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Taste in Movies

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"Old Yeller?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

He shrugged. "Yeah, I thought we could watch a movie. You need a break from all those hours of work."

"You seriously need to stop worrying about me."

"After awhile it's hard work."

"Oh yeah since monitor duty and crowd control is so hard for a pregnant Thanagarian to do," She sarcastically commented. "Anyway you decided that we were going to watch a movie and naturally you picked Old Yeller...again. Great choice John," She stated with a chuckle.

"What's so funny?" He asked smiling.

"After all this time you still have a horrible taste in movies," She laughed. "At least it's not one of those John Wayne movies again."

"Hey!" He mocked a hurt expression. "There's nothing wrong with a good old Wayne movie. Besides you love /She Wore a Yellow Ribbon/."

"Just because I love the movie doesn't mean I want to watch it every day like how you watch your favorite movie."

"I don't watch Old Yeller everyday," He defended himself.

"At least twice a week you do." She countered as she turned towards the shelf. "I bet I can find a better movie."

"You're not going to make us watch Look Who's Talking again or some tear-jerking movie are you? Because you were bawling your eyes out at the end of WALL·E and Marley and Me last week."

Shayera frowned and looked down at the movie she had in her hand.

"Gone with the Wind," She gave the movie cover an uninterested look. "Never heard of it." She turned the case around and began reading the summary.

"It's actually a great movie. I'm surprised you never saw it before. It's a romance story and I know you love those," John said to her.

"Sounds too sappy for me." Shayera mumbled, starting to place it back on the shelf.

John quickly grabbed her arm. "Believe me you'll love this movie."

"Alright I got nothing better to do." She sat back down on the couch. "It's probably boring though."

"You'll see."

John had his arm around Shayera and she was tucked close to his chest. Though unlike John, Shayera didn't sit quietly during the movie.

"Oh get real Scarlett, Ashley loves Melanie not you!"

John smirked and occasionally chuckled at her outbursts. For over four hours all he heard was the movie and Shayera but mostly Shayera's enthusiastic narration. She was so into the movie that she didn't notice him watching her.

"I hate that she married him. She doesn't deserve him! Melanie is so nice, Scarlett doesn't deserve a friend like her!"

She later glared at John. "You better not make a fool out of yourself when our kid's born like Rhett just did."

When Bonnie died, she was weeping. "Oh come on, that's not fair! She was only a little kid for crying out loud!"

"Oh thank heavens Rhett left her!"

Finally the movie was over. "John that was the greatest movie ever! Why didn't we ever watch this before?"
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