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Friends Shower

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Slash is unanimously voted dirtiest Gunner. His band mates decide to help him out with that. **Bit of a smut fic

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Nobody was clean. We used the shower as another closet, but the boys took a survey and much to my dismay, I was unanimously voted dirtiest gunner. I tried to plead the case that Steven had to be dirtier, because all of his chest hair held a lot of dirt. Didn’t work. Who the hell cares? Girls didn’t complain. I didn’t care. Whatever. Jesus, did they nag me though. They all but tossed me into the bathtub! Who cares, I’m perfectly happy. Maybe I should wash these leathers? Meh, I think I’ll just drink. Yeah, I like that idea, here’s my good old pal Jack come to join me.

Then one day it happened…

I was lounging on the couch nursing a bottle of Jack staring dully at the TV. I let Steven pick whatever he wanted. Unfortunately the drummer isn’t good at making decisions so he spent most of the time flipping through channels. That doesn’t look too good when you’re feeling a little buzzed. I’m going to stare at my bottle bottom. Haha, that’s funny, bottle bottom.

“Hey Stevie.” Duff said flopping down right behind the smaller blonde. His long sinewy arms slunk around the blonde’s shoulders earning a compliant squeak of surprise. Friendly Duffy. Friendlier Jack.

“Hey Duff. What’s up?” The drummer’s face lit up as he turned toward the bassist. A naughty smirk curled over the taller blonde’s lips as calloused hands roamed over the drummer’s chest twining in the thick nest of hair. His hands slithered further down to his belly and hips.

“You’re a dirty little guy. Dirtier than Slash.” Duff said as he buried his nose into the fluffed blonde locks. Steven shifted, pouting. Wait a second, seriously? Yeah, like that’s going to work on me guys. Too obvious, oh look I found another bottle. Happy day!

“No I’m not.” Steven said jerking an accusing finger at me. “Slash was voted dirtiest in the house, not me!”

I cocked my head at the fighting blondes. This was dumb, but I kind of liked watching the two have this little bitch fight. Mildly ignoring them I slumped further into the matted cushions. Where are my cigarettes?

“Admit it Stevie, you’re dirty.” Duff said his lips curled wickedly. “And so am I.” He swung his long leg over the blonde’s chest pinning him to his back as he mounted the smaller blonde. Intertwining their fingers to hold him still Duff began nipping at Steven’s jaw. The little blonde surrendered fast giving over to the heavenly caresses, wait I just said heavenly and little blonde? Okay, no more Jack for me. Bye, bye.

“Duff!” Steven choked on his breath as a hand traced along the hem of his white t-shirt pushing it up baring the toned flesh. His belly bounced as Duff’s tongue extended from his mouth drawing long sinuous circles around the smaller blonde’s naked hips, biting the protruding v of his hipbones.

What the fuck? Shit! I dropped my newly found cigarette. I don’t know how it happened but Steven’s pants had come undone falling low on his hips. The drummer squirmed more violently as Duff taunted his drum tight body. Legs shook and shimmied as the bassist continued licking and sucking at his hips. His broad hands scratched along the thin ribcage. Steven’s naked cock almost visible, but not quite. Holy…

This was way better than TV. Mindlessly I clutched my own the crotch. Well it would be rude to interrupt with displaying my own, right? All right, yeah it was the only thing I could think of to keep me from jumping those two. When Steven moaned I moaned…and grabbed myself, whoops. When Duff flicked his tongue in a new obscene way over that pale skin, I whimpered. I couldn’t even sit still on the couch. Yeah, um, maybe this wasn’t a very good idea.

“You’re still dirty, Stevie.” Duff chided as he sat back onto his knees licking his lips slowly. Fuck, I wanted to be the drummer’s half naked crotch getting teased by that tall blonde fucker’s tongue.

“Clean me, uh-up, then.” Steven growled breathlessly. Duff smirked as he rose tugging the smaller musician with him flicking the ratty jeans off the drummer’s slim hips. He leaned into whisper, “you won’t be needing them where we’re going.” Steven blushed turning his head with a tiny smile. Duff chuckled. He winked at me before disappearing with his blonde bundle.

My mouth had long gone dry. I kept rubbing savagely at myself watching the blonde’s play with each other. Fuck, I’m whimpering! But Damn if it wasn’t unfair when that bassist lifted the nude drummer onto his hips. He winked at me evilly as he headed off to the bathroom with a grinning Stevie.

Come back please come, oh yeah come, mm. If they were so dirty I could throw a glass of water on them or get the hose, oh god the hose. Oh yeah that’s going to help me. I glared down at my betraying fingers tightening around my crotch. Hissing in annoyance my head lulled to the back of the couch. Opening one eye I heard the steady pounding of water. A vague haze of steam drifted from the open door. Oh sweet merciful Jesus in heaven they left the door open, I groaned. This was inhuman.

