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Nightmare on Elm Street (Flashback on Salter Place)

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Mikey remembers, and memories can hurt, even kill a person sometimes

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When the fire had started Mikey had argued with his parents.

“Please dad, we can’t move! I’ll lose all my friends.” Mikey sulked angrily, stamping his foot immaturely to emphasize his distaste.

Mr. Way had had a promotion in his work to a bigger base in New York, Mikey was never told what his father did for a living, the question was always brushed off by the dark haired senior.

“Now Michael, stop misbehaving, it’s a great opportunity for you to experience new things!

Isn’t that exciting? You’ll make new friends, I never liked those future inmates you hang out with, you’re better than that and you know it.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even find out what you want to be when you grow up!”

Mikey shook his thirteen year old head in disbelief.

“But I don’t want to experience new things, it’s not exciting leaving here, I like it here, and that’s because you don’t understand them like I do!

I’ll find out what I want to be here where it’s better.” Mikey had insisted to him.

Gerard had crept into their lavishly furnished living room and sat on the chair opposite where their parents were sitting.

“Ma I think you should rethink this a bit, for Mikes’ sake. It’s kind of rushed y’know?” Gerard interrupted.

She shook her dyed blonde locks and finally spoke.

“This isn’t something we’re going to change our minds on, I’m sorry Mikey.”

Gerard sighed deeply, clearly conflicted, but even more so over such a petty little matter, practical striken, and ran a hand through his already extremely messy hair.

“Just thinking of Mikey.” He mumbled and leant further back into the dark brown leather he was sitting on.

Mikey in the meantime was standing stock still but slowly ticking, moments away from saying something he would regret.

Both father and son were locked in each other’s stare, similar glasses and eyes boring into one another.

Finally Mikey huffed and stomped out of the house to find his way to his then best friend Andy’s house.

“I knew we should’ve told him differently.”

“Ma don’t beat yourself up about it, Mikes just needs some time to let it sink in.” Gerard tried to sooth the overly paranoid middle aged woman but to no avail.

“I’m not upset about that Gerard, it’s much worse. I think you should go out and look for Michael, just to make sure he isn’t too angry with us.”

Mrs. Way urged her eldest to leave the house for a reason Gerard didn’t want to admit he understood.

Meanwhile, guilt was beginning to gnaw at his sides and churn the acid in his stomach.

He was almost at Andy’s small bungalow, the streets and trees passing by but he wasn’t paying attention to the scenery he knew like the back of his hand.

Then it hit him.

He was acting spoilt, he needed apologise or the guilt would eat him alive and prove him to be bad company.

Turning on his heel he sprinting back to his house.

A few minutes later Mikey was just about to turn the corner on his street when his nose was stung by the sharp smell of smoke curling around his lungs.

Their house was far down on the block, a nicely sized modern one storey, with a big driveway.

Gerard and Mikey had lived there their entire lives, all sorts of good and bad memories lasting in that house, Mikey’s first words, Gerard’s first drawings, everything that ever meant anything to him was related to that house.

He pushed himself onwards, turned the corner and almost fell to his knees.

Eyes like his may not have been the best but the sight they were forced upon was no trick of the brain.

Paralysis took over his legs and he was unable to run to his haven and try to rescue it, only uselessly stare on with a disbelieving heart.

No, it can’t be happening, this isn’t real, it’s all a dream.

Mikey tore himself away from one of the most painful memories of his life, after he regained control of his legs and pumped them to his house he would have ran straight in had it not been for a boy who had passed by stopping him.

The boy was an unknown stranger and to this day Mikey couldn’t for the life of his remember what he looked like. His 13 year old mind had only recognised that they were of similar age, if he wasn’t younger than Mikey. The small but strong boy had held him back with both arms as Mikey struggled to free from the grip to rescue his parents and brother.

“Let me go I need to save them! My family are in there!” He desperately pleaded with the anonymous person.

He just shook his head, that was buried in the taller’s back and kept a firm hug like grip on him.

Who was that boy?
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