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A twist & I don't think the next bits are going to be predictable so THERE

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Mikey almost couldn’t stomach all the information being thrown at him.

His head was reeling and his palms were visibly shaking.

“How did you even survive, Gee? Everyone said I had to accept you dying, I’ve been without you for so long, why wouldn’t you tell me it was you?”

Gerard sighed and massaged his temples with his calloused fingertips, it not really helping the pounding of his head but soothing his pent up worry somewhat.

“A man, who wasn’t really a man, tried to jeopardise a mission Bobert and I were on, he followed me back to my house at the crack of dawn, and waited.

He waited too long though, remember? He threatened to hurt all of you, but you got out didn’t you?”

A sudden thought sped at him and slapped him across the face, leaving an angry red mark of sadness and his eyes filled with tears.

“If-if you knew, wh-why didn’t you get mom and dad outside?” He uttered, pure, unadulterated despair leaking out and swelling into each hardly pronounced word and liquidizing each of the brothers’ similarly hazel eyes, but the elder’s glassy stare shattered first.

“I’m so sorry Mikey, there was only going to be a more inhumane death for them if I didn’t leave them.

If I had a choice Mikes, you know I’d have stopped it, but I couldn’t.”

Gerard reached up to the collar of his plain black tee shirt and gently tugged it down a few centimetres, revealing the start of a thick ugly scar.

“If I tried to stop that, this would be much worse, you might even be dead.

You don’t understand when I say I couldn’t, I was weaker than I am now, and he used me, I physically wasn't me till the shock of seeing our old house in the middle of the night set in. He made me kill a whole family Mikey, he made me coat myself in their blood.”

By now Gerard was shaking uncontrollably, seemingly unaware of everything around him, the beginnings of a panic attack being very possible as his eyes were clouded over and masked by a memory Mikey could never imagine the horrors of.

His breathing hitched and perspiration began beading at his forehead.

The trees surrounding them whispered and tried to reach out as far as their leafy green fingers could, but the attempt was futile.

Bob became extremely concerned, he’d frequently had to carefully jostle his partner out of a night terror that seemed to be that memory repeating itself.

Night after night, he’d be drenched in sweat, eyes darting every which way and heart racing.

If Gerard hadn’t been reclusive before, the anxiety he faced now made it certain.

The blonde rushed out of the vehicle and attempted to comfort his boyfriend slash partner in justice but his body went rigid and his face became unnervingly emotionless.

Then, with a more sinister grin slowly splitting across his face, Gerard hissed, “Michael, what did I tell you about looking for fights you can’t win?”
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