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Gerard looks at me with eyes that say: what the fucking fuck? That was my ice cream!

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Chapter 9

Frank’s Pov

We continue to walk out the door and they follow.
“And Frank?” Scarlet sighs “Fuck! its official… All the cute guys always end up being gay.”
“Hey!” Jack yells from behind her, sounding slightly offended.
“Except for you babe” She smiled ‘sweetly’.
Gerard began to laugh. “Just think, she was calling me that around two hours ago!”
I coughed loudly, cough cough “Slut!” cough.
“Fags!” was her intelligent response.
“yeah and proud of it bitch!” I yelled.
I noticed Gerard shifting awkwardly.
“Whatever.” She rolled her eyes and turned to face Gerard.”Gee you and I are over. I’m with Jack now. He’s so much better than you.”
“Wait! ... We were going out?”
“Yes fag!”
“This is new to me… I didn’t ask you out, you didn’t ask me out, so how exactly are we a couple?”
“Were! Because we’re not anymore.”
“Scarlet could you possibly- I mean I dunno if you can do this… but could you at least try not to be so fucking annoying! And seriously, Jack? I mean the guy can’t even count to 15!” I shout.
“Shut the fuck up fag!” they yell in unison.
Right, yell in unison day, it strikes yet again.
Jack begins to walk towards me.
“Hey hey hey! Fuck off!” Gerard exclaims.
He has saved me yet again.
Jack changes his course and walks towards Gerard.
“Frankie? Hold my ice cream will ya?”
“But Gee! What if I can’t tell them apart!” I whine.
“Frankie… one of them is bright pink, blue, and purple, the other one is white. If you cannot tell them apart I will personally rush you to have your eyes checked. Kay?”
Well he’s got a point there.
“okay…” I mumble.
Scarlet walks towards me and tries to grab my hands but I smash both ice creams in her face.
Gerard looks at me with eyes that say: what the fucking fuck? That was my ice cream!
I smile and mouth the word sorry.
“You bitch! Your boyfriend’s gana pay for that one.” Scarlet says and snaps her fingers at Jack who punches Gerard in the stomach hard.
I try to run towards him and help him but she grabs my wrist and twists it.
“uh uh uh! You get to watch him get his pretty little ass kicked from here, with me.”
Gerard punched Jack in the jaw and Jack shoved him down to the floor.
I tried to get out of her grip but couldn’t.
Jack grabbed him by his collar and picked him up.

Gerard’s POV [whoa haven’t done that in a while .-.]

Just as Jack was about to beat the living shit out of me Frank’s phone began to ring.
Sanitation, expiration date, question everything Or shut up and be a victim of authority Warning, live without warning
“ugh… Green Day…” Scarlet said, scrunching up her nose. “Jacky lets go. Let’s leave these fags alone. It’s not worth hearing Green Day.” She let go of Frank’s wrist.
Frank and I began to laugh.
“Jacky?” he said still laughing.
“Shut up.” Jack said as he walked towards Scarlet.
She grabbed his hand and they walked away leaving us alone once again.
“Green Day saved our lives.” I smiled.
He smiled too but once he looked at his phone his smile vanished.
“Well technically Travis saved our lives…”
“Travis?” I asked confused.
“Um… yeah... he’s… um… my…”
I raised an eyebrow. “He’s your..?”
He fumbled with his phone and almost dropped it when it rang again.

‘Took ya long enough!’ is probably what you are all thinking… so, sorry I take forever.
I could give you the ‘sorry ive just been so busy…’ speech but I think you have it memorized already.
I've been watching doctor who this whole time and I'm not gonna lie about it
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