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Chapter 2: Their Secret

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Summary: Mewtwo had told mew how he felt about her. Now that they started a relationship together. Mewtwo had something he wanted to share with her. Comes to find out she wanted to share something with him as well.

Chapter 2: Their Secret

While the couple laid peacefully on the smooth grass, the wind blowing softly and the clones still sleeping it was just a quiet morning. Mewtwo opened his eyes greeting the warm sunrise. When his eyes adjusted to the light he realized mew was still in his arms, sleeping soundly. He could hear her purring a little. It was adoreable. Mewtwo leaned down to lick her cheek, gentle enough hoping he wouldnt wake her. When he turned to look at the morning sun he suddenly felt mew brushing herself up against his chest purring in full bliss.
'Was she awake?' He asked himself, again looking down at her.
"Morning mewtwo." Her eyes opened with such warmth starring up at him.
"Morning. You seem in such a good mood this morning."
"Never been happier."
He smiles a little.
"So mew now that we're together I mean we've always been together but... you know oh why am I so nervous. Well what i'm trying to say is mew I-I-" he pauses taking a deep breathe. The pesky nerves were getting the best of him. Mew waited patiently though she didnt want to pressure him. When he took one last deep breath he spoke in a very low tone.
"Mew I love you. And theres something I am ready to tell you. I've been wanting to tell you for so long. I just couldnt because I didnt know how you would reacct to it. Mew I-"
She cuts him off by licking his cheek. That was enough to show he shouldnt be nervous to tell her anything. Her sweetness was want he needed.
"Mew this isnt my true form."
"What you trying to tell me?"
"Mew under this is... Well it will be easier if I just show you."
He moves her off of him so that he could stand a show her his secret he wants to reveal to her. When he was ready a bright purple mist surrounded him. It had a warm glow. Mew wanted to float close it. The warmth was so overtaking it. But she kept her distance. When the mist faded away mew could not believe what she was seeing. Mewtwo had changed into a human. His skin, hair, eyes tail and cat like ears were purple just like his pokemon form. Though he was naked but that didnt bother her to much. Mew knew she couldnt hold back her secret. It was time to reveal her human form. Just as she stood a pink mist surrounded her. Mewtwo saw her changing just like he did, only difference was her skin, hair, eyes tail and cat like ears were pink just like her pokemon form. The two were naked in front of each other but had no shame of it. They were a little shocked about how they both had a secret of being human. But he had the same feelings for her pokemon or human. She was still the same girl.
"Mew you look so-" he turns away with a blush, "Beautiful."
"Oh mewtwo-" she runs towards him. There she wrapped her arms around him.
"Mew how do feel about me being human?"
"Mewtwo pokemon or human it dont matter. I want to say I love you for who you are."
"Mew that just filled my heart with pure warmth."
Mewtwo reached his lips to hers. He wanted this so much just to feel more of her sweetness. When their lips touched she had sence of confident to pull him into a deeper passionate kiss. Their tails wrapped around each other holding them together. Mewtwo always wanted to know what a female body felt like. He had to take it slow with her. He didnt want to make her feel uncomfortable. Mewtwo pulled away from her lips but was still wrapped by her tail.
"Mew may I ask you something? I dont wanna make you uncomfortable or anything. But I always wanted to know what a female body felt like. With your permission may I touch you?"
She turns away with a blush. Kissing mewtwo was always what she wanted. Being touched was a whole new thing to her. She dont know if shes ready. She wasnt scared
or anything. Mewtwo was always careful with her and always was by her side. She just didnt know.
"Mew..." She looks into his eyes, "I understand your a little scared. I promise i'll be gentle. Theres nothing to be afraid of."
"Mewtwo I know your always careful with me. Your always there by my side. I just never been this close you. Our bodies touching is so overwhelming. Theres so much I wanna know about physical touch. But are we ready for that? We dont wanna push things."
"Mew if theres anything that has to do with physical touch I wanna learn it with you. Your the only one I wanna be with. There is no one else but you. I love you mew."
"Mewtwo touch all you want."
"You sure?"
Her lips touch his once more. Mewtwo hands moved up from his own side to her waists. He could feel her curves.
"...Mewtwo" Her lips pull away from his.
"...Mew do you trust me?"
"Do what you want. Its okay."
Mewtwo lifts her chin and there he places his lips on the nape of her neck. Mew never felt this before. Her body was tingly from the warmth of his lips.
"...Please...dont stop."
Mewtwo never heard her moan before. He didnt want to stop. Kissing her, touching her was pure bliss. He had never felt this feeling before. Ever minute of it was breathe taking.
"...Mewtwo" She lets out a low moan.
He stops, "I feel something happening. I feel I want more of you. Just kissing and touching you its making me feel funny inside. Are you getting that feeling?"
"Yes my tummy feels like theres butterfrees flying inside me. What is this feeling?"
"I dont know. But I feel we should take this to a more private area."
