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"Dammit Frank didn't I tell you not to react so harshly", Gerard scowled.
"You didn't tell me not to scream", I said innocently. " Don't blame me, you just told me that you're a vampire that's pretty surprising in my point of view."
Gerard stood up and held out his hand. I took it, ignoring the jolt of electricity that came from his hand. He on the other hand didn't ignore it and I fell back to the flower bed with a soft thump. It didn't hurt though, thank god.
"I'm sorry, my love, did that hurt", he asked with concern.
"No and what did I say about the name calling?", I scowled at him. After all if he was going to be mad at me for screaming I minus-well be mad at him for breaking the rule I put on him.
"I'm sorry, but the name calling cannot be helped so in my with it.........darling", he stated. Wow. Bipolar much?
He held out his hand again, managing not to letting me drop this time. After I stood up properly he didn't let go. Instead he intertwined it with mine and smirked. Why does he have to be so handsome? Why god? Why? Little did I know while I was questioning god, Mr. I'm-so-good-looking was leaning for a kiss. But before he could even touch my lips..........
"So you're a vampire?", I asked looking at him in the eye.
He frowned at the dismissal and said,"Yes, I am."
"How old are you?",I asked cooly. But in my head I kept thinking please don't be more than 200 years old. Please.
"In vampire years I'm 110 years old, but physically I'm 22 years old", he said. Well that's good.
"But wait if you're physically 22 then why are you in high school?", I asked. I mean shouldn't he be in college?
"Being in an empty house gets boring, plus I had a feeling I'd find a special someone in Belleville, New Jersey" he said with a mischievous look in his face. I wonder who that person could be. I guess I'll never know.
"Oh", I said and it was then that it hit me.............I'm missing school. My eyes got wide with terror as if someone had just died. Gerard saw this and asked me what was wrong. But before I could answer I turned and started to run. After only taking 5 steps I realized I didn't know where to go. I was at his garden. At his house. The place where he's probably made love to so many people who are deserving of him. Why am I thinking this?
"How do I get out of here", I said with my back still facing Gerard. I wanted to get out. I wanted to go to my only salvation which was school. The place where I could get a better living. The place where I can be better than my stupid father. I wanted to cry. For you it might be just school, but for me it's the only place I feel like I'll succeed in life.
"Let me escort you", and with that he took my arm and led me to the back door of his house. When we went inside the first thing I noticed was the chandelier hanging from the kitchen counter. If this was his kitchen I can just imagine what his bedroom was like.
Before I could even register in my head the size of his house- no, mansion Gerard had already taken me to his front door.
"This is your escape", he said darkly as if I were leaving him for eternity.
"Thanks and don't forget about our date tomorrow", I said with a smile. He looked up and his face softened.
I went to the door and left running for my life. But I didn't even go back to school. Instead I left to church. Don't judge. When I finally arrived I went to confession.
"Father bless me for I have sinned", I said with panic.
"What are your sins my son."
"I have given into resistance."
"What have you been resisting my son?"
"Falling in love."
Ok so this is the fifth chapter I hope you guys love it. There will probably more in a few hours so stick around for the next chapter.
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