“Oh! Oh, Duff!” A high slightly strangled voice floated from the room lulling my brain into an alluring warm haze.

Damn it! Damn it! Fuck! I ground my feet bolting for the door dropping my long forgotten full bottle of Jack and stepping on my cigarettes in the process. I almost collided with the door as I stumbled into the small bathroom. The blondes barely noticed.

I cursed under my breath as I stared at the golden boys. Glistening bodies danced together as they slid against each other’s slick flesh. Steven was bent over with his tight round ass pressed back against the lean bassist, whose hands and mouth roamed the drummer’s back. Steven’s tight shoulders rippled with pleasure as Duff flicked his tongue down his back. I was left to my groans and hand.

Duff bit the tight shoulder blades before slowly descending his ribs sucking at certain spots causing the drummer to pant. Steven’s hands slipped on the title as he arched forward. Duff caught him at the base of his throat steadying him as he continued using that long serpent like tongue that I was craving to suck. Steven’s mouth opened into a wide O as he moaned, looking up at showerhead. His breath hitched as he spat out some water.

I sank to my knees starring up in awe at the sight, muttering god and a few other words. Hell, I think I was praying! At least that’s the closet thing to praying I’ve done. Especially when Duff slid down the drummer’s body lacing his hands around the blonde’s thighs lightly massaging them apart.

“Still so dirty Stevie.” Duff scolded as his hands slid over the wet flesh to grasp the drummer’s cock giving it a couple good yanks. Steven clutched his hair as he tried to steady himself against the shower wall. The blonde’s fingers crawled to grab his ass squeezing hard before he slapped it. Steven’s ass cheek twitched as his hips shot forward in shock. That wasn’t very nice Duff. I wouldn’t do that to sweet little Steven. Um, did I just say that? Yes. I would spank him!

“Uh, mohgod.” Steven groaned as he began to tremble. I inched closer but still managed to stay out of the spray of water. My mouth watered dropping to the floor as I watched. “Duff!” Steven wrenched his body twisting one leg over the other as the blonde shoved his tongue into his ass crack. Duff clicked his tongue as he fastened a long strong arm around the frantic blonde’s lower body.

Drawing that candy pink tongue out Duff looked directly at me. I blinked blindly as my hand found my tented leathers and the other one ached to touch the sopping wet musicians. Duff just winked with a quick smug grin before turning back to the moaning drummer.

He gently licked and sucked along the outer rim of Steven’s crack causing him to shiver despite the hot spray of water raining down over them. Duff smiled into the drummer’s backside as his hands began to toy with the matted hair between his thighs. He pulled and twirled it around his fingers.

“You like being dirty don’t you? Like rolling around all day in filthy sheets just so I can lick you clean.” Duff mumbled against the heated flesh. Steven shook his head as one hand grasped the shower nozzle trying desperately to steady him. “Do you want to get clean?” The bassist taunted pulling back licking his lips as he let a gentle moan pass through them.

It was now or never.

“Fucking hell, yes!” I yelled, before I could stop myself. The glistening blondes turned finally aware of my presence.

“Oh look Stevie.” Duff said hugging Steven’s hips closer to his chest as he rested his cheek against the blonde’s plush backside. “Another dirty boy who wants to get clean.” He kissed Steven’s ass, before rubbing his cheek against the supple wet flesh. “Should we help him out?”

“Oh god please I’ll fucking do anything.” I whined. Damn I was pathetic, but if you had to hot blonde musicians getting it on in front of you, in the shower, what would you do? Seriously, admit it!

“Dunno Slash, man.” Steven said as his hand slid down his lean water slicken torso. Tossing his wet tresses he rubbed his groin leisurely. Duff nuzzled his ass as he toyed with the inside of Steven’s thighs. “Mmm, Duff.” He addressed me next. “You like being dirty. You don’t want to be clean.”

“Yes I do!” I shouted startling them both as I ripped off my leathers. God that felt good! I stood naked starring at the two. They stared back. Oh please, please. I’m not sure if I was saying it aloud or not.

“Get in front of him.” Duff tilted his chin indicating he wanted me in front of Steven. Tiny drops of water slipped from his sodden gold hair. I knelt in the bathtub sighing as the drummer readjusted the warm spray to hit my back matting my curls to my back. “Now since you’ve been a naughty dirty boy for interrupting Stevie’s bath time, suck him off.”

I haven’t the foggiest idea of why, but my mouth took him. I mean all of him. Steven gasped placing a hand on my shoulder to steady himself from the shock. Any distress quickly left him as he grunted and thrust into my mouth. Hollowing my cheeks I sucked harder not allowing for that teasing little blonde to escape my grasp. In minutes Steven’s cum was pouring down my throat.

