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Tear Away

by AxleaRose

Yes I'm inside you Tell me how does it feel to feel like this Just like I do

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"Axl! Axl!" Yells followed him along the street with the pound of running feet "Axl!" there was a note of desperation to their voices now. The singer just pushed on regardless, pedestrian complaints mingled with the hollers of his name; he turned off the main streets and into a dingy alley way, rubbish was over-flowing from a heavily graffiti-ed dumpster and perfuming the sick-strewn enclosure. The footsteps had caught up now and Axl whirled around to face them lungs still filling and deflating rapidly with air as his eyes took in Slash leaning against the wall, chest heaving desperately as it tried to reclaim the air
"Why did you follow me?" the singer asked, the speed between each gasp of air was decreasing slowly
"C...Cause I was worried, Ashba tried to follow; Myles stopped him" Fury broke into Axl's features before his fist flew out and hit the wall, Slash watched him silently as Axl swore and turned his face away from the guitarist, Slash approached carefully hands gently starting to the rub the singer's shoulders as his bottom lip stuck out unconsciously and began to tremble.

Sympathy flooded Slash and he pulled Axl into a warm hug, to his surprise the singer returned it, closing his eyes tightly and laying his head on the guitarist's shoulder, soft full lips kissed his forehead and they remained entwined in silence, each dwelling on the scene that had just played out, each unable to cast out the image they had recently been shown; until Axl raised his head and pressed his lips to Slash's, needing, needing to feel something, even if the lips now melding to his in response weren't the ones he truly wanted. "You wanna go find a room to stay in? I don't fancy going back to Duff and Izzy tonight" the guitarist murmured gently, arms still wrapped around the singer's lithe frame. Axl nodded; releasing him and stepping out of Slash's grip but taking his hand as it was offered; they left quietly, eyes searching for glimpse of the media or their friends.

"Are you ok?" Axl muttered once they had flagged down a cab and climbed inside, Slash pulled a face, holding his arms out for the singer to return as he answered
"I've been better. ... At least now I know he is open to guys. He and his wife haven't been so good recently, as far as I know they're going for a trial separation; all kept quiet from the public obviously" Axl nodded, ignoring the curious glances the cabbie was sending their way as he sidled closer, closer to the guitarist. Slash kissed his forehead once more before resting his head on top of Axl's as the singer rested his own against Slash's shoulder. Silence reigned; tinged with misery, the cab rolled to a halt in front of a small hotel
"That'll be $5" the cabbie grunted, bag shot eyes following them as Slash handed over the money and they both climbed out; heading for the door.

The inside was dingy and unattractive, cheap plastic-wood panelling adorned the bottom of the walls whilst the rest was a peeling busy mess of patterned colours, business would most likely have been booming in the sixties through to the seventies but now it had a distinct unkempt and abandoned feel even as a couple with wild bloodshot eyes staggered up to the desk in front of the musicians, complaining to the uncaring woman about the 'little men' that swarmed in their room 'constantly tormenting' them. Once she had placated them enough by saying with an undertone of sarcasm that she would 'send someone up right away' they stumbled, complaining, to the creaky stair-case bypassing the yellow tape embellished lift. The musicians exchanged a look before Axl muttered from the side of his mouth "You want us to stay here?" Slash shrugged
"It was the first place that came to mind, look on the bright side; we're not gonna be found here" Axl 'hmm'-ed, whether it was in disapproval or not was unclear the woman looked up with blank eyes and began a monotonous welcome speech
"Welcome to The Bell Grange where you'll have the best night for the right price, I'm Macii, how may I help you?"
"Umm we'd like a room" Slash told her
"Separate beds?" Macii asked in a bored voice, chipped bejewelled talon false nails tapping impatiently on the desk as the other hand filled in a form, Slash glanced at Axl, the singer shook his head
"No" the receptionist's head jerked up in surprise and disapproval pursed her lips as she pushed the sign in form over the desk to them.

