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We'll never make it out alive.

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Slightly re-written. Gerard knew something was wrong when he and his band rolled into the small town of sharps. Will MCR get out before the sun comes up?

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So, this story was what I started a while ago and I figured with some tweaking, and a shit ton of editing, I could finish it off and make something half decent. Please rate and review, it means the world to me

Vikki xoxo

Have you ever had the feeling something was seriously wrong? When your stomach is twisting and contorting into knots as fear builds inside of you but you cant figure out whats causing it? The sense of uneasiness flowing through you so harshly that it's almost nauseating? This is how Gerard Way felt as his tourbus rolled into the small town of Sharps.

My Chemical Romance wouldn't normally play in little places out in the backend of nowhere, not since it had all become controlled by the label, but they'd had a few requests and hadn't wanted to let their fans down. The band was always about the music and the fans, they didn't want anyone to miss out. This is why their bus rumbled along a dirt road, miles away from city civilisation.

Gerard had tried to voice his concerns to his fellow bandmates but it just fell on deaf ears. Frank and Ray, his two best friends, were too busy jamming with their guitars to hear, and his brother Mikey was so pleased his beautiful girlfriend Alicia had joined them on tour he didn't share Gerards concern.

He began wringing his hands in his lap while staring out of the window at the small buildings they were driving past. Something was definitely wrong, he just knew it, if only he could figure out what it was.

Nerves, maybe? He tried to reason with himself, it had been an awfully long time since they'd played to such a small audience, or perhaps he was homesick? He did miss his own bed and his studio, the thick smell of oil paint and charcoal that was oh-so welcoming every time he returned home. Yeah, homesick, at least he hoped so anyway.

About fifteen minutes later the bus pulled to a stop outside a small hotel, it's ancient brickwork looking so invitingly at the boys. Gerard smiled slightly, looking at the faint glow emitting from each window, maybe a goodnights sleep in an actual real bed would shake this god awful feeling he was having?

Pulling on a simple black hoody, Gerard stepped from the bus to take in some fresh air, filling his lungs and closing his eyes. A gentle night breeze brushed against his face leaving him feeling more refreshed than he had in a while, spending so long on the bus always made him anxious and queasy, he needed to be able to have some freedom.

Gerard opened his eyes for a moment before closing them once again, leaning against the bus and taking in the pure air that surrounded him. The feeling was still there, the fear and nerves, but he swallowed it down. Thinking only of how air was so clean here compared to the cities he had stayed in.

Slowly he opened his eyes once more and jumped back in shock, banging his head against the side of the bus and staring ahead with wide eyes. A hooded figure stood before him and grabbed his hand, placing something in his fist and making a bolt down the road. Before his mind even had time to react the figure was gone, leaving no trace that they'd even been there and making Gerard internally Panic again.

"Hey, Gee, you okay man? Gerard?"

"What? Oh yeah, I'm just y'know, getting some air"

"Oh okay, well we're gonna head in you're coming?" Gerard nodded weakly and watched Ray walk inside, exhaling the breath he didn't realise he'd been holding, before unfolding the note and reading it through, tingling with the awful feeling in his chest. It read

When you need to run, meet me out back. They're coming.

"Hey, don't you think its weird we haven't seen a single person in this whole town apart from the guy downstairs?" Frank asked, he didn't understand it. The time was only 8:30pm, he thought there would at least be a few people around

"It's a small town, Frank. It ain't like the city" Mikey said with a smile, placing a reassuring hand on Franks shoulder.

They had all piled into Ray's room to talk for a while, finding it was too early to sleep, but Frank was beginning to share the feeling Gerard had. He looked to his raven haired friend sat by the window knowing that he was right, Something was up.

Gerard was gazing out of the window, he could see the figure crouching in the shadows, waiting. Maybe they were just trying to freak him out? Somewhere deep down Gerard knew that wasn't the case. Curiosity got the better of him

"I'm gonna get some air, guys" he said as he got up and made his way to the door

"Hey Gee! Hold on I'm coming with you" Gerard waited for his shorter friend and as soon as the door closed behind him, he signalled for Frank to be quiet and handed him the note. He watched Frank's eyes scan over the paper, confusion clear in his features and waited for a response. Frank looked at his friend with a determined eye

"We're gonna find out what it means"

Frank and Gerard made their way toward the stairs and halted at the top as they heard voices from down below "Have they settled in yet?"

