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Mikey Asks

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"Hey Gee?" "What, Mikey?" "When're we getting out?" "I dunno"

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Crossover - Characters: Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2012-11-29 - Updated: 2012-11-30 - 306 words

"Guys?" Mikey asked while they were standing in line.

"What?" A few of the people near him asked. Some didn't even bother looking at him, they were already that drugged out. "When d'ya think we're getting out?" He asked. Nobody answered him, then a moment later, Gerard said with a sigh, "Mikes, it's better if we don't think about that."

He was right about that. Because the minute that you started thinking about getting out, the more depressed you'd become, realizing that you'd probably never get out, and the longer they'd keep you in here, the place where it was never night, but never truly day either, the day marked off in 10 minute checks, and crappy meals that were never warm, but barely room temperature (Time temperature abuse! Food poisoning in the making!)

Mikey sighed and nodded, shuffling along with the rest of the line. Gerard truly hated seeing his brother like this, but there was nothing that he could do to help it. After all, he was the same way. But before he could get any further into his train of thoughts, the sirens went off, indicating someone was either trying to break into, or break out of the hospital.

But really, who the fuck would be trying to break into this shithole?

So I had a really shitty day. Friend of mine in cooking class had an asthma attack, had to get taken by fire rescue, got sent to an assembly that pretty much said that I was missing a credit and if I didn't make it up I would be sent back a grade level only I didn't fail the class I got a C, and my uncle hit his head at work couldn't remember anything couldn't talk, and they still let him out so now I'm just fucking paranoid he's gonna croak :(
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