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Will they remember me?

by FightingForever 2 reviews

A really dark poem I wrote a long time ago when I was suicidal.

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I once loved the sunlight
The brightness surrounding my frame
I once loved the laughter
And the smile that would remain

Now it's just the darkness
The shadows my only friend
Begging the the voices to leave me alone
Wishing my existence would end

I know I'm alone
When no-one hears my screams
As my nightmare is cruel reality
Where are my sweet dreams?

My head hung low, my walls are built
They judge me as I walk the street
They point, they whisper, they mock and laugh
Oh grant me sweet release

My eyes are shadowed and dead
Not what they used to be
All my friends are gone
Even my sanity has left me

I raise my blade to my wrist
I breathe a heavy sigh
My blood drips heavy to the floor
My emotions have run dry

I press a little harder
The silver slips beneath my skin
Blood spurts out of my gaping wound
My face breaks into a grin

This world will finally let me go
I wander into the street
People gasp as my weakened form
I drop down at their feet

It's to late for them to save me
My heart has almost stopped
It's too late for tears and pitiful words
And to think of the one they forgot

Will they even cry for me?
I'm just too weak to care
Will my grave be visited?
Will there be stories they will share?
About they girl who drifted
Into the darkness of her mind
Or will I be another tradgedy
Another one society left behind...
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