"Yes preacher, they should be sleeping soundly soon"

"Then we shall wait until they are sleeping and take them to the alter, where the cleansing shall begin..."

Frank looked at Gerard, eyes wide and fearful, the older taking his hand and dragging him back to Ray's room. They fell through the door and turned the lock. Gerard pulled open the window frantically and looked for the fire escape. It was under the window and Gerard quietly thanked god for Ray being the man with a plan

"Gerard? What the fuck are you doing?" Frank shushed Ray and Grabbed his backpack

"We gotta get out of here, now" The urgency in Franks voice must have been obvious because they all moved to the window, quickly and quietly taking turns to climb out.

Gerard pulled the window down quietly and they began descending as quickly as possible, Frank looked through each window as he made his way down and his stomach lurched. There was nobody else staying here. What the hell had they gotten into? Suddenly he felt a hand on the back of his jeans and gasped as he saw the hooded figure behind him.

The stranger placed a finger over their lips and Frank nodded, accepting the help down. He and the stranger began helping each person from the ladder and, once they were all on the ground, the stranger took Franks hand and pulled him across the alley. The hooded person held open a small basement window opposite and they all slid through, with they figure following close behind.

Everyone gathered around the center of the floor as the stranger lit some candles and covered the small window
"Who the fuck are you and what is going on in this place?" Gerard was getting pissed off and he wanted answers, and now.

The stranger sat on the floor and Gerard followed suit. Frank crouched down beside his friend and the others just stood there.

"Okay, first off, I'm sorry I freaked you out back there. I had to get that message to you" Gerard gasped and leaned a little closer. Frank began stammering

"'re..a..girl?" The hooded figure laughed slightly

"Yeah, no shit Sherlock" She pulled down her hood to reveal a young face. Her eyes were a chestnut brown colour and her hair was black, like Gerard's, that stopped just above her shoulders

"Conform or die is what this town is about. You notice the lack of kids around here?" Frank nodded and looked at Mikey with an 'I told you' glare "They're gone. All dead well apart from the ones who did conform, they'll be hunting us too..."

"But why us? I mean, what are we doing here?" the stranger threw her hands in the air dramatically

"You took the bait, you are their sacrificial lambs for the slaughter" Frank stared at her, he tried to see a sign that she was kidding

"You're serious aren't you?"

"Welcome to psycoville dude"

"Why are you helping us?" Gerard couldn't help himself asking her. She could have just let them die

"Because I don't want this..." She stood up and pulled off her hoodie. Scars in the shapes of crucifixes littered her arms and deep purple bruising circled her neck " happen to you"

Frank stood up and moved toward her. He reached out his fingers tentatively and brushed the circle around her throat, muttering an apology when she flinched slightly "What happened to you?"

The girl sighed and sat back down. Frank dropped beside her and took her hand "Everything is the devil in this shithole, the way you dress. The devil. The music you listen too. The devil. I refused to change, and so did a few others, so they would take us into the wood and tie our hands behind our back, put the noose around our neck. We..." she rubbed her eyes, clearing any tears that dared to form there

"We were put up the tree and left there, it's not murder if you drop and kill yourself. They knew eventually we would all drop" she brushed a tear that had fallen down her pale cheek and looked down at her hands "My branch wasn't strong enough, I guess, because I woke up on the floor staring up at my friends hanging..."

Frank on instinct pulled her in close. Alicia dropped in front of her and stroked her face softly "What's your name?"

"Just call me Nevada, everyone else did. I haven't been called by my real name since I was 3 that was, fuck, 19 years ago" She smiled slightly then her face dropped as we heard shuffling above us "We gotta go, now!"

