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Demons In My Head

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Part 1

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Mikey wouldn’t go so far as to say that the day was happy but the warmth of the sun and cloudless skies begged to differ.

His entire body ached and all he wanted to do was go back to sleep but no such thing would be happening since Ramona decided to enter his room.

“Rise and shine Michael, we wouldn’t want you to be late again!”

The unnaturally joyful voice at such an early time in the morning adding to the fact that Mikey hadn’t yet gotten caffeine into his system made him groan.

As much as Mikey liked this woman he was not a morning person, squeezing his eyes shut against the blinding rays of the sun and hoping that he could crawl under his bed and die.

Her agonising voice encouraged him to stretch elaborately and vacate the comfort of his bed in record timing to get to the rich and heavenly substance also known as coffee.

His bare feet padded eagerly to the coffee machine and he yawned again waiting impatiently for it to finish.

After what seemed like an eternity his tastebuds were met with what he could only describe as perfection.

“For god’s sake Michael put some clothes on!”

a deep fearsome voice of Edward rang out loudly into the kitchen and Mikey looked down and noticed he was only wearing Spiderman boxers.


“Sorry Ed, coffee was calling me.”

He responded nervously.

“What the fuck are those bruises on your body Michael?”


Mikey’s heart began to race and he stammered out that he had been fighting with someone, which wasn’t exactly a lie, an unfair fight as it was but nonetheless as violent as one.

“You? A fight? Obviously you lost it; you’re too much of a bag of bones to win a fight against ANYONE. Don’t tell me you started it?”

For some reason Edward was interested in Mikey, as if him being violent was like a child watching its first eclipse.

“O-of course not! I’m not violent.”

Mikey’s cheeks were scarlet with the attention he was receiving from the robust middle aged man standing in front of him clad in his typical black suit and white button up.

“If I don’t get ready now I’ll be late, bye!”

And with that slightly awkward conversation and Mikey’s coffee over he scrambled back up the staircase as fast as his healing body would allow him.

Out of the closet sitting next to his chest of drawers he pulled out a simple black tee shirt, red scarf, and black jeans to wear with his equally black converse.

Mikey didn’t plan on going to school though; he had much more pressing matters to attend to.
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