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New owner of this account and continuer of 'The End of the World'. Just introducing myself and explaining a few things!

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Hello! My name is Ava, and I am the new owner of my brothers account here on FicWad.

Jude has admitted himself to a drug rehabilitation center (I see he's told you all of his plans) as of last week. Before he left, he gave me this account to keep, for he says he "finds no more use in a website where he's creating work people do not read, and besides, you like writing as much as I do.". I consider this a great gift from my brother, because now I may continue his stories and create some of my own.

I would like you all to understand a few things about Jude before I take this account.

1.) He is my oldest brother, and he is homosexual. After his boyfriend of seven months left him for a woman, he began to heavily use heroin and cocaine. I am surprised that he is not dead, and that he turned to drugs in the first place.

2.) He admitted into rehab himself. He says he "wants to get his life back together, because one mans betrayal is usually another's strength." This is his strength, and he is proud of himself for trying to become clean again.

3.) He did not speak very highly of FicWad or it's users, though he did mention a few honourable usernames which I do not recall. I would like to tell you all that he was derogatory towards FicWads users because you're all "susceptible to drama" and "somewhat secretive, especially for the majority of 12-15 year olds ". I myself am not going to be biased because of his words, but I do hope you're quite the opposite of his words.

4.) Jude taught me how to write efficiently and correctly, beginning when I was 7 years and he was 14 (Jude is exactly 21 as of now, regardless of any odd lie he may have told). Our teachers have found our writing very similar, and I think you all may as well. Please do not become confused and accusative when you read any continuations or new stories written by me.

For myself...

As this is a writing website, I don't expect any kind of laws or rules concerning content found on this site. I have found that many here are opposed to ideas such as Baycest, Ierocest, and basically any child-incest. While, yes, these things are disgusting and it would be a horrific shame for any of the family to find these things out, there should really not be a ban on what somebody writes. Writing is writing, and nobody has the right to fucking preach about the rights and wrongs of it. You write what you want, and that's that.

I feel as if I'm coming off as bossy and a spoiled brat, but I am simply writing out what I think, and hope that nobody is offended. I am sorry if anyone disagrees with me.

I am somewhat racist and use very derogatory words when speaking to my 'friends'. I want everyone to know that I will never say these words on this site and will refrain from using them in my writing. I realize that telling you this was not very necessary, but I think it'll create some kind of understanding...

I am mildly schizotypal. I take counseling and medications for this, but I do have quite a bit of trouble when it comes to developing relationships. I do not believe in what most of you do. Understanding human emotion is near impossible for me, though I think I have grasped the basic principles of what is and what isn't.

My favourite bands are; My Chemical Romance, Silversun Pickups, Marcy Playground, Smashing Pumpkins, Grouplove, Lykke Li, HIM, and Radiohead.

I have taken primary interests in writing, drawing and painting, playing guitar, and staring at walls.

Hope this has helped establish a few things.

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