After swallowing the last bit I laid back in the tub. The nozzle poking me in the back, but it was a friendly poke so who cares right? Oh shit that’s good! Duff’s mouth was on mine kissing me deeply. His tongue swirled my mouth mapping every detail. A sponge stroked my belly. I laughed into the bassist mouth.

“It tickles.” I said to the confused blonde who smirked, cupping my face. His hand tangled in my dampen curls.

“There can be a lot more if you’ll be a good boy and get cleaned up.” Duff purred against my neck. His hand held a washcloth that he began to rub over my chest. I could feel his fingers through the thin soapy fabric. I rose up when he pinched my nipple. Steven pushed me down as he lifted my leg bending down to kiss my inner thigh sucking it as the sponge scrubbed my groin all around my stiffening cock, but not touching it.

“See how much fun getting clean is Slash?” The drummer teased looking up at me with a wide grin. Oh fuck, the sponge slid down my leg. That was just naughty the way he oh, do that again!

“Come on.” Duff said tugging my hair. “On your stomach we’ve got to get every where.” I obliged the lanky bassist even though I just wanted one of them to suck me off.

Duff stood in front of me pouring shampoo onto my hair he massaged my scalp. When did shampooing my hair get so erotic? He piled my hair onto my head away from my face as he bit my lips kissing me roughly. Yeah, that’s what I need, oh yeah!

Another pair of hands aided with washcloths scrubbed my back. Steven started at my shoulders before working down my spine. As he let the water rinse off the soap he ran his teeth along my wet skin.

“Just fuck me already!” I screamed. My cock ached. I was barely breathing.

“Suck me.” Duff commanded fisting my shampooed hair he drew himself onto me as I was pulled forward. Steven’s soap slicked fingers slid into me. My eyes flew wide and I went to clench my teeth, but the drummer swatted my ass hard.

“No biting!” He commanded still holding my hair Duff leaned forward kissing the smaller blonde appreciatively. I tilted my head to the side to watch. The sight of two sopping wet blonde’s exploring each other was enough to make me cum. They moaned as their tongues fought for dominance and their body’s battle in a tug of war. One would lean forward the other recoil slyly, only to confront the other a second later. Parting they panted looking at each other like animals ready to pounce. Water drops fell from their flushed lips and chins. Hey wait, what about me?

I rolled my fingers over Duff’s balls earning a sharp squeal from his parted lips. I must have looked like a pleading puppy or something, because both blondes grinned down at me. Duff moaned again as he stroked my sodden hair.

“I think Slash is trying to tell us his bath is over.” Steven cooed as his fingers slid around the crease where my ass met my thigh. Ooh, that was a good spot. “Think he’s done?”

“Almost.” Duff sighed as his breath started speeding up. His endless legs shook as I sucked him hard, twirling my tongue, fingering his balls. Meanwhile Steven’s fingers had been replaced with his long cock. Sliding it in as he massaged my hole with more soap. I was too lost in the friction of the wet bodies slapping in and out me to care if it hurt. The only thing that actually hurt was my own crotch. I could rub it but I was lost in the disheveled heated look on Duff’s face.

“God Slash!” Duff screamed as he shot his load down my throat. Steven slammed into me at just that moment, filling my ass as Duff hit his orgasm. Two soaked blondes screamed my name as they showered me. Steven that merciful little angel reached a hand around my waist tugging just enough for me to expel myself. Taking my mouth off Duff’s dick I screamed in triumph before falling onto the bassist. His belly bounced with the aftermath of his orgasm.

A drummer slid out of me reaching over to push the matted blonde hair off the bassist’s forehead kissing him hard. Duff moaned as he fought back with his mouth despite his aching body.

“I love you Duff.”

“I love you Stevie.” They kissed again. Pulling away Duff ran a thumb over Steven’s cheek, their faces inches apart. I liked being the chocolate cream in this backwards Oreo.

“All clean now?” A sarcastic voice came from the doorway. I looked up to find Izzy lazily starring back at us. A slight grin slid to one side of his lips.

“How long have you been there?” I asked poking my head out from under the two blondes.

“Got in around the climax.” Izzy shrugged, but his eyes were laughing.

“Damn looks like I owe you twenty bucks, man.” Our red head singer said coming up behind the slim guitarist. He handed Izzy his lit cigarette. “Didn’t think it’d actually work.”

“Yeah, but you guys need to get out of here.” Izzy took a drag off his cigarette. “It’s been a month since I showered.”

“A month!” I yelled. “That’s longer than me!”

“Well you want to clean him up as punishment?” Duff asked smirking. I froze unsure of what to say.

“Only if I can help.” Axl said. Now I get the red head with skinny? I’m going to have to stop showering all together.
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