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He's alive. But how?

I saw the house burn; they said his body probably burned to a crisp from the house collapsing on his room in the basement.

Is this some sort of sick joke? And how the fuck do they know his nickname is Gee?

This is ridiculous.

Mikey's hands were all but a violent tremor and all through the rest of the afternoon and night he was transfixed by the picture of the both of them, it stared teasingly back, childish joy and youthful glow taunting his memories.

At some point he managed to fall asleep, only to be plagued by more precious memories.

After the arduous journey to the park Mikey deemed it necessary to sit on the dewy grass. An earthworm was struggling to burrow itself among the earth beneath the vibrant strands.

He sighed at the simplicity of nature and wished life could be so carefree, where your only struggles were whether or not you could find enough food to eat, not politics or terrorists or all of today's troubles, the world seemed the polar opposite from the majority of the human inhabitants.

"Hurry the fuck up Bob!" Gerard yelled impatiently, with a whiney voice for added immaturity.

"Calm your tits Gee; we'll get there when we get there."

"No," he pouted his full salmon lips, "my tits are pissed off."

Bob snickered and in response Gerard added, "You drive worse than my grandma."

Bob paused the van for a moment, being able to do so what with the lack of traffic on such an unused road at this time, and replied, "your grandma's a babe so I'll let that one slide, but insult my driving again though and you can walk, Mr. I-lost-my-license."

Bob's intense blue eyes reverted back to the road after giving his companion a meaningful glare and eye roll that lost all seriousness when the raven haired man put in, "you know you love me Bobert" causing him to break out into a grin.

"You'll be the death of me y'know that?"

Mikey was frightened back into reality by a loud deep vehicle horn.

He jumped up suddenly and because of the speed of it caused his head to spin as he himself spun around on his red converse dressed feet.

A man not much older than him and another he couldn't see as easily were sat in the same unmarked van he had seen the day prior to this one.

The extremely blonde haired fellow climbed out of the van and his baby blue eyes flicked up and down Mikey's small and delicate frame.

"Is this him?" he seemed to be addressing the one residing in the van, shadowed by the angle of which the sun and the mode of transport were placed.

"Yeah, it really is Mikes." the emotion laced into those five words said by a voice he couldn't forget even with a gun to his head was enough to cause Mikey to choke up and once again a tear or two sneakily escaped his lids' prison.

"Gee?" he whispered as the similar looking face stepped out and smiled.

"How's my baby brother? You're not much of a kid now are you? I watched over you as much as I could and I wanted to stop your pain and help you but you couldn't know yet and-" his rambling as he exited the vehicle was silenced by Mikey's bone crushing hug.

“I thought you were dead.” Mikey whispered into the crook of his older sibling’s neck, repeating it and smoothing down Gerard’s unruly hair with his spindly fingers.

“You had to, or things would’ve gotten really bad for you and I couldn’t let that happen, I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you. I wrote you letters though.”

Mikey smiled and thought back to all the envelopes sitting under his floorboards.

“So it was you? All this time it was you?”

“I’m glad you didn’t tell anyone about it.”

Mikey remembered Bob in the background probably feeling a tad awkward and reluctantly pulled away.

A sudden thought occurred to him.

“Gee, what’s Adramelech, and all that other stuff?”

Gerard visibly winced and sighed.

“Do I have a lot to tell you Mikeyboy.”
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