Axl scowled at her and scribbled a false name down before handing Slash the bitten Biro he glanced at the singer an amused smile playing his lips as he signed as well and passed the sheet of paper back, she accepted it begrudgingly before slamming a room key attached to a tarnished decorative plaque onto the desk, turning away to file the paperwork as the two musicians escaped up the stairs "Don't glower at people so much, the wind will change and you'll get stuck like that if you're not careful" Axl rolled his eyes and smirked
"Like I care, not many would notice" Slash laughed quietly and slid his fingers into Axl's, the singer glanced at him and gave his hand a gentle squeeze before emitting a noise of disgust as they opened up the door to their room; "This is fucking gross!"
"We've stayed in worse" Slash reminded him softly
"It's never been a competition to find the worst hotel" Axl snapped before approaching the bed; cautiously reaching out to pull back the sheets, mercifully they were a clean cream, reassuringly soft and fresh-smelling.
"Not so bad now is it?"
"Yeh let's just not look at the rest of the room shall we?" he answered dryly, sitting and nudging off his shoes as Slash shook his head in amusement and pulled his coat off; throwing it over the dresser.

Smoky emeralds raised to watch appreciatively as the guitarist pulled his t-shirt off flinging it in a similar direction to his other clothes, the belt of his jeans followed before Slash felt soft lips kiss the back of his shoulder and cold arms wrap around his waist, he smiled and turned, placing his arms in turn securely around the singer; leaning down to seal their lips together once more, Axl responded gently. There wasn't fire to their passion now, rather gentle comfort as they each tried to forget about DJ and Myles.

Warm fingers skimmed along his cheek before cupping his face and tilting it further down; they remained lip-locked, gentle kisses until Axl's chilled finger crept over Slash's bare torso causing the guitarist to tense slightly before relaxing, deepening the kiss and sliding his hands down to the singer's waist, pulling him closer before warm palms sidled lower to cup his ass, give it a rough squeeze and pick him up. The redhead responded eagerly, battling Slash for dominance as he twisted his long fingers into the guitarist's curls, steadying himself as Slash walked them to the bed, strong arms supporting the singer easily as he lowered and laid him out on the bed; Axl sat up immediately, hands flying to his jeans to unfasten them speedily.

Slash's fingers fumbled on his own button momentarily before giving up and wrenching them open, ignoring the pop as his button was ripped out, Axl by this point had wriggled out of his trousers and kicked them across the carpet; no longer concerned about the cigarette burns and yellow stains that marked the once sky blue floor. Lips meet in a desperate clash as Slash shoved his jeans to the carpet and climbed onto the bed; following Axl as he slithered backwards pushing the quilt to the ground; groaning as Slash's fist encircled their pricks. the delicious friction, the sensation of being touched carelessly. As much as Axl adored DJ and their relationship and wanted it all back; he couldn't deny that he'd missed this. He'd missed the reckless abandon with which Slash touched him.

"DJ not do this?" Slash grunted, white teeth glinting and dark eyes sparkling as he accurately voiced Axl's thoughts
"He... He's a virgin" the singer's voice hitched and he keened slightly, tossing on the sheets as Slash raised an eyebrow and let go, fingers raised to Axl's mouth; moan leaving his own lips as the singer sucked them in eagerly, remembering that mouth on another part if his anatomy. "To sleeping with blokes" Axl explained once his mouth was freed, Slash nodded in acknowledgment, smirking as the singer gasped and relaxed quickly as he felt Slash's fingers teasing his entrance. "Come on!" he moaned impatiently after a few minutes of Slash's fingers circling the little pucker, pushing the tip in and retreating; Slash laughed and pushed a finger in suddenly, drawing a groan from the singer.

The exhilarating burn of pleasure mixed with pain as his guitarist, wait, not his, not his ...Slash stretched him out, a whimper escaped his lips and Slash was quick to lay his own over the top. Once the guitarist's fingers slipped free of his body the singer sat up, pushing Slash into the mattress and breaking the kiss to slide down the guitarist's body, pausing to suck a hickey into the flesh that bore the tattoo etching his name forever into Slash, a physical representation of what was in their hearts. Breaths were coming fast and shallow as Axl glanced up at Slash with a smug, dark dangerous grin on his face before he wrapped his lips around the head of Slash's penis. The effect was immediate and the singer had to pull back whilst grabbing Slash's hips to avoid being choked as they snapped upward, seeking more of that heat, more of the velvet softness that he remembered so fondly.

