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The next morning I woke up to the faint aroma of coffee. Boy have I missed that smell. I looked around and remembered the wonderful occurrences of yesterday, when I met the Way brothers and Elena invited me to live in her home. I realized that Gerard was no longer in his bed and I was feeling rather uncomfortable being all alone in his room. I mean it could have been worse, I could have woken up to him staring at me, or to find him already awake. I decided to go to the bathroom and take care of my hygiene issues. I look As I stepped in to the shower and turned it on I was greeted by the initial coldness of the water, but soon enough it was warm. It reminded me so much of my life, about how it started out so horribly and then all of the sudden changed for the better. I was getting that second chance that all through life everybody else but me seemed to get. This was my get out of jail free card, and I realized this all via a shower.

I really need to stop being such a freak.

After my life altering shower I decided it would be best to go back to the living room. It took me a while to find because of the fact that I wasn't used to houses like this, and this was my first ever time walking around on my own. As I walked the correct path to the living room I looked around and saw many pictures, family pictures, but overall just childhood pictures of Gerard and Mikey. The sight was truly magnificent.

"Hey, there she is. How'd ya sleep" spoke the familiar voice of Gerard.

He was wearing a black and read plaid pajama set and he was holding a steaming hot cup of coffee. He looked well rested and his hair was perfectly disheveled. It truly was a gorgeous sight. Mikey looked just like him, except he was wearing a Misfits shirt that looked a size too big and a pair of blue pajama pants.

"Great! The futon was more than welcoming and I wot woken up by literally the only beam of sunlight that entered the room." I said smiling

After we had breakfast I decided to just hang out with Mikey and Gerard. we were listening to music when Gerard spoke up.

"So Mel, are you gonna be attending our school or what?"

I totally forgot about school. I was so lost I only just realized that it was barely beginning to be summer, the guys were a mere 2 days on vacation and I had the whole summer to be with them and relax.

"I don't really know, I forgot all about school"

He kept rambling about some stupid sluts in his school and I zoned out, I just looked at him, the way his face was perfectly made, like an angels hand carefully crafted each and every one of his features. I also noticed he had this certain Jersey drawl, that accent was pretty darn awesome.

You can't like him, you just met!

"Right Mel?" asked Mikey

"Huh? sorry I zoned out there for a minute." I said

"Me and Gerard were thinking we could all go to starbucks."

"That would be nice."

We got in the car and headed for the nearest starbucks. We went inside, ordered and sat at a table. Then a girl that looked about our age walked over to our table.

"Hi Gerard!" The unknown girl said.

"Umm, Hi?" Gerard looked more than a tad confused by her apearence.

" I don't mean to sound rude but, who are you?"

" I'm Hozzie, I go to your school Gerard"
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