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Chapter 1: The Feeling is Mutual

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Mew and Mewtwo were sitting up on a hill enjoying the sunset. While sitting together mewtwo did something he had never did before. Read on oh and this takes a year after mewtwo strikes back

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Chapter 1: The Feeling is Mutual

Mew and Mewtwo were enjoying the beautiful sunset on their peacefully island on Mt.Quena. Everyday the two would sit up on a hill and stare down at the clones, watching them just doing daily routine stuff. Mewtwo never really paid any attention to mew but something about her was different. She always had the sense of warmth and sweetness about her. Something he never had. So while he was sitting next to her a feeling of confidence came through him. He scooted more closer to her. She didnt notice until he putted an arm around her shoulder.
"Mewtwo whats with the sudden movement?"
"I thought it would be nice to be a little more closer to you." He had to admit she was cute.
Mew urged away, feeling that this was a little to soon.
"Mewtwo we sit up here everyday. And just now you get near me. Whats with this?"
"Mew we've lived here for almost a year. What came to me is that over these past months I've been getting these feelings for you. I've changed so much. Since me and you always sit up here-" He turns with a blush, "I feel I'm ready to accept who you are and-" He looks into her gorgous blue eyes, "What i'm trying to say is mew will you be my girlfriend?"
Mew was now the one blushing. Never had she seen mewtwo with this sudden confident. This brought a smile to her. Though no answer was yet given. Only silence. Mewtwo moved a little more closer, this time he did something he had never done before. He rubbed up against her, purring with pure bliss. Mew had to give her answer now. She couldnt reject him. Especially how adoreable his behavior is.
"Yes mewtwo i'll be yours."
Mewtwo purred more loudly as he was more happier than ever.
"Oh mew-" he pulls her into his arms, "You made me really happy."
He licks her cheek. Mew was now purring. She knew she always had feelings for mewtwo. But was so nervous to tell him herself.
"Mewtwo I've always had feelings for you-" she rubs up against his cheek then licks him softly, "but I was so nervous to tell you. I was afraid you would of rejected me. I dont care how different we are or that you were created from my dna. None of that matters. You deserve happiness, freedom, love and peace. I promise to keep you happy and always be there for you-"
He licks her cheek again,
"You dont need to say anymore. I am already happy. Everyday just sitting up here with was pure joy. Thank you mew."
The two new lovers stayed up on the hill the whole night gazing up at the stars. Mewtwo had her embraced in his arms just holding onto her not wanting to let go. Her pure sweetnes was overwhelming him. He wanted to show her how much he wanted her. Though it wouldnt be right to push a sexual relationship. It needs time. So not to rush things he just charished this moment holding her close. Mewtwo looked down at her and could see she was happily asleep.
"Night my sweet-" he licks her cheek one last time,
"tomorrow we will start this wonderful beginning-"
He closes his eyes, "and we'll always be together"
Mewtwo had fallen asleep with her. The feeling was mutual. For the two a relationship had just started.

Chapter two will be up soon. And Whatever you have to say about mew and mewtwo being genderless keep it to yourself. In my opinion mew is a girl and mewtwo a boy. And I know she cant talk but I felt she needed to. I just couldnt make her reply in mew mew or whatever how she replied. Any suggestion on the next chapter please let me know. Mew is so cute!
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