Gerards heart was almost ready to burst from his chest as he and his friends were guided through a concrete maze of alleys through the town, Nevada had taken his hand and led the way. Fear wracked his skinny frame as they shuffled in the shadows

"Okay guys, lets catch some air because we have to go out in the open at the end of here" They all slumped down against the wall apart from Frank. He began dancing from one foot to the other rubbing his arms

"Whats up Frankie?"

"I'm fucking freezing my ass off" Vee got to her feet and looked at Frank as if measuring him up, slipping her hoodie from her shoulders and holding it out to him "No, I couldn't, you'll freeze"

"Take it. I lived here since I was three years old, I don't even feel it anymore" Frank smiled and took it from her gratefully.

Frank couldn't help inhaling the smell of the black jacket she'd given him, it smelt like summer. A flowery scent that reminded him of visiting his grandmothers house in late summer as a kid. It smelt good. He looked at the girl standing in front of him. She was wearing black skinny jeans that clung to her like a second skin, the colour had begun fading on the knees from wear and tear.

Her shoes were scuffed up black Converse, similair to his own, and on top she was wearing a white vest top that was a little dirty from living rough for the past few weeks. He realised just how attractive he found her, she was sort of beautiful in a misfit kindof way.

"Okay, guys? We have to stay close together, do any of you guys have a cell?" Gerard and Frank nodded at her "Give me one and keep the other if we get separated I will call you and find you, lets go"

They stepped from the darkness into the dimly lit street, it looked empty so Nevada signalled for them to follow. Gerard's eyes began to wander across the store names and the items in the window, everything seemed religious and it creeped him the fuck out

"Stop!" Gerard and the others spun to see a group of men chasing them down. They turned to run and found that they were cornered.

Terror rocked through the group as they were approached. Frank eyed Vee curiously as she kneeled down. He saw a glint of silver and smiled, she knew what she was doing. Vee stood up and walked toward him she wrapped one arm around his neck and pressed herself against him, he almost shivered as he felt her warm breath on his skin, her lips brushed his ear as her other hand moved down his arm and pushed something into his hand

"It's kill or be killed Frankie, I need you to do this with me" his eyes widened as he realised what she was asking but he swallowed his fear

"Okay" she kissed his cheek and moved away pushing the others back against the wall before she and Frank stepped forward.

"Nevada? Clearly the devil in you is stronger than we thought" A large heavy set man stood in front of her and wrapped his fingers around her throat, Frank moved forward but she shook her head

"Let me tell you a secret" she choked out. The man leant forward a little and loosened his grip but kept his hand firmly in place "Your about to meet him, see you in hell motherfucker"

Silver glinted in the moonlight as she drove the blade into his neck, he immediatly released his grip of her and dropped to his knees. Nevada pushed him back with her foot and turned to the other men "Whos next?"

Gerard watched, partly in horror, partly in awe, as Nevada killed a guy. He hadn't ever expected to see anything like that, and to be honest, he hoped he wouldn't have to again. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his side and he dropped to the floor, he looked up to see his baby brorher fighting a man almost twice his size trying to protect Alicia. Gerard watched Frank step forward and slash the guys throat, crimson splattering his brother and his best friend's faces. He tried to stand up but the pain caused him to black out for a few moments, when he came around he was over Ray's shoulder and Ray was running

"In here..." he heard a door slam and what sounded like someone locking it then felt himself being laid down

"Gerard? Dude? Are you awake?" He nodded before trying to sit up

"No! You got stabbed, stay still I'm gonna fix you up okay?" Gerard felt panic rising up in his chest but nodded and lay as still as he could.

Frank did his best to clean his switchblade before handing it to Nevada. Alicia was hunting around for a needle and thread, and Mikey was holding his brothers hand. Alicia came running into the room and handed Nevada a sewing kit

"Okay guys, everyone take a limb each. Gerard, dude? Try to stay still. This is gonna suck" Everyone got in position and Gerard bit down hard on his lip as Nevada finished heating the knife "Mikey cover his mouth" Mikey nodded and placed his hand across his brothers face.

