gasped with shock as he walked slowly towards me. But this time, he wasn't wearing his favorite black t-shirt. This time he wasn't wearing his favorite ripped up jeans and dirt stained black converse. He was wearing absolutely nothing.
He walked up to me and sat on my lap again. I couldn't do anything about it, I was too weak, I could barely move. I tried to shake my head or at least scream at him. All that popped out from my lips was a squeak of "No.". Frank chewed on his lipring and looked up at me, when he spoke he almost sounded normal; "Gerard we both know you want me, even if it is for one last time. Look hun," He grabbed my face and turned it so I could see Mikey bleeding. "he's asleep, he won't know." Frank let go of my face and had a hopeful look in his eyes. Even if I wanted him to fuck me, I couldn't say yes. I mean I literally couldn't speak or move,but did I even want to do this? I wasn't even sure."The voices told me to do this, they got me drunk. They knew I missed you. And to tell you the truth,I think they're right." I then realized that something pieced together. Frank wasn't just drunk, he was insane. Frank got off of me and started to untied the rope that was making my ankle's raw. For a second I thought he was letting me go then I realized why he was untying me. I tried to shake my head no,or atleast scream at him but I couldn't, I couldn't do anything. My eyes fluttered close and just like that the world went black.
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