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I'll be in Dublin and want to meet fellow Ficwaddians!

by killjoy_blackrose 2 reviews

...still looking for someone to meet:3 deadline's drawing closer...

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One of these again? yep...

So, I'll be in Dublin from October 10th (Wednesday) to October 13th (Saturday)
and I was wondering if any fellow ficwaddians live up there so I could meet one of you wonderful people :3

Just contact me, my email is

sorry for the spam :L

i really hope i'll find someone o.o if you want to know more about me, my facebook is katharina schmeichel (the one with the blue/green hair and retarded face)

xo katie

still waiting still waiting still waiting... wow it's kinda hard finding someone:/

dear fuckwad, please do me a favor and show my fucking note

i'm serious, stop fucking with me fuckwad vyhajybxn
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