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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

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Mikey receives some unsettling news and decides he's dreaming. *Very important chapter*

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“Okay so the first thing you should know is that demons and fallen angels aren’t the same things, Jesus, fallen angels are so much more powerful it’d be really bad if you ran into one and got on its bad side.

"So the bible and stuff says you can rebuke demons, but not bad angels as well, just thought you might like to know that.
Fallen angels have their own perfect bodies but demons don’t have any to walk the earth with so they possess people, sometimes animals if they can’t get to any humans.

"Demons can only walk, sorry; they’re not airborne like angels can be.
They only have the powers of the dark world so they can’t do everything angels can because they’re not celestial.

"The bible says that demons are basically disembodied spirits of the Nephilim which means tormenters, which were a race of the children of humans and fallen angels hence the evil and also lack of power, some people think they’re from before Adam and Eve times, I’m not too sure if they really existed but either way demons and fallen angels do.

"The Nephilim bodies were supposedly destroyed in the flood with Noah and stuff but their spirits stayed on earth as demons.”

Ray paused a moment for him to sink in all the new information he had just been bombarded with, and he was certain that if Mikey wasn’t sitting down already he would have had to now.

Mikey piped up,

“How come they stayed? I thought that everyone died that wasn’t on Noah’s boat. And if they did die why didn’t they go to hell, they were bad right?”

Ray smiled down at the younger boy.

“I was hoping you’d ask that, the Nephilim are half human half angel right? We know that when a human dies he either goes to heaven or hell, but what about the things that are neither fully human nor fully angelic? Where would they go when they died? They don’t actually go anywhere, they stayed here as demon spirits that walk through the earth looking for bodies to possess.

"One day they have to be cast into the pit when the time of the demons ends, we think it's judgement day.
When Jesus came they screamed at him these exact words,
“Have you come here to torture us before our time?”
That was in Matthew from the bible. The time for their punishment isn’t now though so until then we need to deal with them.

"That’s where the demon hunters and exorcists come in but you don’t need to hear about that now.”

“Whoa that’s a lot to remember, I'm not sure I can handle it, but it might be important."

"Anyway back to the first thing, who is Adramelech?”

Ray’s eyes practically glittered in excitement and enthusiasm on the subject.

“Well my curious little friend, Adramelech is an archdemon, the opposite of an archangel basically.
He’s Chancellor of the Order of the Fly and president of the High Council of Devils.
Why? You didn’t seem to know about this before.”

A voice of scepticism ever present in Mikey’s head began its shrill interruption,

demons aren’t real so don’t even begin to think that anything this Ray person is saying is true, how do you know that God is even real? You have no proof! Adramelech is probably some scientist, you’re talking to someone mentally unhinged. Run away while you can, why are you so quick to believe this?

Ray noticed the doubt beginning to cloud Mikey’s features and a small tight frown appeared on his lush lips.

“Never mind, it was nothing I guess, maybe a TV show or something. My name’s Mikey by the way.”

“Well Mikey, I’ll give you my number and you can call if you have any other questions about this kind of stuff, it’s real, some people just don’t look hard enough for it.
If you do end up running into Adramelech you really should be careful, he’s more powerful than normal demons, and even then they’re pretty damn powerful.”

Mikey assumed he was still asleep and that all of this was made up, he’d wake up soon, late again and have to skip breakfast, again.

He decided he would play along with it instead; it was just a dream to him after all, no harm done.

“Thanks, I will.
Would I be able to come back and read into it?”

“Of course, but you have to look for me or another librarian called Frank Iero, you'll know from all the tattoos he has.”

He chuckled and handed a neatly written number on a scrap of paper over to Mikey’s slender hands.

Mikey accepted and turned to boldly tread back up the stairs to escape the fantasy of the information he had been told.
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