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It hurts most to be kicked when down.

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“Hey faggot where the fuck do you think you’re going?”

Liam’s cold blue eyes were dull, lacking any source of life whatsoever in Mikey’s petrified ones.

It’s a shame, he thought, that he survived, when he wished death more than anything.

Apparently, Liam and his only recently discovered accomplice weren't going to be the only ones demonstrating why Mikey wanted the bliss of death, his bruises and cuts not even fully healed from the day before as the two blonde haired boys closed in on him.

All Mikey could do was accept it.

Suffer in silence, if anyone cared they'd hear and see what you weren't saying

After the first blow to his abdomen with his arms held behind his back he just closed his eyes and whisked his mind away from the time.

The last Christmas with his family, Gerard’s raven black hair tumbling over his fatigued but excited eyes as he eagerly encouraged Mikey to open the gift he had given him in comic book style wrapping paper.

Mikey carefully peeled the masking tape and unfolded the paper gingerly for later use, and almost dropped the pictures in his hands.

Three framed drawings Gerard must have put so much time and effort in, one of the both of them grinning to one another, the next a fully colored depiction of Eddie from Iron Maiden, and the last a stunningly detailed picture of Mikey’s bass.

“Oh my god Gee, they’re amazing, are they really for me?”

Mikey’s orbs glittered with emotion as they stared into very similar ones.

Gerard nodded and suddenly became anxious. “They’re okay right? I wanted them to be just right for you Mikes and-”

Gerard was rambling and wringing his hands, but Mikey thought the gifts were perfect so he silenced his brother with a tight hug.

The Ways both smelled deliciously of coffee and the older, cigarettes.

"I love you"

"I love you too."


His reminiscence was harshly interrupted by Liam screaming in his face.

“You don’t deserve to live, but me and Ronnie are nice so we'll let you off this time. Watch your back though, Michael Gay.”

Mikey’s plastic rimmed glasses had been snapped again and lay broken and useless staring up at its similarly broken owner.

Blood found its way through his mouth and expelled itself down Mikey’s band tee.

After a while his tormenters grew bored of delivering emotional wounds and left him after spitting on him and giving one final kick to the back of his legs rendering him sprawled on the cold pavement his own blood shaming him as it dribbled out his mouth fleeing the mess of its captor.

Mikey wanted to just lay there and rot so that his decomposed skin could free his caged spirit but no such thing would happen, besides, Ramona was probably getting worried about him.

Edward didn’t care much for him, but Ramona had always wanted a child even though after many attempts the newborn always died of unexplained health problems, supposedly.

Edward reluctantly accepted Mikey into their family after much begging to just keep trying for one of their own.

Mikey never understood why Ramona was married to such an obnoxious snob, but was too afraid to ask in case she grew angry with him. After much inner debating he carefully rolled onto his back and pushed himself into sitting position.

Liam had probably blackened one of his eyes and done some serious damage to his nose, it was much worse than yesterday.

His fingers grazed over the raw skin of his split lip and winced painfully; he retracted his hand and sighed at the blood on his fingertips.

His leg would be littered with bruises by morning he though bitterly.

The Belleville skies were splattered with deep reds and oranges as the sun began to set and he focused on that, not the cold damp air or the intense pain he felt in most places of his body, but the beauty the world had to offer even when the people polluting it were so ugly inside.

He realized how strikingly similar the way his blood and the color in the sky were splashed onto their backgrounds.

“One day this’ll be over” he murmured reverently and with great effort Mikey heaved himself up and grasped the two pieces of his now useless glasses.

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