After what had felt like nanoseconds to Slash, Axl bobbed his head once more but allowed the scorching, salty flesh to slip from his mouth with a faint pop, the singer slithered back up before rising, reaching behind to position them and slowly sinking down onto the guitarist, Slash groaned, eyes squeezed shut as his hands found Axl's hips and helped to guide himself. Once the singer was fully seated, agate eyes opened and studied his face. Pink lips that had been kissed to a cherry red and were parted as rapid shallow pants huffed in and out; cheeks that had flushed a virgin pink; hair that had fallen over his trembling skin and his beautiful emeralds were hidden as they had shut tight but Slash knew they had been blown wide, dilated pupils, this was the best drug either of them knew. They were the best drug they'd ever known.

Lusty emeralds opened, once their owner had forced his body to relax and get used to the scorch of sex without proper lubrication, and locked with crystal clear agate before the redhead began moving, never breaking eye-contact, daring challenging Slash to break their connection. There was something about it that felt so erotic, so forbidden and so sinful to watch each other as they performed this act that forced the guitarist to keep watching, refusing to lose this battle of wills, fighting to banish the urge to close his eyes "Fuck" he hissed, giving in at last to the urge and magnifying the feel by unimaginable amounts as Axl chuckled lowly, setting a quick pace, ignoring the burn in his thighs as there was a much more important ache beginning to build, he moaned quietly, eyes falling shut as Slash's hand left his hip and began playing, teasing, stroking the inside of his thighs and the taunt planes of his belly, getting so close, within a hair breadth's of his neglected need
"Slash just fucking touch me!" he demanded breathlessly as the guitarist smirked, watching the need and want blossom on his features
"I am touching you" Slash murmured, voice like liquid silk
"You know what I mean" Axl hissed as the man beneath chuckled smoothly and flipped them over fluidly, hips beginning to piston into the singer as he wrapped his legs around Slash's waist.

"Like this? ... Huh? This what you after baby?" Slash murmured as Axl gasped and writhed on the bed as Slash grabbed his wrists, free hand going to grab Axl's arousal roughly; the singer choked slightly and moaned Slash's name, the guitarist smirked and placed a kiss on the corner of Axl's mouth before turning his head to stop the singer from kissing him back; intent on bringing him to the brink before sliding his hand down Axl's shaft again and squeezing the bottom just tight enough. Axl swore and whimpered, realising Slash's intentions "Beg for it Rosie" Slash whispered darkly feeling the coiling in his own belly begin to worsen as Axl stubbornly refused to move from his pride, clinging to it even as Slash leaned down and applied his mouth to the base of his neck, kissing, licking and alternating with harsh nips when he least expected it. A smirk pulled at Slash's lips as he heard the stifled moans and felt the singer tugging at his wrists trying to free himself as Slash travelled down to his chest; teeth playing with the heated smooth metal of his piercing.

Plump, chapped lips were sucking a hickey onto his shoulder when the strangled plea finally left Axl's lips, he felt Slash grin against his shoulder before he gave him one last sharp nip of pearly teeth before his hand slid upwards and squeezed lightly. The singer yelled thankfully, his vision whiting out as his orgasm ripped through him, he barely felt Slash stiffen above him, didn't hear the groan of satisfaction however a soft moan did leave his mouth as he felt Slash slide free and collapse onto the bed next to him. Axl turned to him once his vision had returned and the high had started to fade, the guitarist's head lolled to face him with a lazy grin which Axl returned, snuggling up to the man "Why the fuck did I ever leave you?" Slash mumbled rhetorically as Axl laughed sleepily and murmured
"G'night Slasher"
"Night Rosie"
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