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Chapter 25

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John sat on the edge of the bed as he fingered a small metallic band. He remembered getting a similar one a week before the Thanagarian Invasion and had planned on proposing to her. The ring had been destroyed when the Watchtower went down, along with his plan of proposing to her.

Even after everything that happened, he went to get another ring just a few months after they got back together. He did this really to just give himself some hope that their relationship would work and progress to that point. Now two years later they were finally engaged but he had yet to give her this ring. She didn't even know the ring existed.

That was going to change in three days. He was planning on giving it to her during the engagement party.

He still remembered when he bought this new ring. He had plans on proposing to her eventually, not acknowledging at first all of the problems that would come with trying to get a marriage license, but Shayera ended up beating him to it.

He gazed down over the rings, sparkling and glittering diamonds burning his eyes as he poured over them, trying to decide what would be suitable for the woman he loved.

There were the past, present, and future diamonds, and while they had good times in the past, there were many bad ones that neither of them would care to remember. He supposed the point of the past was to learn from the mistakes, but a ring that reminded her of the trials that they've been through wasn't something she'd appreciate.

He moved his eyes down to the plain bands and quickly passed them over deciding that she would quickly back away from him, seeing that they looked too much like a wedding band, and while he was going to propose, he wasn't suggesting they get married tomorrow. She would need time and he knew that.

There were so many different diamonds. There were heart shaped ones, which he found forced and contrived. He couldn't ever see her wear them. But the round diamonds seemed so plain, so ordinary looking and she was far from that. The marquis diamonds were too elegant, too extravagant for her.

But there were the princess cut diamonds. She probably didn't even know what a princess cut diamond was but he had a feeling that she would like them. She might not wear jewelry often but he noticed that she wore small things that didn't stand out and the princess cut was smaller than the others.

Well at least now he had the cut of the stone figured out. That was a start.

His eyes scanned through the waves of gold, silver, and platinum embedded in velvet holders, trying to find something that fit her. That fit her personality, her relationship with him. Something that with a little prompting, she would want to wear on a regular basis.

Yellow gold was too traditional, too basic. Not good enough for her. Silver was out of the question. Maybe platinum. It was rare, special, outside of the ordinary.

John smirked as he whispered, "Just like her."

The glimmer of the diamonds took his mind back to the night before, when they absentmindedly started to talk about their future together and finally marriage. He wasn't sure that she had meant it at first when she said she could see herself married to him. Though Shayera wasn't one to lie about this kind of thing or toy with his emotions. She took their relationship and love seriously. If she said she could see herself married to him, then she truthfully meant it.

The ring was a test, of sorts, but in a way, it was his way to proclaim to the world that she was his and he was hers.

That she'd finally given into the fact that she needed him just as much as he needed her.

To him, that was the most important thing in the world, to know that she loved him as much as he loved her, and that he wouldn't have to go another day in his life without her at his side.

His gaze fell upon a ring and pulled his conscious back to the task at hand and he looked to it through the glass. Two thin platinum bands held together by a shining princess cut diamond. The symbolism was uncanny to him.

Shayera had two personalities; there was Hawkgirl who was really Lieutenant Shayera Hol. That part of her was cunning, hardworking, and driven. Once she knew what she wanted, nothing could stand in her way. She was snarky and fun, incredibly frustrating, and fiercely competitive. This was the Shayera that most knew.

But there was another personality, one that not many knew of. That was the Shayera that he knew. The one who loved with every bit of her being, though she wouldn't say or show it in front of others. This was the real Shayera Hol, the one she let out only in the privacy of their home. The one that picked up her shirt up off the floor and threw it in the hamper when he wasn't looking because she knew it made him happy since he was a bit of a neat freak. The one that laid in bed next to him every night, even when he had fallen asleep before her, and snuggle against him, pulling his arm across her waist. The one who would tease and flirt with him just to see him smile. It was this Shayera that was going to stick with him through thick and thin.

Between the two thin bands was a beautiful diamond pulling two sides together. Indeed, she had two personalities, but they came together to make a beautiful person that nobody could tear their eyes away from once they knew the real her. A person so incredibly, unbelievably perfect that he would just watch her in awe sometimes. She had come a long way since her first few years on Earth and the Thanagarian Invasion. After everything that happened, she was still here...they were still here.

He nodded to the sale person, silently indicating that it was the one he wanted. He knew she would wear it. Once he proposed and she had made up her mind to accept that they were truly engaged, that it was okay for it to be publicly known, she'd wear it.

Still amazed by the symbolism of the ring to her as a person, he scribbled his name with a trembling hand on the receipt and took the velvet box. As he walked out of the jewelry store, he opened the box and looked at the ring again.

It was the one made for her.

And she was the one made for him.
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