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Well fuck me sideways we've got somewhere!

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Ait so guess what?

No not teapot

I've actually only written this far

Basically, if you want this to continue on

as in me writing more

I'd really appreciate a review :D

Apologies for it being so short


Both the brother and the partner were sent straight to the unforgiving earth with what used to be Gerard leering at them, his eyes harsh and stormy in his skull.

Oh shit, what’s happening to Gee?

Gerard’s hands seemed to be fighting him as he convulsed, as though something had possessed him and was attempting to break free of him, which wasn't far off the truth.

The stony ground supporting everyone began to swirl , like a liquid whirlpool.

All the trees and bushes were battling to get away, leaning as far away from the scene as possible and Mikey could hear a faint but distinct “He is here” chant from the greenery.

Bob struggled up and wrapped his arms around what used to be Gerard and whispered something in his ear with calm eyes, in a way that reminded Mikey as that of someone quietly soothing a toddler who’d just went on a rampage in the house.

“Shh, Gee, it’s okay, everything is okay, you’re stronger than him, don’t let him control you, you’re special, you’re powerful, he can’t overpower you that easily, c’mon Gee.”

He breathed into Gerard’s ear.

Mikey was completely bewildered and frightened as to what had just happened and scratched his neck in thought.

A weird sort of lump was just above his back and when rubbed, it felt like the nape was on fire.

He shivered involuntarily over it and decided to leave it be.

‘Probably from when my neck hit the side of the pavement at an awkward angle’.

A distant nagging in the corner of his mind seemed to be tugging at his thoughts but he shooed it away, and all he could do was be mesmerized by the scene taking place in front of his teenage, angst filled eyes.
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