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Four A.M.

by SADIS 5 reviews

Axl and Izzy Drabble. Enjoy! That is all.

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Four a.m.
Used to be when we went to bed. Now been asleep for hours, a feeling of heat beside my skin. I catch him in his most innocent, peaceful, and vulnerable moment. I press a whisper touch to his cheek beside his still soft childlike lips, not wanting to disturb him, drawing back smiling, rolling to my side.
A strong arm around my waist draws tugs me into the heat.
“Izz…” Voice drifts away.
“…love” I lace our hands. Rings around thumbs clink.
“I love you, Axl.”
His smile presses into my shoulder blade.
Our moment.
Then and forever.

[/Author's Note: I find I write drabbles when I'm nervous and they tend to come out kinda sweet. Anyways, please rate and review. I'm trying to see how writable Axl/Izzy is for me for a future story. Even though I should be finishing my other one. Haha. Enjoy!
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