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A Place I Don't Belong

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There's a difference between a house and a home.

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After the arduous walk from the clinic to the house he didn’t belong he entered the two bedroom flat and carefully began the ascension to his room.

He assumed that no one was home, as Ramona had told him about some sort of dinner party he had politely declined his invitation to.

It wasn't as if he would jump at the chance to stand out of place in an itchy, tight suit while his peers were all at least double his age laughing nasally.

No one should have to be subjected to being in a room full of stuck up snobs with their heads held so high that they can't see the reality of the fact that there are some people more important than them.

A different thought came to him and almost halted him in his tracks.

He was somewhat scared to see if another note left by an anonymous stranger was placed neatly in a manila envelope on his star wars sheet clad bed.

He couldn’t understand how the person came in and out of his house and how they knew exactly when to enter undetected.

The soft mauve carpeting underneath his aching feet felt wonderful as he pushed his dark wooden door and revealed that there was indeed, another letter.

Mikey slung his bag down next to his beloved bass, sidled over to his chest of drawers and retrieved a spare pair of glasses.

Bathroom first, don’t want to get blood all over everything he thought.

Mikey stripped himself free of his now bloodied band tee and distressed black jeans stiffly and gave himself a once over, grimacing at the sight he was in the small bathroom.

Variously colored and sized bottles were on display around the sink counter, most unidentifiable to Mikey.

A definite shiner was forming on his eye, along with the split lip crusted over with dry blood and more of his life essence staining his porcelain skin.

Cerulean and phthalo green contusions began to sprout bountifully, covering some of the fading yellow ones.

On top of all that his knee was still bleeding from when he was kicked to the gravelly unforgiving pavement.

Tears found their way out of Mikey’s eyes, not because of the pain, but because of his abrasion.

When he was younger and had fallen over playing with his older brother, Gerard had picked him up and taken him inside their relatively small house and placed two plasters on the cuts, then kissed them better.

His front teeth were missing as he grinned at Mikey and told him everything was okay and that it was just a little cut, and remarkably that stopped the younger’s fat tears leaking out relentlessly.

All he wanted now was for Gerard to bandage him up and tell him everything would be alright.


After the laborious task of cleaning his cuts and getting out the frozen peas he’d come much too acquainted with, Mikey slid his finger under the flap of the envelope and ripped it open.

One piece of lined a5 paper was inside.

Hello Mikey! You really should learn to defend yourself; I need you to be strong okay?

Fight back, you know you don’t deserve the shit you get!

I know you’re still curious but the timing has to be right for things to clear up!

Beware of Adramelech; he’s not someone you want to get on the bad side of! Lots of love xo.

“Adramelech? Huh?”

Mikey was perplexed beyond recognition as he tucked the note back into its envelope and under the floorboard that he kept all the other notes and various important things.

Mikey decided this Adramelech thing was mildly important so he mentally planned on going to do research in the library the next day.

Deciding that he wanted nothing more than to sleep, he shut his door, switched the fluorescent light out and rolled under the covers of his bed.

A single tear leaked down his face.

“Goodnight Gerard, goodnight mom, goodnight dad.”
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