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Demons In My Head 2

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Part 2

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The sun just seemed to laugh at Mikey’s pale skin as he trudged through badly tended streets to get to the Belleville Public Library.

After much searching the seemingly endless sections for ANYTHING on Adramelech Mikey gave in and traipsed over to a librarian.

“Do you have anything on something or someone called Adramelech?”

A blunt question like that could be potentially dangerous (for example, Mikey held a slight fear that he was asking about an erotic dancer) but since Mikey had no clue as to what he was asking for all he could do is hope for the best as the wildly curly brown afro’d man stared at him questioningly.

After a few tense moments his dark brown eyes lit up in recognition and the young librarian led the slightly younger boy up to where another much more withered and greying woman was checking out a worn out looking mother and her little daughter’s Noddy books.

“Ortiz, when you’re finished with this person I need you to reorganise the books in the you adult section, some kids thought it would be funny to mix the book titles up so that the names said some unflattering things.”

The junior librarian must’ve graduated from high school recently, Mikey observed.

There was a giant square counter with a centre for librarians to check out books with a door to the right of it and the librarian led Mikey into the unmarked passage.

The door led immediately down a wooden staircase and he was sure he’d have fallen down the dark entrance if the mysterious stranger wasn’t leading the way.

Why is there no light? What sense does it make if you have to walk down a dark staircase without any light whatsoever?

Mikey was puzzled as to what was going to happen.

Finally they reached the bottom and a sneezing fit threatened to attack Mikey with dust filling his nose.

“Light light light where are you hiding? I don’t plan on dying right now. Aha!”

Jeez people still say aha? I need to find some friends or I’m just going to be left behind as the world moves on.

The switch clicked on and light danced into the room and Mikey caught sight of a load of old looking books surrounding them in different library shelves, which he may add seemed like they needed replacing.

There was an average looking wooden table set in the centre of the basement like room and three chairs surrounding it.

“Right then, you wanted Adramelech, I’m a bit of a demon obsessed person, they just interest me so much, it’s so awesome how they can do things like-”

Mikey didn’t hear his rambling, his mind was stuck on demon.

Why did the note leaver tell him to be careful about a demon?

He didn’t think he knew any demons, sure people could be really cruel and heartless but that didn’t necessarily mean that they had inhumane strength and had power that normal people couldn’t even dream of.

“Sir? Are you alright?”

Mikey had paled at the thought that someone he knew might have the capability to kill him, the usual banes of his life could seriously injure but wouldn't go so far as to murder, they wouldn't risk it.

He can’t be serious, can he? Demons aren’t real.

“Hey uh-”

He trailed off, not knowing the stranger's name.

“Ray, Ray Toro.”

Ray smiled at Mikey, his eyes twinkling mysteriously.

“Ray, demons aren’t real though, they don’t have people believing in them nowadays.”

Ray turned thoughtfully back to him instead of shuffling through a few covers still piled on the table.

“They’re as real as you and I; you give off this vibe, like you’re really missing out on something. Would you like to read the basic facts about demons? They aren’t exactly like the movies, which sucks because if they were I would so get more involved.”

Mikey’s head was reeling and he had to readjust his glasses before sitting down in one of the old wooden chairs.

“You might just prefer me telling you about them, saves you reading lots of books, I know so much about them it’s unbelievable, not as much as this other guy I know who actually battles them, I’ve never actually met him but I know his name or codename or last name or something begins with a G which is awesome...."
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