Nevada pressed the blade to the wound stopping the blood, the scent of burning flesh filled the room as Gerard whimpered into his brothers palm

"Gerard, you did so good! I'm just gonna stitch you up now" Gee tried to get free but everyone just pressed harder, preventing him from doing so. Nevada didn't take long in stitching him up, ripping the bottom of her shirt off and fastening it around his slim waist. Frank began to feel a rush of blood surge through him as Nevada's flat stomach was revealed.

"You guys need weapons, I'm gonna check the kitchen" Vee walked from the room and Gerard turned to Frank

"You killed people Frank, you actually killed people" Frank dropped his gaze to the floor and sighed

"I would kill a thousand more too for you guys, like Nevada said, it's kill or be killed"

Frank couldn't believe how strong Nevada was, for such a small girl she was almost carrying Gerard, even calling out directions to everyone. It amazed him. He was pulled from his thoughts as voices called out from behind them, in a blind panic Ray, Mikey and Alicia sprinted down an alley.

Nevada pulled Gerard behind some dumpsters and Frank dropped beside them, Gerard was almost in tears from the pain but Vee just covered his mouth with her hand and held him close. It suprised Frank when he felt a pang of jealousy rip through him as he observed Nevada holding his friend, it was soon followed by a pang of guilt. She was only caring for him and protecting them and Frank felt selfish for feeling the way he did about the situation

"Frank" he spun his head and looked at the object of his sudden affection "Stay here with Gerard, I'm gonna try to get inside one of these buildings" He nodded and pulled Gerard close to his chest

"Hold on buddy, we're gonna get outta here trust me..."

Gerard was in agony, every part of him was screaming due to the wound in his side. He wept into his smaller friends shirt as Nevada disappeared, he prayed they were going to make it but his hope was fading fast. Suddenly there were hushed voices across the night air, he recognised one as Nevada, the other he hadn't heard before.

Before his brain had time to fully register Gerard was being lifted up and carried into a dark building, he closed his eyes and awaited the worst but instead he was lain down on something soft

"Nevada, get something for the pain. My medical bag is in the kitchen" Gerard opened his eyes and looked up at a man not much older than himself

"Hey..." The man looked down at Gerard and smiled

"Hey there rockstar, try not to move okay?" He saw Nevada walk back into the room

"I still can't believe you're alive doc.."

"I still can't believe you are Nevada ,you're the most accident prone person I know!" Gerard laughed and they all spun to observe him curiously, he sat up a little

"Just like Frankie" Frank flipped him off and he laughed again. This could be his last laugh he thought darkly

They all sat quietly in the home of the doc, a million questions going through their minds but just one that both Frank and Gerard both needed answering. Frank was the one to ask

"What happened to turn this town into fucking Footloose with a deathwish?" The doc looked him in the eye and sighed deeply. He turned to look at Nevada then back to Frank

"It all started when that new preacher rolled into town, talking about how our souls were eternally damned due to the music we listened to and the clothes we wore. People went crazy he had the record store burnt to the ground and used fucking biblical forms of torture on anyone who opposed what he said. Living in a small town religion is everything so folks just lapped it up y'know. I got beaten bad because I said that it was bullshit. Still survived though, it's gonna take more than some crazy bastard preacher to take me down"

Frank looked at Gerard, they shared a look of confusion and amazement. How the hell had they gotten away with it for so long? The doc told Gerard to grab some sleep and Frank to do the same.

Frank was too shaken to sleep so just lay there staring up at the ceiling, hearing a noise and sat bolt upright. He watched Nevada make her way to the door and scrambled to his feet

"Hey, where you going?"

"I'm gonna find the guys, they need us"

"Well I'm coming too"


"Damn it girl! Just let me come" she smirked a little and walked toward the door

"Come on then...boy"

The alleys were dark as they made their way through the streets, Frank called the guys phones but to no avail. A light shone down through the darkness and Frank felt himself being pulled to the side, he stumbled and fell to the floor pulling Nevada on top of him.

A rush of blood flowed southward as he felt Vee's body pressed firmly against his own, he couldn't help moving his calloused hand up the bare skin of her back and resting it on her neck, his eyes staring into hers. He inched his face closer

"Frank? Nevada?" Frank groaned

"Damn it Ray!" Then it hit him. Ray.
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