"Mm... I'm not sure. This feeling i'm having is like I want to... not to make you uncomfortable. But I want to lay you down onto this smooth grass and kiss you all over. I dont mean to say it like that. I never felt like this before. I'm sorry mew." He pulls out of her grasp.
"Mewtwo... Whatever you want its ok with me. If I feel its a little too much I'll let you know."
"Mew I dont wanna make you uncomfortable with me. I just want to know more about you. I want to make you happy. If you dont want to do this right now we can stop and just go back into our other form."
"No. I want to discover this new feeling with you. I will let you know if its too much. Please mewtwo."
Mewtwo wraps his tail around her once more. Their lips brush one another. They didnt understand what was going on between them. Some feeling that kept them kissing each other heatedly. Mew felt her whole body was on fire. She didnt know what to think of this new feeling. Was she willing to accept it? Was she nervous? She had no clue or any idea what was to come of this. Mewtwo however was being very cautious with her. He didnt want anything to go wrong between them. He took it slow. It showed enough how much he loved her. Slowly and gentle he laid her down onto the grass to where he was now ontop of her. Mew could see the nervous look upon his face. The look of not knowing what his next move was. He had no idea what to do. Neither of them knew what to do. But in some way this felt right. Unsure and very cautious mewtwo leaned close to her neck placing feather like kisses. He kept his hands by her side unsure what to do with them. Mew had a funny feeling in her. She didnt understand why mewtwo wanted to kiss her. So many questions flooded her head. Was he really in love with her? Are they capable of making this work? She didnt have an answer. Mew did have feelings for him but not this kind of feeling. She was stuck, unsure, confused. Did she love him?
"Mewtwo?..." Her voice was in a whisper.
He stops kissing her neck.
"Yes..." He replys
"Why do you love me?" Her eyes look into his.
"Because your different. You have this sweetness that I like. Your just pure mew. Perfect. And I love everything about you. Is this a little too much?"
"No mewtwo its not. But this whats happening right now between us I dont understand. You kissing my neck is... I dont how I can explain it. Being human is so different. I dont know much about them. Neither do you. What do you know?"
Mewtwo just looks at her. He was unsure himself. He didnt have an answer.
"Not sure mew. Your right we dont know much about them. I wanna learn though. It would be nice to have the capability to touch one another. To be one with each other. I have heard of this word 'sex' Any ideas of what it might be?"
"Sex? Mm not sure. Have a clue what it looks like?"
"Supposely I have seen two humans they were naked like us and well..." He blushes, "Like how I am ontop of you. The human was moving. All I remember was that the other human underneath was making noises. Sounded just like what you were doing a few minutes ago."
"Moaning." She corrected, "Humans moan I guess when it feels good. I have a little knowledge of what sex is. I lied mewtwo I do know what it is. To me its a beautiful thing between a man and a woman. Thats what me and you are. Your a man and i'm a woman. Sex it happens when two humans love each other very much. Theres these parts a man and a woman have. Yours-" She blushes, "Sorry, anyways men have these things called a penis. Womens are called vaginas. So like how you saw a human male moving on the female well they were having sex. He had his penis inside her vagina."
Mewtwo cheeks turned to a more bright pink.
"So your saying like how we are, we're having sex?"
"Not exactly. We're just two naked humans making out."
"Making out?" He asked in a confused tone.
"Its what you were doing a few minutes ago. Kissing my neck would be an example of making out."
"Oh I understand a little."
"You okay mewtwo?"
"I'll be okay. I just feel nervous. Being human with you is just so different. I dont know these feelings."
"Its okay mewtwo. I understand if you want to go back in your other form. It is okay with me." Her eyes drift away from his to look over at the sunrise.
"Please get off me." A tear falls from her eye.
"I'm sorry I just don't understand these feelings. Mew I wanna share them with you. Please mew I love you. I truely mean it."
She didnt respond. Her focus stand on the sun. Mewtwo couldnt believe this. Her attitude toward him. He felt like everything just fell apart all around him. Tears even started forming at the corner of his eyes.
"Mew..." He tries to get her attention one last time. Still nothing. He gave up. But before he moved himself off of her he leaned down to her cheek giving her a soft kiss. Mew of course rejected it turning her face further away.
"Please go away..." Her voice sounding hurt.
"Don't do this." He pleaded.
"Get off of me!" Her head turns feriously to him.
"Mew I love you!"
"I don't love you! I thought I did but I guess i'm not ready to! Now please-" She pushes on his chest, "Get off!"
"Mew please" He tries pleading once more.
Suddenly her form changes back into a pokemon. Thats when she float away from him. Not bothering to say one word to him. She just float off towards the sun.
"Don't leave!"
It was to late though she had already vanished.
"Mew..." His head drops onto the grass, "Why?" Was all he had to say.

Chapter 3 will be soon :(
Spoiler: She comes back
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